Anti-Gay Bastards?

President Yoweri Museveni’s adviser, John Nagenda wants the word ‘Gay’ back:

True indeed, the word gay has evolved over the years to finally exclusively mean ‘homoesxual’ (whether he/she is happy to be or not). But it is not the only word that has seen its meaning metamorphose into something totally different. These days if you are happy you are ‘cool’ or ‘fabulous’ and a bright atmosphere is … well … cool or fabulous.

In John Nagenda’s days, he tells us, homosexuals used to be called ‘faggots.’ But, we know that the word faggot formally means a bundle of sticks or pieces of iron in a forge. So, it would appear that he cannot really have the word faggot back either.

Gay? Who knows? Certainly not morose.

Now, consider the word ‘bastard.’ A bastard used to refer to a child born out of wedlock but it can now be acceptably used to refer to thieving politicians, loan sharks, hypocritical pastors, philandering husbands, footballers who score own goals or sportsmen who take money to throw games. A bastard is also anyone who annoys the hell out of you for whatever reason. So, Martin Ssempa, Stephen Langa and David Bahati can justifiably be ‘referred to as ‘bastards’ by the Ugandan gay community.

The female equivalent of a bastard is, of course, a bitch. But remember that bitch, too, used to innocently refer to a female dog. Today calling any dog a bitch would be outlandish to say the least because, as we all know, a bitch is a woman we find disagreeable, or challenging, or both.

In the meantime, one hopes that ‘gay’ shall continue to mean happy, merry, carefree, ‘good as you,’ – in short, alive and living. And Martin Ssempa, Nsaba-Buturo and David Bahati will continue to be morose, grey and boring killjoys – in short, not gay.

Michael Mulyoowa (Ezra); the ultimate scam artist 4

Have you heard of the following names? Michaela and Tareq Salahi, Michael Semakula Kato Mulyoowa?

If you are living in America, you have heard about Michaela and Tareq Salahi unless you have been hiding under a stone. If you are Ugandan, you have heard about Michael Semakula Kato Mulyoowa even if you have been hiding under a stone.

And the reason why these characters are not to be missed in their respective countries is that they have made it a profession to ensure that they are not missed. The Salahis and Mulyoowa (aka Michael Ezra) have shown themselves to be masters of self promotion. More intriguingly for psychoanalysts should be the extent both sets of people will go to in their bid to create the impression that they are important.

The Salahis have made a whole life out of creating the impression that they are A-list celebrities, the culmination of which was their now infamous gate crashing of President Barack Obama’s State Dinner. They weren’t seated for the dinner itself because … their names were not on the guest list but they got past security, were introduced as invited guests and got to shake the president’s hand. And they have hogged acres of press time and space ever since. What emerges is a curious case of a couple who have gone to extreme lengths to create an elaborate deception that they are an “IT” couple. The sum total of it is that the Salahi’s are consummate scam artists who seem to live in a fantasy world that they perpetuate by inviting themselves to events, claiming to be what they are not and taking elaborate trouble to be seen with celebrities and then making tall stories about the resultant pictures they have carefully stored on Facebook.

Thousands of miles away, Michael Mulyoowa (Ezra) presides over an equally fake world that he has created and carefully nurtured with the connivance of a lazy press. He is on record as giving away 1bn/= (about $470,000 in today’s money) to the Ugandan press for no one is sure what. But it took months for the self-same press to admit that this money never materialized. Then he again appeared in the press as the proud owner of a custom made yellow Lamborghini. There has remained one problem with this story; the car has never been seen anywhere on Uganda’s roads. Perhaps his most daring pie in the sky story was the one where he put it about that he was going to buy Leeds Football Club for $130m. The story made headlines in Uganda but the Brits, being a little more circumspect about bombastic claims to money, checked Mulyoowa out and realized he was just a small boy talking big. They largely ignored his overtures with … silence.

