Black and White; the color bar in gay America

Military Guy. Not interested in a whole lot of chit chat, exchanging resumes’or a date. Get to the point. Sorry only interested in white guys.
Masculine, muscular, versatile man. I prefer men who are versatile or bottom. I am not interested in white men.”

The color bar is alive and well in America. It is indeed very much alive and well in gay Americana. Yours truly has been fortunate to live in various places on this planet and nowhere is the color divide so pronounced as it is in the ironically named United States of America.

Bars are color coded. In Washington, DC JRs is white, and black boys who frequent it are ‘snow queens’ after white men. I have been going to The Bachelor’s Mill (The Mill) in South East DC for at least ten years now and I am sure I have ever seen more than two or three white men in that place. Yet a typically busy night at The Mill might trawl in 200-300 men. Even the places of entertainment run by white people (and nearly all the most enduring ones are) have invisible color lines that are rarely crossed.

Take the Fireplace, off P Street in Dupont Circle. It is widely accepted, even if no one says it, that the ground level is for white boys and their admirers and upstairs is black. That is the way it has been for as long as I remember and there seems no indication that this will change any time soon.
To be black and gay in Washington DC, and to date a white man is to shunt oneself into to a predominantly white lifestyle; a lifestyle frowned upon if not sneered at by the black fraternity. This African boy I know once dated a cute Latino boy that physically was to-die-for in any objective assessment. But it was fairly obvious that the black boy’s friends didn’t approve of the match in the way the Latino boy was ignored and sneered at. Essentially the black boy’s friends gave him an ultimatum without saying it; drop the “white” boy and remain part of the group or continue seeing him and find new friends. In the end, and sadly in my view, the Latino boy was dropped. That kind of reverse racism is well entrenched in places like Washington, DC and Atlanta Georgia where the black population outnumbers white in many neighborhoods. Yours truly has never had a problem mixing freely with white people, but in DC mixing races is such a burden that you find yourself giving up on trying. So, I have probably attended just a handful of gay parties (out of at least 500) hosted by white people in Washington, DC.
The other curious aspect is that not even ownership seems to have any impact on the barely concealed apartheid in Washington, DC’s gay entertainment scene. JR s and The Fireplace are white owned and operated. For the longest time, The Mill was owned and operated by a white Jewish woman before she retired and sold it to the current black managers. The clientele of the three places has always been decidedly segregated, however.
The saddest aspect of it all is that gay men and women who have been at the receiving end of discrimination and unfairness should get along as brothers and sister. Perish that thought in America. Bars are segregated, nightclubs are segregated, gay pride celebrations are segregated, and white events are white and black events are black. Even dating adverts routinely say things like “blacks only” or “not interested in white men.” Interestingly, it is mostly black personal ads that tend to be so trenchantly selective. I suppose that the white boys are too polite (or too cowed) to be that overtly racially biased. The net result is that interracial gay couples in America are a rarity, even in places where white men significicantly outnumber black ones.
If you are white or black and are attracted to the opposite race, my advice is that DC and Atlanta are not the cities for you. New York City (NYC) is a friendlier city for interracial dating, likely because it is a huge melting pot of races and the kind of provincialism you see in the more southern towns and cities is overshadowed by the frenetic activity going on in NYC. If you are interested in dating people of other races, there is too much else going on, too many places to go, too much to do in NYC for anyone to really notice or care.
Los Angeles is a predominantly white city and one suspects that black guys who don’t date white guys are at a disadvantage because of the fewer pickings of men of their own color. Likewise, most small cities in America have less discernible racial apartheid because black men cannot really afford to be so choosy even if they were many men of other races interested in them. If you are black and live in Boise, Idaho, and you want to date only fellow black men, you really have one choice; move to a big city.

The Washington Blade Closes

It’s a sign of the dreadful economic times!

Nonetheless it is shocking to hear that the Washington Blade, billed as one of the oldest gay newspapers in America, has closed.The Blade’s parent company collided with the tough economic climate and filed for liquidation when it could no longer meet its financial obligations.

When I first came to Washington, DC, the Blade as it has been fondly referred to, was the Bible of where to go and what to do in gay DC. Lately, I must admit that I have glanced at it only rarely but it was comforting to see it inside liquor store doorways, in bookshops, bars and night clubs. To me, the Blade was like a sentimental coffee table in the corner of one’s living room; rarely used, but comforting just to be part of one’s furniture.

