Seretse Ian Khama refuses to give speech on marriage

Ian Khama

Botswana‘s president is 58, is called Seretse Ian Khama … and he is single – single as in never been married. The reason he gives is that he is still looking for a long-legged, slim woman. It’s a tall order in a country where women are more on the voluptuous “full-bodied,” stocky side. Others might look at it as a convenient excuse for, of course, Khama could shop for his svelte beauty abroad.

“I don’t want one like this one. She may fail to pass through the door, breaking furniture with her heavy weight and even break the vehicle’s shock absorbers.” Khama referring to one of his ministers in her presence.

Now, Khama has refused to deliver a speech on marriage that someone inserted into a prepared text, because, in his own words:

“Hang on; who put marriage in my speech? I am not better placed to talk about it.”

Mr. Khama seems to understand something about not talking about what you don’t understand. One wonders what he would to say to the all-male panel of USA men who took it upon themselves to talk at the country at length about female contraception.