Image of the day – Lucky Egberime

Black as the ace of spades - Lucky Egberime

Above and below are images of Nigeria’s Lucky Egberime, beautiful body builder who will likely never be lucky in his chosen discipline because he is too black.

Egberime has the kind of infectious smile that should wow the judges but one suspects that he might be a little on the small side. His Achilles’ Heel, though, is his complexion. Yes, possums. In some disciplines, there is such a thing as being too black.

Given that body building depends on highlighting certain body features, Lucky can only impress on small stages surely. It must be impossible to accentuate those muscles for the judges on big stages with such blackness in the way.

Nigerian hotness - Egberime

Egberime is a beautiful specimen, mind. But I am thinking of a beauty, a beauty that wins different kinds of competitions … behind closed doors.  Check out more of his pictures here.