The sounds coming out of woodwork suggest that the Blade writers are getting together to launch another publication soon. We watch and wait. In the meantime, I think it is no exaggeration to say the demise of the Blade is like a death in the family.


Museveni Warns Against Homosexuality

First, let’s have an English lesson:

To recruit

–verb (used with object)

4. to enlist (a person) for service in one of the armed forces.
5. to raise (a force) by enlistment.
6. to strengthen or supply (an armed force) with new members.
7. to furnish or replenish with a fresh supply; renew.
8. to renew or restore (the health, strength, etc.).
9. to attempt to acquire the services of (a person) for an employer: She recruits executives for all the top companies.
10. to attempt to enroll or enlist (a member, affiliate, student, or the like): a campaign to recruit new club members.
11. to seek to enroll (an athlete) at a school or college, often with an offer of an athletic scholarship.

And now set the above definition against the words attributed to Uganda’s president in remarks he made over this past weekend:

Let us put all these claims into context.

Are Europeans really recruiting young men and women into homosexuality? AfroGay has no knowledge of this but sensible minds might want to ask themselves how they are doing this. Are they flitting in and out of schools, colleges and homes with recruitment literature, in the dead of night like apparitions? For that is the only possible way Europeans could be recruiting without anyone noticing. If it were possible that they have ghost-like powers to fly in and out of countries unnoticed, where is the literature that they are distributing? But perhaps there is a whole movement out there, marching like Alexander the Great’s Army,cutting swathes across Uganda’s fertile youth territory, commandeering boys and girls, and forcing them into ruinous acts of buggery as chattels.

Why, you might think someone would be asking themselves, would Europeans head to Uganda to recruit gay youth? To take them to Europe as their concubines? Life for most gay Europeans is already tough enough, what with the extremely high cost of living, to make this a feasible proposition. Are they recruiting to ruin the morals of the African populace? How so, when the evidence of homosexuality having been accepted as par for the course in Africa before the advent of the white man is well documented? To enjoy the exotic charms that the dark boys present? That sounds a little more enticing a proposal, but dark skinned boys who are willing to date white men are a dime a dozen, and can be found by placing a personal ad on a dating website or walking into a high street gay bar all over Europe. So, what then would be the reason why Europeans would head to Africa to recruit boys?

Needless to say, neither Museveni nor anyone who has made these foolish claims has attempted any answers.

And how about this stunning admission from the president:

The president clearly seems to understand Uganda’s history a little better than his Minister of Ethics who has categorically pronounced that homosexuality is a western import. It is an open secret that Kabaka Mwanga, he of the 1880s Uganda Martyrs infamy, was gay. Of course we know that homosexual activity is as old as life itself, given that it is well chronicled even in the Bible, and Africa’s history is littered with incontrovertible evidence of tolerance for homosexuality. If, in periods where news was spread on foot, we know that homosexuality existed in Uganda and Africa, should it really surprise anyone that in the days of 24/7 news coverage, cell phones and the internet, stories about homosexuality are more easily accessed.

What you have to understand is that the “they are recruiting” and “they are funded with Western money” claims are not idle chatter. I recently spoke with a highly placed Ugandan diplomat who told me that Ugandan gay organizations are being funded by Western money, “a lot of money.” He didn’t seem to have any evidence of funding from anywhere but I was struck by the surefootedness with which he made the claims that he did. Now, if this thoughtful man (and I know that he is not prone to whimsical claims because his professional training doesn’t allow for that) believes that kind of pulp, imagine the man on the street who only hears voices such as Martin Ssempa’s and Nsaba Buturo’s.

Obviously, we cannot blame Museveni and his minister entirely for peddling the “they are recruiting” rubbish. We had a Judas Iscariot in our midst, George Georgina Oundo, who, earlier this year, appeared in front of the national media in Uganda and made similar claims. Never mind that he didn’t corroborate a single one of his claims – the fact that he sat in front of a throng of reporters and claimed that he was a paid recruiter hurt the gay community in Uganda badly. Six months later, George Georgina Oundo retracted his entire claims but, as they say, mud sticks.

It is a depressing situation.

1. Britain and Canada denounce Extreme Anti-Gay Proposal

Who Is Martin Ssempa? 2

In brief, Martin Ssempa is the face of the rabid anti-homosexuality movement in Uganda. And Martin Ssempa is a hypocrite.

