A tale of a self-outed and an ignorant football player

One ex-football player Kwame Harris, exposed his homosexuality over a plate of rice. The other, current football players Chris Culliver, exposed his  lack of education over … I am not sure what.

Ex NFL player (Kwame Harris) & current player (Chris Culliver)

Ex NFL player (Kwame Harris) & current player (Chris Culliver)

Kwame Harris’ homosexuality came out in a way that he can’t have really wanted or appreciated but, hey, stuff happens. He must be wondering why he and his ex-boyfriend didn’t simply order another plate of rice (the dispute that ended up outing Kwame Harris happened over soy sauce poured on a plate of rice) but one suspects that he is also relieved his gay secret it out. The truth tends to set you free.

Now, as for big-toothed but empty-mind Chris Culliver, he must be wondering how he arrived in 2013 without really getting an education. The time he spent in tattoo parlors could have been better spent learning something about humanity.

Culliver’s team has rapped his knuckles for his ignorant comments – he is already playing with homosexual players he doesn’t know even by his own reasoning,  so for him to suppose that gay players are roaming the locker room waiting to see him naked is dumb – and I can assure you he will be issuing clarifications left, right and center before the weekend is out.

Unfortunately for poor Chris Culliver, his San Francisco 49ers will still not win the Super Bowl.

Go Baltimore, go!

Terrell Carter Heading to Atlanta! 1

Terrell Carter!!!

As most of my fans know, I am obsessed with the absolutely stunning Terrell Carter. No, it is not about sleeping with him though I suspect I wouldn’t shower for months if I did in order to keep his scent on my belonging.


It is more about seeing such beauty in a man so big. I mean, can God really give you that height, wing span and make you look so pretty to boot? It seems as though it is terribly unfair to the short, toad-like, buck-teeth, gorilla-hairy ugly men out there, doesn’t it? But this is not about ugly people. It is about Terrell Carter.

Didn't quite last long on X-Factor but who's counting?

As the flier indicates, Carter is going to be  (not clear if he is going to act, sing or audition or all three) at this Atlanta spot that is highly popular with gay boys. And I shall be cursing every minute of the time that I will think Carter will be standing in front of drooling men with me not in attendance. Damn, damn, damn.

God's gift to mankind surely!

Check out more of Terrell Carter’s stunning looks here.

Bello, bello!!!

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Black, gay, artistic, need your audience? You’re in trouble! 3

If you are gay, are in the public eye, and hope to make a career in the entertainment industry, there is one mistake you should never, ever make: DON’T put yourself out there as a lady’s man!! Please.All the gay men in the entertainment industry (and goodness knows there are more gay men in the world of music, movies, on the stage than I have had hot dinners) who have made it have one thing in common.

Let’s take a trip to illustrate the point:


Liberace was a larger than life showman in the 1970s who pretended to be straight (he even claimed to nearly having married a woman at some point) while leading the most obviously flamboyant gay life in Las Vegas. He made a great living as a live performer and it is safe to say that no one who attended his ultra camp, sequin-dripping shows came away thinking that Liberace was anything other than a flaming queen. He, however, steadfastly denied being gay and won a couple of lawsuits after which he famously proclaimed that he “cried all the way to the bank.” Liberace died of Aids without having formally come out but nonetheless camped it up to the very end and died very rich indeed.

Elton John

Elton John, has always pushed the envelope with his outlandish costumes and stages antics. He actually once married some woman and then came out after he divorced her. Because he had never projected himself as a ladies’ man (when he married a woman, everyone was asking themselves “who is he trying to fool?”), Elton continued to make huge money and remains one of the most successful musicians of all time to this day. But let’s face it, no black man could go on stage in Elton John’s outrageous costumes, even with the talent, and get away with it. No one.

George Michael

Queen’s Freddie Mercury died of Aids in 1991 but his homosexuality was an open secret well before then, something that hurt Queen somewhat in Bible belt America where they should have mopped up but really didn’t realize their full potential despite their undeniable talent. There was no way one could have mistaken Mercury’s ‘leather’ look with those wife-beaters he wore on stage, or the handle-bar moustache that was his signature look. It would be impossible to believe that there is any woman who spent her nights oozing juices on account of the sexual effect Mercury had on them. His deal was clear despite the ambiguity and he died with money in the bank as a result. Of course he was helped along by the fact that he was a highly talented man with a voice that remains incomparable before or since.

