Terrell Owens needs a real job – badly 4

Not a lot to smile about anymore: deadbeat sperm donor Terrell Owens

If only looks and an impressive physique were enough to make anyone a responsible person, Terrell Owens (38) would be holding the torch for “best dad ever.”

Sadly, being a father, let alone a good one,  requires being around for your children, paying their way, respecting their mother (Owens slept around like a dog with four of them that we know about), and saving money to ensure that you are someone the children can look up to when the looks (and, in Owens’ case, the athletic prowess from which he made his living) are gone. No one seems to have told Owens any of this when it really mattered – before he impregnated four women.

Terrell Owens went on television and tried to show the world … what did he try to show the world? That he is sorry for making $80m and spending it on everything else but his four children by four different mothers? That he is sorry that the whole world knows that he made $80m over an illustrious football career and frittered it all away? That he … that he what?

Pull yourself together T.O. The tears won’t provide love to the children

It doesn’t matter.

Owens appeared on television yesterday with Dr. Phil and three of the four women whose children he has let down. He deserves respect for that since he showed at least that he is man enough to confront his demons. Unfortunately, he still has four children aged 12, 7 (two of them) and 5 to look after. And the $80m is no longer there to help him put right the wrong he has, thus far, done by them.

Reality show didn’t work either. Now Owens needs a real job

Owens seems to want to try to blame his own irresponsibility on a father he didn’t know till he was about 12 despite that man living across the street. Yes, that is sad, but it is in the past, I fear. You could have thought about that and bought a condom (no, picked up free condoms from anywhere since, as a celebrity you would have had access to freebies by the ton) before you took down your pants four times to plant your seed in those women.

Okay, perhaps the first baby was a mistake. Let’s imagine that you didn’t know at the time that when you got an erection and planted your penis in a woman, she could have your baby nine months later. What of the other three, two of them brought into the world in one year and all conceived in the dying shadows of your career?

Clearly Terrell Owens needs a proper job to support his children. Stay at home dad perhaps?

Terrell Owens headed to iPhone nudesville 2

He is handsome, lithe, athletic, a gay pin-up for whom, to our gay pleasure, it seems there is no money he will accept to keep his clothes on:

Terrell Owens (38)
Has graced runways as Tina Turner
Loves to show his bits
Will drop his pants for anything
Loves to twit about his pedicures
Hm …
Preferably no dudes, unless…?

But he is, sadly, also broke. After a stellar football career, and $80m later, Terrell Owens is struggling to live and also pay child support for the children he has fathered with various women. Things are so bad he has no shame asking for rides to the airport after a night of partying,presumably when he has drank the taxi fare, too.

Look out for him in front of a mirror looking at his flaccid dick in the foreseeable future. There seems to be a career to be made out of bringing one’s dick to the light. It won’t be as if Owens still has anything to hide from the cameras anymore, will it?

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The lovely Terrell Carter is on X Factor!! 2

Terrell Carter on X Factor

Terrell Carter is a very handsome man, standing at an impressive 6’5″, with a wing span of a small plane. He also has a choir leader’s voice; a beautiful tenor that soars to the rafters and hangs there till you appreciate it. To that effect, he has a number of soulful ballads to his name though I am not sure if he has ever cut a whole album. He has also acted in Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and Madea’s Class Reunion plus a few other things that now elude me.

Terrell Carter

As you can see, Carter is not only breathtakingly beautiful, he has achieved a number of things in the entertainment world that most wannabes only dream of. That is why it was a bit of a surprise that he turned up as a contestant on America’s X Factor.

X factor is yet another one of those audition programs on TV (other such programs are America Has Got Talent, American Idol and goodness knows what else)  used as a vehicle for hundreds of thousands of ambitious artists to showcase their talent in front of three or four judges in the hope that they will eventually win the attention of the entire country, carry the competition and gain fame and fortune. So, it involves days of practice and counter practice,  sitting around in lines for days, scatter-gun auditions and other indignities that can trip anyone, however talented or well-prepared. All this before one can even be shown on television as a contestant. Think of it as doing head and hand stands, groveling on all fours, bending over backwards, walking a tightrope, face painting and everything else silly one finds at a circus rolled in for effect. That is what the contestants go through in order to make the talent cut.

So, it is jarring that Terrell Carter is on X Factor after the kind of career he has had. One would think that he was/is already well past the need to lower himself to the level of auditioning for X Factor in order to try and make a buck.

The likely explanation  lies in his recent past. Terrell Carter is gay and was outed by a jilted lover who posted irrefutable pictures on the internet in 2009. It would appear that when the revealing pictures of Terrell Carter hit the internet, his career stalled.

That is the lesson for anyone out there who might think that America is the land of the free – if you are gay, black, and hope to make a career in the world of public entertainment, it isn’t. Carter has, as far as one can tell, no record of violence against anyone. He has not taken off his clothes and posted pictures of his dick on the internet. All he seems to have done to bring his career to a screeching halt was/is to incur the wrath of a male lover. But look at Chris Brown who beat up his girlfriend in a lover’s rage, paraded his dick for all to see, and has since gone from scraping the bottom of the barrel to a reinvigorated singing career.

And to think that the infinitely more talented and better looking Terrell Carter is now reduced to auditioning with nonentities on X Factor!

Final lesson? It is still a very harsh world for any struggling gay artist, anywhere, who hopes to make it big anywhere in the world today. You are clearly best advised to stay closeted if you hope to succeed. Now, after you have made your money, it doesn’t really matter that much. But before you are comfortable enough with where your career is, the world is not yet kind to aspiring stars, who are gay, black and out or outed – however handsome they might be.

For more pictures of the absolutely lovely Terrell Carter, check here.