He calls himself a “pastor” but I for one take such titles with a grain of salt where Ugandan ‘pastors’ are concerned. What he does officially is run a religious ministry at Makerere University, Kampala (MUK) whose avowed aim is to keep young people celibate till marriage, and out of the jaws of homosexual predators. So far so good and honorable.

At MUK, he had a very colorful sex life that he readily admits to, one that had him slinging his hook at every woman that would have him while his campus peers were attending lectures,and more besides. But he says all that is in the past now, and he seems happily married with two or three children. One could, however, be forgiven for thinking that it is pretty rich for him to lecture the youth about chastity when he himself exercised no self control whatever in his youth. But people change so one cannot really beat the man up about a past he now admits was excessive.

The first curious thing about Ssempa is his website:

It names him as a global crusader against AIDS/HIV but you will be hard pressed to find anything of import he has written or said about AIDS/HIV in the last 10 years even on his own website. Basically you will find that despite his claims, Ssempa is no Noerine Kaleba, the founder of TASO.

Ssempa’s primary obsession has been and still is ‘the evil of homosexuality” and he is especially cut up about the effect of homosexuality on the the African moral fabric. It is in that sense that his silence on the General Kazini overnight shenanigans while his wife was asleep in their marital bed is curious. What is he telling his youth ministry: that it is alright to publicly cavort with mistresses while married but it is not okay to engage in same gender loving in private? Don’t hold your breath for the answer – Ssempa will not address the glaring “sin” accompanying Kazini’s death.

Secondly, Ssempa is paid lots of money by an organization called Wait Training which is based in Denver, Colorado. Wait Training is a fundamentalist Christian group crusading to save the institution of marriage and keep young people … celibate till marriage. As you can imagine, their politics lie to the far right of the political spectrum and they tar sex before marriage, homosexuality, prostitution, adultery with the same “immorality” brush. It is Wait Training who built Ssempa’s website and if you want to book Ssempa for a speaking engagement, you call Wait Training in Denver.

The interesting aspect is that Wait Training did not utter a word when one of their own, ‘pastor’ Ted Haggard, was defrocked as secretly homosexual. They didn’t utter a word when their far right firebrand, family values agitator and and American presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, was forced to admit that her daughter had been knocked up while underage. I have looked in every place I can for their view on just those two glaring cases and I cannot find a single thing that they said about either of them. Now, you might be able to understand why Martin Ssempa is not going to say anything about the brazen Kazini shenanigans with a trollop.

One could go on, but I am sure you get the picture.

UPDATE:Wait Training dissociated itself from Martin Ssempa in 2010, calling his stance on the Bahati Anti-Gay Bill – it called for the killing of anyone identified as gay – in Uganda extreme.

Andrew Mwenda Makes an Incontrovertibe Case For Gay Rights 1

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Andrew Mwenda’s sharp intellect. Yet again he has put his fine mind to laying bare the paucity of the campaign currently raging against homosexuality in Uganda.

To be fair, Mwenda says nothing that has not been said many, many times before but it is heartening to read views one has held and written about for years in an African publication such as Uganda’s The Independent.

Money quote:

This observation is of course especially pertinent at this time because, only a few days ago, a senior Ugandan army commander was killed at 5am in the morning after a night of cavorting and boozing with a woman who was not his wife. But the silence from Martin Ssempa, James Nsaba Buturo, all the Ugandan clergy and the Hon. Bahati regarding that particular transgression is deafening.

The hypocrisy and injustice of it all is sickening. How can these self-same men who are turning a blind eye to the conduct of a man that clearly is hurting his wife and family condemn consensual homosexual activity that no one knows about except those involved in it? Are they really saying that adultery is a more acceptable vice than consensual same sex loving? Adultery which destroys families, scars children for life, and which is expressly condemned in New and Old Testaments?

Martin Ssempa and their friends cannot name you one homosexual couple they know of. Yet there are many, many gay relationships in Uganda of men and women who have been loving each other and living together for years. What exactly then is the “evil” that Ssempa and his friends see in gay relationships that they know nothing about because they can only guess at what happens in them?

Ssempa’s perennial refrain is that homosexuality is anal sex. But is it? Is his own heterosexual relationship just about sex? Would it make him any happier if all homosexuals assured the world that they were not engaging in anal sex? In other words, is it the anal sex that bothers Ssempa so much or the same-sex loving? And why is anal sex a concern of Ssempa if those who indulge in it are of an age to do so freely? And what has Ssempa got to say to heterosexual couples who also freely indulge in anal sex with their wives and girlfriends? Of course he has nothing to say about that because he doesn’t know about it! Why then can’t this person see the ridiculousness of reducing people’s relationships to a sex act he himself is capable of performing with his wife if they both agree to it?