Mulyoowa – in the past

Obviously, Mulyoowa doesn’t have $130m. There is simply no one in Uganda with that kind of money about whom so little is known. The New Vision uncovered his shady past and printed it, only for the story to go away far more quickly than one would have expected. One could sense a desperate desire by the Ugandan press to believe Ezra. And that in a nutshell has been his saving grace – a gullible press, willing to give Ezra more air time than he is worth. And so it was that he again managed to make headlines as the proud purchaser of a $250,000 Mont Blanc watch. Again a slight problem – to date there is no record of his having actually paid the money for this watch, and street wisdom suggests that if he has the watch, he duped the Arabs, and didn’t actually pay them for it. By the time he was pictured handing over a dummy check for $250,000 for the watch, the more discerning critics knew better than to go gaga over this person. Had Mulyoowa really paid $250,000 for the watch as was widely reported, he would have been due for a 50% Uganda Revenue Authority tax bill, putting him squarely among the top tax-paying individuals in Uganda for 2006. But the tax records for that year show no one with Michael Mulyoowa’s name as having paid the equivalent of $125,000 (about 230,000,000/= at the time) in taxes. Go figure.

Ezra is in the habit of bouncing small 2m/= ($900) car repair checks for lack of sufficient funds, and his mother’s house was once attached over his personal debt. The sum total of this man is that he is good at talking people into lending him a couple of thousand dollars, and he makes money from shady deals, likely related to underhanded political-related business (usually the same thing) . But his ability to blow up what can only be average wealth into the hundreds of millions of dollars is nothing if not breathtaking.

It is fairly apparent that people like the Salahis and Mulyoowas are driven by demons most of us can only guess at. Their obsessive desire to make headlines is as curious as it is mind-boggling, and it is usually their undoing. The Salahis finally overreached and gate-crashed a White House State dinner, bringing their make-believe world to the light. Mulyoowa, too, eventually overreached when he planted stories that he was going to buy an Airbus A380 airliner. Though his claims made the international press, most serious newspapers stayed away from the excitement. The last we heard from Mulyoowa was in October 2009 when the Kenyan police were after him for issuing a $20,400 check that bounced due to insufficient funds. He claimed diplomatic immunity in order to extricate himself from that embarrassment. The logical question to ask is what made Mulyoowa a diplomat, but enough on this person already, yes?

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Lies, damned lies and statistics 2

What do the following figures have in common? 72%, 95%, 95%, 95%

For the first clue, look at the quotation below, from a venerable judge in 1959 in his ruling that an interracial couple could not be married and live in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.

With that, he banished Mr. Loving and his wife Mildred (they had been married in Washington, DC where the law didn’t prohibit interracial marriage) out of Virginia into exile.

The Lovings didn’t take the ruling lying down and continued their battle in the courts. Their case reached the United States supreme court who, in a 9-0 ruling in 1967, overturned the Virginia law and all such laws in the United States. But polls showed that 72% of all Americans (black and white) were against interracial marriages in 1967.

And what has any of this got to do with anything? Martin Ssempa likes quoting the statistics showing that 95% of Ugandans polled oppose the decriminalization of homosexuality, and don’t want any change in the Ugandan laws against homosexual activity. It is thus worth noting that Martin Ssempa’s wife, Tracey, is American and … white. Just 42 years ago, Martin Ssempa would have been liable to imprisonment and and/or exile purely on account of who he fell in love with, and 72% of the American public would have supported the law denying him the right to love his current wife. And of course, interracial marriage was against the American ‘culture’ in 1967 since it took the Supreme Court to buck public opinion for what Ssempa will today surely agree was the right thing.

So, what about the second 95%. That is the unofficial figure of Ugandan men who have cheated and/or will cheat on their wives. Among those are famous ones like General Kazini who recently died in the house of a Trollope he was publicly cavorting with while his wife slept in their marital home.

And the final 95%? That is also the unofficial figure of Ugandan men who see nothing wrong with men who cheat on their wives or take up with a line of women even after they get married. 95% is the likelihood that Martin Ssempa will NOT castigate adultery or march to Parliament against it.

All of which leads us to a salient quotation about selective use of statistics:

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments, and the tendency of people to disparage statistics that do not support their positions.

Barak Obama Denounces the Anti-Gay Bill 1

At last! The White House has come out unequivocally against the preposterous bill currently in Uganda’s Parliament:

Money Quote:

“The President strongly opposes efforts, such as the draft law pending in Uganda, that would criminalize homosexuality and move against the tide of history,”

Following Nsaba Buturo’s recent climb-down over aspects of the bill, this couldn’t have come at a better time to remind everyone that the entire bill is unacceptable.

Over to you now, David Bahati and Nsaba-Buturo. Following the widespread condemnation from everywhere, it doesn’t seem as though there is much else to say that will make these guys see the folly of their bill. But this is Uganda and don’t be surprised if Bahati comes out blowing yet more vitriol. Stubborn folly doesn’t go away quietly.

