Kabaka Mwanga – history slowly tries to catch up 2

Buganda's Mwanga was homo ... okay, bisexual

I blogged about Kabaka Mwanga’s homosexuality, okay … bisexuality, and someone from another forum refused to believe me, arguing that someone who, it is claimed, had more than 20 wives couldn’t possibly have been gay.

Yoweri Museveni, no doubt, always has Mwanga in mind when he lectures listeners about homosexuality being part of Africa’s fabric well before the advent of the colonialists. Museveni knows his history quite well.

Even as the elephant in the room, Mwanga’s homosexuality, continues to be ignored in some quarters, it is gratifying to see that reputable papers such as Uganda’s Daily Monitor are giving a nod to what is essentially an open secret. Have a look at this photograph in the Daily Monitor of March 13, showing some of the pages killed when they stopped giving it up to the Kabaka because they had become married to Jesus Christ. Yes, the Monitor skims over the issue quickly, perhaps too quickly, but it is rare for any Ugandan media to mention this well chronicled fact so mentioning it is something of a milestone.

Some of the Uganda Martyrs with their Christian mentors

The evidence is anecdotal of course but if number 13’s beauty had nothing to do with his eventual demise, then I am the queen of Siam. Yet the last time I checked, Siam, as it was called then, ceased to exist many years ago, well before I was born.

Buganda’s Kabaka Mwanga was gay bisexual. But he was not the only one, as those of us who have taken the trouble to study these things know. But that is another story. Now, one must retire to ponder the beauty of God making a man love another so.

Image of the week – Kabaka Mwanga 4

Here is a one of the clearest pictures I have seen of Kabaka Mwanga (est 1868-1897), Uganda’s best known gay king.

Buganda's gay king: Mwanga

He was certainly a handsome man.

Many royalists simply refuse to accept the facts surrounding Mwanga’s homosexuality but there is enough documented evidence that points to it. Religion is touted as the reason he killed the 21 Uganda Martyrs and that is part of the truth.

The other part, which is often omitted, is that Mwanga became irritated that the pretty boys he used to have his sexual ways with at will started rejecting his advances, after being fed on Bible stories, on the grounds that Jesus was now their only king and master.. He decided to kill them off, no doubt to show them that their so-called savior really couldn’t save them from his wrathful intentions. And Jesus actually didn’t.

Not that it matters too much now. History cannot really be re-written and it is enough at this point to revel in the man’s obvious good looks.