My helplessness in confronting Martin Ssempa, Nsaba Buturo and their friends sometimes makes me feel like resorting to drink. It is because of that helplessness that I cannot but blow one hundred kisses to Andrew Mwenda for making the case in his publication.

Thank you Andrew Mwenda. I don’t see how I could have expressed my rebuttal to the Bahati Bill any better.

The Bahati Bill’s Unintended Consequences

Ever wondered why the intimacy with your spouse feels strained, perfunctory, mechanical?

Well, if your husband is totally straight, that might suggest that he is no longer into you and has found another woman. But there is another more sobering reality that you might do well to think about; your husband may be a gay man whose blood only boils naturally when he is with another man.

Sounds ridiculous? It really shouldn’t because the safest protection of any gay man seeking social respect is within a straight marriage. As this Washington Post article clearly illustrates, many gay men don’t want to be so because it is such a difficult life loving another man. The social opprobrium that comes with it pushes totally gay men into often loveless marriages – just to fit into what society expects. The toll on the men and women in such marriages is best left to the Lord to disentangle, but there is no doubt that it is harrowing at best.

There is nothing like sleeping with a woman when your entire mind is pining to be with a man. But we know that many men fall into this category and have gotten married to try and “marry away” their homosexuality. If you are a woman, pray that you don’t fall for such a man because it surely will end in tears of frustration and despair. And Bahati’s anti-gay bill is about to drive even more gay Ugandan men into loveless, passionless, empty marriages.

You see, talk about how homosexuality is un-African is just that; talk. But there are thousands of women married to gay men in Uganda and such talk is scant comfort when they are living the trauma of marriage to a man who doesn’t love them, and instead would prefer to be with a fellow man. Such women deserve to be with men who love and like women. Yet, the Bahati bill is about to condemn even more women to the pain and suffering that accompanies being married to a man who doesn’t want you as surely as night follows day.

The Right Honorable Bahati and his friends don’t know the half of it of course. How could they?

AfroGay cannot name names but you just have to scratch the surface of many a loveless marriage and you will find that if it is not another woman, it is another man responsible for the strain or lack of interest. Bahati is about to force even more gay men into getting married in order not to end up in jail or in front of a firing squad because of their sexuality.

Take it from one who not only knows, but one who has lived the experience; if you think this bill is about homosexuals alone, you haven’t really studied the society you live in well enough. This bill is about to ruin many, many lives. Women and children are about to become unsuspecting victims of the Bahati bill in numbers that were dwindling as gay men accepted who they were and looked for like-minded men. All these are about to be forced back into the closet and/or into staid, passionless marriages.

The solution of course is simple enough – let homosexuals love who they wish and sleep with whoever will sleep with them in the privacy of their homes. Ask any woman what she prefers and she will tell you that she would rather deal with a straight man than have to struggle with a man who cannot get it up for her because his mind is dreaming of another man. There are no tricks a woman can pull with a man who is gay. Gay men belong with gay men and that is all there is to it. But Bahati of course will not know what we are talking about because he is a legislator who likely doesn’t understand that homosexuals cannot be cured since that is who they are.

And if the Bahati bill is passed, prepare for an avalanche of men who arrive late for their nuptials, who disappear for days on end without explanation, who perform sexually only now and then and with no emotion. In other words, prepare for many, many miserable wives crying for a husband when they have a man right there in their home.


Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill: Jail Gays, Don’t Hang Them 7

The religious clerics of Uganda have pronounced themselves on the anti-gay bill. And their learned contribution? Jail all homosexuals and throw away the key!

Money quote:

“If you kill the people, to whom will the message go? We need to have imprisonment for life if the person is still alive,” said Rev. Canon Aaron Mwesigye, the provincial secretary of the Church of Uganda.

I suppose one is meant to look at this as progress of sorts and Ugandan homosexuals should thank the clerics for this timely intervention. Rather than lose your life for being who you are, you would rather rot in jail.Death by a thousand pricks. (I know … it is death by a thousand cuts but surely an interesting pun, huh?) is better than a quick death, yes?

Unfortunately, no one seems to have asked the Rev. Canon whether he would wish the same fate for his own child. But this is about something that doesn’t concern these prelates, or is it?