Something tells me, though, that we are going to hear less and less from Minister Nsaba Buturo on this matter. Don’t ask me how I know. Just listen for what comes out of his mouth where the anti-gay bill is concerned.

It may be early days yet but AfroGay for one thinks the tide has turned decisively against this bill.

David Bahati, Martin Ssempa, Stephen Langa: … listen … and learn.

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Dear Santa: Spread good cheer around

One of the traits I have learnt to cultivate is one of cheerfulness. I decided some time ago that if anger and hatred chew me up and twist me inside, that doesn’t mean that those I am angry with or cheesed off about will notice, care or be affected. So, I only allow myself to harbor anger and hatred if I am a couple of pounds overweight and wish to shed them. To me, wallowing in anger and self pity is an excellent elixir for weight loss.

And so I am sitting in bed, listening to the incomparably coquettish Eartha Kitt doing what only she could do best; charming Santa into parting with small, little, simple gifts. The lyrics are simply delicious and I must post them here … to cheer myself up and to remind myself that it is the season of goodwill, love and understanding. With that in mind, this year AfroGay is asking Santa for nothing more than … a fully paid and serviced G 500 Gulf Stream, like the one The Hon. David Bahati’s party delivered to Uganda’s president in March of 2009. Talk about getting an early Christmas present.

SANTA BABY by Earth Kitt

Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me.
Been an awful good girl, Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa baby, a 54 convertible too, light blue.
I’ll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun I’ve missed,
Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed,
Next year I could be just as good,
If you’ll check off my Christmas list,

Santa baby, I wanna yacht, and really that’s not a lot,
Been an angel all year,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa honey, one little thing I really need,
The deed, To a platinum mine,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with a duplex, and checks.
Sign your ‘X’ on the line,
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at Tiffany
I really do believe in you,
Let’s see if you believe in me,

Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring.
I don’t mean on the phone,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight,
Hurry down the chimney tonight,

Hurry, tonight.


John Nagenda: Parliament Should Not Pass This Bill

John Nagenda
(Adviser to President Museveni)

While Uganda’s religious leaders were busy drafting resolutions that show how dim-witted they are, John Nagenda (I always thought that this name was spelled ‘Nnaggenda‘ but that is a discussion for another time), the president’s adviser cuts to the chase.

Money quote:

What crime have same-sex lovers committed, per se, by being who they are? Would those who believe God made mankind exclude them, and on what grounds? … When times have changed, if they change enough, then these words will include a leavening of same-sex relationships. Gradualism is not a sin. But hunting down people for same-sex love I believe to be a sin, against Love, one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind

Now compare that with the Neanderthal blathering of the religious dinosaurs:

On which planet are these prelates on? Do they understand that donor communities have sustained Ugandan lives for more than the last 30 years? Are Ugandan lives worth sacrificing for religious dogma? The mind boggles.

Anyhow, even as the cabal of religious relics were putting out their communique, rents were already showing amongst their ranks, and fittingly so. Religion is about being inclusive and so it stood to reason that some of the religious bodies in Uganda would find issues with the primitive resolutions reached in Entebbe by some of their colleagues. And they seem to have completely missed this exhortation by the Catholic Church for everyone to exercise restraint and compassion, the sum of which boils down to tolerance and inclusiveness:


AfroGay now a needs a drink.

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Nsaba Buturo Caves In on Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill

We have just won one round!

Nsaba Buturo (Uganda’s Minister of Ethics) has caved in and accepted that the language condemning gays to life in prison or to death will be dropped:

Nsaba Buturo

Money quote from Bloomberg:

Now we can turn our attention to the rest of the preposterous clauses in this bill. We should not rest on our laurels. There is still a lot of work to be done. This is just the beginning.

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Rihanna 1 – Chris Brown 3 4

AfroGay is betting some hours of sleep that it’s a matter of time before Robyn Rihanna Fenty returns to or wishes she was back with Chris Brown. If she has any sense, she should be calling, sending SMS texts and doing everything she can to take him back. One hopes that Chris Brown takes her back, too, because she is going to need him more than he will need her.

