Man on Man Rape!

I am not an expert on rape but I think this story on is instructive. Check it out for yourself – It’s quite an eye-opener.

Money quote:

It happened so quickly that the whole thing seemed like a blur. I was screaming, my fists beating him in any place they could contact. I remember screaming and kicking him out of the house. I immediately broke-down the situation in my mind. It had barely lasted more than a few seconds. This wasn’t anything big. It was a mistake. I wasn’t a victim and if I acted like nothing happened, then nothing happened.

After reading this, I can understand how someone might repress the entire experience by pretending it never happened.

Which leaves one wondering: perhaps man on man rape is more common than we know, and it is the reporting of it that is muted. But, come to think of it, that is probably the case with man on woman rape, or any kind of sexual assault for that matter.

Also, check out this tear-jerking story of a disabled Ugandan woman who says she was defiled by a motorcyclist she hired.

We live in a cruel, cruel world.

Voluntary sex “causes as many injuries as rape”

ScienceNordic has thrown potential rapists (those who might be planning to rape someone) what could be a life-saving lifeline. According to them, voluntary sex causes as many injuries as rape.

Money quote:

“The nursing students experience just as frequent vaginal injuries as rape victims, and so these injuries cannot be used for much more than to establish that intercourse has taken place,”

Their observations are not as unreasonable as one might initially think. In the murky he said/she said world of sex between adults, it is of course a given that rough sex is not rape – if it is consensual. To this effect, one can draw upon porn star, Race Cooper’s (XXX) blog where he chronicles all sorts of sexual acts that leave one open-mouthed.

Likes to push the sexual envelope: Race Cooper

Race talks about  body slaps, ball torture, fisting etc.; acts, he readily admits, brought him pleasure.  “Just another rounded day at the office.” Race concludes. But some might find many of them borderline life-threatening even if they could find anyone to do them with.

So, of course there is no rape if the participants live to write about their sexual experiences, some of which must surely be very painful to say the least, in glowing terms.

But exactly the bodily ‘injuries’ that are caused by some of the sexual acts Cooper describes as highly exciting can be caused if the sex is not consensual. More to the point, one can sustain even more serious bodily injuries as a result of consensual sex than those that one might get if one indulged in the kind of sadomasochism that Cooper sees as par for the course in the ‘adult entertainment’ world he so clearly enjoys being part of.

So, how is rape to be proved if ScienceNordic’s conclusions are taken seriously? It would seem that it has to boil down to the same old, tried and hotly disputed if there is a complainant after the sexual act, then there has been a rape.