There is another curious reference further down in the same article:

Parliament yesterday begun public debates on the Bill, conducted by the committee on presidential affairs

What, my curiosity aroused (pun unintended), has homosexuality got to do with presidential affairs? I am still scratching my head as I write this.

Finally, in a related report from another Ugandan news publication, there is this breathtaking economy with the truth:

Seventh Day Adventist’s John Kakembo noted that homosexuality has been in Uganda since the 1960s. He called on Parliament to quickly enact the Bill into law, so as to curb the vice.

“Homosexuality has been in Uganda since the 1960s?!!”

This man’s name suggests that he is a Christian. Has he ever heard of Kabaka Mwanga and the real reason he sent those pretty pages, the Uganda Martyrs, to their deaths in the 1880s? Is it possible that John Kakembo doesn’t know what Martin Ssempa knows all too well, namely that the boys were killed in part because they rebelled against Mwanga’s homosexual demands?


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"I Have Always Known That I Need To Think For Myself" 1

Dónal Óg Cusack, the Irish hurling professional who recently came out as gay in his book deserves a gold medal. No, he deserves a plaque on the front pew of his Catholic Church for articulating what many of us fail so badly to do.
And in simple terms, Cusack puts in perspective the main thorn that gnaws away at many a gay man struggling to come to terms with his sexuality – namely that homosexuality is wrong, anti-Bible, sinful etc.
Money quote:
“I went out with nice women and good women, but sure, I still knew. I wanted something else. I get more out of men. I just do. Always have. I know I am different, but just in this way. Whatever you may feel about me or who I am, I’ve always been at peace with it.” … “I can remember as a young lad that we would all be sitting on our knees saying decades of the rosary every night, because that’s the family I came from. Thankfully the one thing I would have always known is that I needed to think for myself. That helped me to deal with my own situation. “If I had believed everything that was said about homosexuality by the Church over the years, I might be saying that I was going to burn in Hell for a long time. To be honest, I couldn’t find the rationale for that so it didn’t affect me.”
And that, in a nutshell, is what all gay boys and girls struggling with their emotions have to learn to understand; there is absolutely no rationale as to why being gay is a sin, no rationale as to why having consensual sexual relations with an adult is evil or depraved, no rationale as to why the Bible says that it is wrong to engage in homosexual sex and then in the same breath say that keeping slaves is alright. Most importantly, Cusack shows us that as human beings, we have to use the one faculty that God has given us, a faculty that makes us superior to all other creatures on earth – the ability to think for ourselves.
In that spirit, we need to rise above the parroted vituperation and ask ourselves (and our tormentors) the simple question: why is being gay wrong? If God made us all in his image (Genesis 1:27), why do we have to be straight to be blessed?

And that is precisely what Martin Ssempa, Luke Orombi, Peter Akinola, Steven Langa don’t want anyone to do – ask questions, think. To think is to question conventional Biblical straight-jacket orthodoxy (a sin is a sin is a sin). To think is to appeal to the fundamental attribute that sets us apart from wild animals; our conscience.

Thus, Ssempa and his acolytes are desperate to ensure that Ugandans don’t think. And the reason for that is obvious; whenever human beings anywhere in the world have been allowed the latitude to think, they have veered decisively away from their primordial instincts and on to the side of compassion, inclusion and tolerance.

Ugandans minding their own business where homosexuality is concerned? Imagine what that would do to Martin Ssempa’s livelihood! The poor little man cannot afford to have Ugandans think thus the desperation you see him relentlessly engaged in.

Gay Slur Hounds Magic Johnson & Isaiah Thomas

Question: What does it take to turn Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson into hissy bitches?

On one side is Magic Johnson, he of the Los Angeles Lakers fame. I don’t know if you remember him, or have ever heard of him, but he used to be very, very big – literally and figuratively – in United States basketball, so big in fact that to speak of Magic Johnson even today is to speak of hallowed existence. On the other is Isaiah Thomas. You likely have never heard of him unless you are a crazed basketball fan, American or both. But don’t worry if you don’t know either guy; it is what they represent that matters to this story.