On the other hand, George Michael was a swarthy teenage heartthrob in his early 20s which helped him sell millions of records to unsuspecting girls who came of age wetting themselves to his stunning looks and sugary pop hits. His homosexuality was always known in gay circles so when he was arrested for cottaging in a Los Angeles toilet, we all just shook our collective heads and went about our business. But George Michael had made most of his money projecting the image of a straight sex symbol and his career, already at a crossroads due to wrangles with his recording company, never recovered from the public humiliation of the gay sex-in-the-toilet incident.

Ricky Martin gyrated his hips, simulated sexual acts on stage and sent young girls swooning in the aisles. Gradually, he couldn’t run away from his true sexuality and he eventually came out a couple of years ago to no one’s surprise at all. He is still trying to make a living as a musician but it is safe to assume that his career as a heartthrob is over despite maintaining his stunning looks of yonder years. He is a great entertainer who is, moving forward, going to get a lot more pleasure raising his children than exciting revelers in sold-out stadiums.

Trey Songz

But then look at Trey Songz, …, though I have no evidence of it, there are too many telltale signs that point to a gay predisposition: too pretty in a delicate way, over-the-top attempts at proving that he is straight and, of course, there are the rumors that refuse to go away. Songz (real name Tremaine Aldo Neverson) seems to spend more time hatching plots to prove he is straight than he spends in the studio writing his own songs. He is trying too hard to be straight which is understandable since he is still at the stage when he hasn’t made enough money to thumb his nose at those whispering behind his back that he likes to spend his hot nights with naked men. If, however, he is gay, and continues taking his shirt off to make girls swoon, he is setting himself up for a fall so mighty they might have to rewrite the nursery rhyme replacing the title of Humpty Dumpty with Trey Songz.

Carter: note the lady’s negative body language

Terrell Carter. What can be said about the absolutely stunning Terrell Carter that has not been said already? He was outed by a spurned lover at absolutely the wrong time – when he was still trying to make it in the unforgiving world of macho black entertainment. He is now reduced to auditioning with nobodies on X-Factor.

Tevin Campbell: now … and then

Poor Tevin Campbell’s highly promising career, too, came to a screeching halt in 1999 on account of soliciting other men for gay sex in a public place. He happened to be unlucky that, like George Michael a year earlier, the man Campbell solicited for sex was a cop. Another talented black man’s career was halted by his gay sex johns.

Clearly the white gay boys know how to handle themselves better when it comes to keeping their sexuality vague or ambivalent. For the most part they act out their gay fantasies, sing opaquely about it or act so flamboyantly gay that only an idiot can fail to figure out what their orientation is. That was why you could hear the guffaws around the world when R.E.M’s Micheal Stipe announced that he was 80% gay. Oh, please, everyone sighed … we have known you are 100% gay for years darling and we don’t really care. That was a totally needless announcement from Stipe and one hopes that other musicians took a lesson from it.

Here is telling evidence if one needed one that the white world is more liberal about homosexuality than we black people. It is not accident that the ‘stars’ who have been outed, or have lived on the margins of being out, and have continued to have successful careers in show business are almost all white (Freddie Mercury was Indian but not many people knew this simply by looking at him), and have made their money from the white community. Elton John continues to sell out shows, thanks to the white fans he has grown up with. Notice, however, that these ‘white’ artists retained their fan base after their secret became public fodder. I think it is because they didn’t try too hard to pretend that they were straight; perhaps they were not attractive heartthrobs in the first place so that helped them not raise expectations in the minds of their straight following. Who can say that Liberace, Elton John or Freddie Mercury are/were exactly drop dead gorgeous ladies’ men who would have women taking off their panties and flinging them on stage?

Never came out despite the success: Luther Vandross

But there are a number of prominent black men that I know without a scintilla of doubt are gay because I have mingled in gay circles with them (no, not slept with any of them even though I would likely have jumped at the chance with two or three of them) who remain tightly closeted despite being very rich and seemingly happy in their gay skins when they are in gay company. The reason for this must be … the color of their skin. Despite their phenomenal achievements and financial success, these men still feel they will lose respect and credibility should they come out. And you know what? I can understand why they are so frightened to come out of the shell and shout it out given that we black people are still extremely judgmental hypocrites when it comes to matters of sexual morality.