Brown and Rihanna – In happier times

If, ahem, AfroGay had been in her place when the racy text message that started it all arrived, Brown would perhaps have got a terrific tongue-lashing in the car for not doing enough to keep his tail where it belonged – with me. That, and a silent sulk thrown in for good measure would likely have been it. In the very extreme AfroGay would have stormed out of the car, taken off those killer 4 inch heels and walked home in mock anger. And then he would have waited anxiously for Brown to return whenever he did so that we could make up and make out. But Rihanna reacted like a crazy black woman out of a Madea movie, raised hell as well as her hands and a messy bust-up ensued.

After studying both sides’ responses, it is clear that Rihanna started the physical fight after she saw the racy e-mail. Brown did what most young black men do; fought back. Being the stronger of the two, he inflicted more damage, but there is little doubt that it was a lovers’ tiff that went out of hand thanks to Rihanna’s mistaken belief that she had what it took to teach Brown a physical lesson.

Let’s face it: whereas Rihanna is a beautiful air brushed siren, we know that she is not exactly pin-up material without the lots of concealer and foundation. On the other hand, Chris Brown is a beautiful young man with smouldering eyes, an enchanting smile and a flawless complexion – with and without any make-up.

Okay, she was beaten to a pulp, as the TMZ picture revealed. But then reports suggested that she went back to her man. Wise move, AfroGay thought to himself. Unfortunately for her, she had a new album to sell so and her puritanical handlers who have never had a single indiscretion in their lives pushed her into abandoning the man she loves (for there is no doubt here that she loved him – why else would she have fought him over an indiscreet SMS text from an admiring temptress?) and conducting an insincere, self serving “oh, he abused me” interview with Barbara Walters.

And now Rihanna is trying to peddle an album that has likely come out without the preparation and thought that went into the phenomenally successful Good Girl Gone Bad and the fans are tepid about it. Rihanna doesn’t seem to know how to manage and, worse, she is alone. The photographs of her walking out of London night clubs in the wee hours of the morning – alone – don’t exactly tell the entire story but they say enough, don’t they? We are not exactly seeing Rihanna on cloud nine, are we?

If, as is likely, her new album bombs relative to her first one, Rihanna will start to second guess her talent, and will be wondering whether she really is any good after all. With artistic doubts creeping in, paranoia won’t be far behind. Except that in Rihanna’s case she had better have some paranoia else she won’t do well in the industry she is in where you are only as good as your last hit. Obviously Rihanna is no Whitney Houston because she has not been around long enough or strung together enough hits to fall back to in the face of a lackluster album. All she has to look forward to is the prospect of future hits, lots of them and this recent album doesn’t seem to have exactly given her the push she still needs desperately. And didn’t someone pass around the rumor recently that she also doesn’t have enough money in the bank, thanks to everything she has earned so far going to voracious business managers, handlers and such?

In the face of a so-so album, Rihanna could previously have counted on the collaborative support of Chris Brown, with perhaps with another artistic foray into Manila or even a quick trip to Kampala, Uganda if everything else failed. Alas, Rihanna might already have burnt that bridge by the totally unnecessary interview she gave to Barbara Walters – as if anyone who buys Rihanna’s music knows who Barbara Walters is.

Can someone please pass on AfroGay’s message to Miss Rihanna:

Rihanna darling: you started a fight with a man and he beat you up. That is what happens honey when you try to beat up on a man whether he is or is not cheating on you. Do, however, take comfort from the extraordinary lengths Chris Brown went to for a black man of his age to apologize so publicly and also do public penance. He has behaved with admirable restraint and maturity by refusing to trade ping-pong exhanges with you about the night of the bust up. He has also professed undying love for you.

If it is the cheating that worries you, honey, slinging their hook is what [especially] black men do and if you had any doubts, pick up any newspaper and read about Tiger Woods. Sleeping with other women doesn’t mean that your man doesn’t love you. It is just a guy thing as you will discover if you find someone else.

Rihanna darling, despite Oprah’s lectures (and she can afford the lectures, thank you very much) about Chris Brown being an abuser, you started this particular fight – you admitted that much yourself. Think of your career, too, darling. You are not yet established as a solid talent with a respectable body of work so you professionally need Brown more than he needs you. As you can see, you have no man and your career is already teetering on the edge of the abyss. Chris Brown complimented you as a lover and artistic collaborator. Pick up the phone, honey, and ask to meet him in a place where it is just the two of you. Thrash out your differences and get back with your man. Because if you don’t a million other girls, and a few men AfroGay knows about, are willing, ready and able to do whatever it takes to snag him.