Magic and Isaiah are squabbling like ferrets in a sack over, wait for it, homosexual sex! Their relationship was rent asunder in 1992 and, seventeen years later, Magic Johnson has reopened the wounds with a book in which he excoriates his former bosom friend, IsaiahThomas, because it was claimed that he spread rumors that Magic had caught HIV through gay sex! Allow me to summarize the origin of the squabble:

In 1992, Magic Johnson stunned the entire United States of America and the world when he announced that he was HIV positive. He, however, took care to explain that he had compromised HIV by sleeping with more than 100 (or is it 1000?) women. So far, so simple and so macho; big, straight, mega-popular spots icon slings his tail at every skirt that will have him and contracts HIV.

The public reaction was mostly sympathetic and Johnson got extra kudos for being brave enough to come out with his condition at a time when HIV was still considered a gay disease and a death sentence. But, apparently, the story didn’t end there. Magic Johnson heard it on the grapevine that Thomas was spreading rumors that it was homosexual sex and not excessive macho heterosexuality that had caused the HIV.

The story gets interesting with what Magic says he did about the rumors. He talked to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird and other basketball stars of the time into ganging up against Thomas. Together, they schemed to keep Thomas off the 1992 American Olympics team. At the time, Michael Jordan denied the rumors of his involvement in the sidelining of Thomas, but Johnson has now revealed that there was indeed a plot to keep Thomas from the 1992 US Olympic team. And Thomas’ feelings are hurt all over again.

But this is still not about the two men. Such is the ugliness of the “gay” word in male sports that grown men like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were persuaded to turn into catty conspirators to punish the insult to the honor of their friend. How could he level a sodomy slur against Magic, a woman’s man if ever there was one? The daggers were sharpened, delivered Brutus-style into Thomas’ side and there they have remained for 17 years.

The gay slur clearly still rankles Magic Johnson today which is why he has decided to rekindle the grudge of old by twisting the knives he and his accomplices left buried in Isaiah Thomas’ belonging. And the slight is working because Thomas is in the news talking frankly about how hurt his feelings are. Seventeen years on, Johnson is still being eaten up by what he feels Thomas said about him, but he claims that he nonetheless played a part in Thomas being hired as a New York Knicks coach (something Thomas contradicts). And all this cattiness because of what? A ‘gay sex’ rumor that Thomas has steadfastly denied.

Just when you thought that strides had been made in bringing homosexuality to the light in America, your complacency is jolted with these revelations. Calling someone gay … no, just saying that someone has had gay sex, is still about the worst insult you can level at a black man of Magic Johnson’s stature and sports prowess even in 2009! Magic Johnson still bristles at that slur and he is still reveling in having ensured that Isaiah Thomas paid by watching the 1992 Olympics basketball competition on television. That Thomas has consistently denied spreading the gay sex rumors is obviously inconsequential; Magic Johnson’s pride was hurt and Thomas has been paying for that for seventeen years!

And someone out there really thinks that homosexuality is a choice? Who would choose to belong to a group to which mere suspicion that one belongs, reduces seemingly level-headed men like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan to conniving, catty conspirators a la the The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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Martin Ssempa and Michael Kyazze In the Dock 2

Poor Martin Ssempa

Martin Ssempa and his partner in vindictiveness, Michael Kyazze, are in the dock.

Michael Kyazze with wife

The Director of Public Prosecutions in Uganda has concluded that they fabricated evidence against Pastor Kayanja in what amounted to a criminal conspiracy. If the law follows its course, the vociferous , judgmental, loonies could be defending themselves in front of a magistrate … way before the anti-gay legislation they want to come to pass is signed into Ugandan law. In other words, they could go down before we do! Ha, Ha, Ha!

Now we know why these two vindictive loudmouths went to Parliament a couple of days before the damning announcement; they were trying to change the subject by pretending to lobby Parliament against homosexuals.

Sorry Ssempa and Kyazze dears! You have your own pooh, pooh to clean up. You want AfroGay to be branded a criminal simply for being who he is; you are accused CRIMINALS because of what you have done, and that is actually the real definition of a crime – something actionable that harms another. How is that for the shoe being on the other foot? Hooh, hooh! Hee, hee!

Obviously, one should not be cock-a-hoop in the misfortunes of others but who can blame AfroGay for throwing caution to the wind and enjoying this particular moment? Ephemeral though it is likely to be, one can’t help but revel in the discomfort that must be going on in our enemies’ camp. And to think that they are in the legal crossfires because of mistakes they have made all by themselves.

Lesson to anyone out there who thinks that your heterosexuality automatically gives you carte blanche to lord it over me because I am gay? Think again. The Lord works in mysterious ways as poor Ssempa is beginning to realize – to his cost.