African men – Abraham Tchabe et al 1

Tchabe uncovered

Tchabe uncovered

He is from West Africa, even though a credit on one website seems to suggest that he is from Uganda. His name is Abraham Tchabe and he apparently hails from Ivory Coast. Tschabe got down and stripped for the cameras (you should see the j/o video hmmm), with very impressive results.

Here are some clips:

I think you will admit that Tchabe doesn’t look bad at all. He certainly puts in the shade the notion that Africans are small, puny men, doesn’t he?Then there is “Dick Woods” (below) who it is claimed is African, too.

Dick Woods – “From Kenya” claim that Dick Woods is from Kenya in “West Africa.” If they can’t get the basic geography right, though, it stands to reason that they the rest of the claims on Woods can be taken with a big grain of salt. It is likely that the name they have for him on their site, Nabgwaya, is also incorrect., Still, he is not a bad specimen, not bad at all, is he?