If you are black, gay, artistic, and are still looking for a way to express yourself, while still climbing the rungs of success even as you live your gay life, please don’t ask me what you should do. Beyond warning you not to actively project the image of a straight sex symbol, I haven’t the faintest clue.

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The lovely Terrell Carter is on X Factor!! 2

Terrell Carter on X Factor

Terrell Carter is a very handsome man, standing at an impressive 6’5″, with a wing span of a small plane. He also has a choir leader’s voice; a beautiful tenor that soars to the rafters and hangs there till you appreciate it. To that effect, he has a number of soulful ballads to his name though I am not sure if he has ever cut a whole album. He has also acted in Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and Madea’s Class Reunion plus a few other things that now elude me.

Terrell Carter

As you can see, Carter is not only breathtakingly beautiful, he has achieved a number of things in the entertainment world that most wannabes only dream of. That is why it was a bit of a surprise that he turned up as a contestant on America’s X Factor.

X factor is yet another one of those audition programs on TV (other such programs are America Has Got Talent, American Idol and goodness knows what else)  used as a vehicle for hundreds of thousands of ambitious artists to showcase their talent in front of three or four judges in the hope that they will eventually win the attention of the entire country, carry the competition and gain fame and fortune. So, it involves days of practice and counter practice,  sitting around in lines for days, scatter-gun auditions and other indignities that can trip anyone, however talented or well-prepared. All this before one can even be shown on television as a contestant. Think of it as doing head and hand stands, groveling on all fours, bending over backwards, walking a tightrope, face painting and everything else silly one finds at a circus rolled in for effect. That is what the contestants go through in order to make the talent cut.

So, it is jarring that Terrell Carter is on X Factor after the kind of career he has had. One would think that he was/is already well past the need to lower himself to the level of auditioning for X Factor in order to try and make a buck.

The likely explanation  lies in his recent past. Terrell Carter is gay and was outed by a jilted lover who posted irrefutable pictures on the internet in 2009. It would appear that when the revealing pictures of Terrell Carter hit the internet, his career stalled.

That is the lesson for anyone out there who might think that America is the land of the free – if you are gay, black, and hope to make a career in the world of public entertainment, it isn’t. Carter has, as far as one can tell, no record of violence against anyone. He has not taken off his clothes and posted pictures of his dick on the internet. All he seems to have done to bring his career to a screeching halt was/is to incur the wrath of a male lover. But look at Chris Brown who beat up his girlfriend in a lover’s rage, paraded his dick for all to see, and has since gone from scraping the bottom of the barrel to a reinvigorated singing career.

And to think that the infinitely more talented and better looking Terrell Carter is now reduced to auditioning with nonentities on X Factor!

Final lesson? It is still a very harsh world for any struggling gay artist, anywhere, who hopes to make it big anywhere in the world today. You are clearly best advised to stay closeted if you hope to succeed. Now, after you have made your money, it doesn’t really matter that much. But before you are comfortable enough with where your career is, the world is not yet kind to aspiring stars, who are gay, black and out or outed – however handsome they might be.

For more pictures of the absolutely lovely Terrell Carter, check here.


The Absolutely Beautiful Terrell Carter is Outed By an Angry Lover 1

If you sleep with trash, they go to the press! Anon


AfroGay doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry over this piece of gossip from RodOnline but the absolutely stunning Terrell Carter (he of Madea fame) has been outed by a bitter ex-lover. The ins and outs of the outing are almost immaterial in light of the fact that this man is absolutely to-die-for. And now it has been confirmed in pictures that he is gay.
Below is Terrell and the lover who posted the pictures on the net in a tender moment (aah…):

And here is Carter frolicking on a gay beach in Rio:
Carter frolicking on a beach in Rio

AfroGay can only say … Ooh la, la!

Carter is not the first one nor will he be the last. Other celebrities who have been “outed” in recent years are:

Preppy pretty Sammie:

Dorion Standberry (Of College Hill Fame):

Standberry’s nude pictures turned up on the net but he denied that he was gay. Take a look at these pics and revel in God’s creation. Standberry stands up straight if nothing else.


Hmm …

Songz continues to deny it but who is paying attention anyway?

Just when you are forgetting what makes gay men stand out, it hits you straight between the eyes so hard that you have to take a moment to steady yourself.

What absolutely ravishing beauty!!!