“Money blinded UNHCR to LGBTI scams” in Nairobi 1

Following the reports about people trafficking from Uganda to Kenya under the guise of “gay persecution” it would appear that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) may wittingly or otherwise be abetting the despicable people-smuggling scams taking place, many of them involving heterosexual people masquerading as persecuted gay people.

This (edited) excerpt from a concerned observer who asked not to be named, sheds light on the premise that money is driving the UN program at the expense of probity and thoroughness:

The UN was warned several times last year by some of us about the growing numbers of both LGBTIQs and ”straights” being trafficked. The [bona fide LGBTIQ] complained many months ago of large numbers of homophobic, abusive ”straights” who had piggy-backed the LGBTIQ (kuchus) exodus from UG and were being registered in Nairobi and Kakuma, due to UN’s casual registration procedures…..

We also realized that the ”refugee industry” being what it is, requires numbers. The more who register, the more money the UN gets especially when something is portrayed as a ”crisis’ as indeed the [LGBTI]exodus was. Some of these ”straights” have been identified as informants from Kampala on a fishing expedition. This was one of the causes of the big split which occurred in Kakuma last year, between kuchus and non-kuchus, which resulted in all the kuchus leaving Kakuma and the straights remaining there till now (also because of violent attacks on kuchus by other refugees in Kakuma, at which point non-kuchus would suddenly profile as ”straight”)….

Our intelligence also indicates that the massive trafficking of ”straights” (there are now more non-kuchus than kuchus in the process) is not just the enterprise of a few unscrupulous individuals, but is being actively sponsored by we-know-who in Kampala, partly to discredit those who are in the process as purely being ”economic migrants”. The last batch of 76 fake Kuchus who turned up at the UN two weeks ago had all been ”coached” with the same story of ”persecution” and were quick to say so.

It is disturbing that now even very genuine cases of Kuchu persecution in Kampala, involving torture, violence and imprisonment (with documentary evidence) are now doubted; registration is closed and financial assistance withheld from all Ugandans.

The Ugandans tried and gave up. The UN is a law unto itself -deaf beyond words. Some of the staff, mostly the Kenyans, are either homophobic or Uganda-phobic or both, though special training was given to them for this batch of asylum seekers. …

People traffickers infiltrate LGBTI asylum program in Kenya 1

Yours truly hinted at it recently, and now Eric Mawira Gitari has, too. Kuchu Times of Uganda carried a report alluding to it last month.

Scores of (mostly) boys and girls from Uganda are heading to Nairobi, lured there by promises that the UNHCR (the United Nations refugee agency)  will relocate them to yonder climes such as Norway, Canada and the United States if they claim gay persecution.

Eric Mawira Gitari summarizes the problem

Eric Mawira Gitari summarizes the problem

Needless to say, this has spawned a people trafficking and prostitution industry that now threatens to derail the entire humanitarian mission. One gathers that the exodus from Uganda to Kenya to claim asylum on account of ‘gay persecution’ has became a torrent with new arrivals overwhelming the UNHCR.

What seems to have tipped the balance was the gradual realization by the UN staffers that a lot of new arrivals’ tales of woe were not adding up even when they were not eerily similar. Someone was coaching the claimants.

When potential refugee claimants from Uganda and elsewhere arrived in Kenya to claim LGBTI asylum, they narrated their stories on which acceptance of their claims would be based. Then the UN provided some money for basic subsistence and the wait would begin. Some of the claimants ended up in refugee camps in Northern Kenya which have also been criticized for being harsh and uninhabitable by some of those housed there, but a number stayed around Nairobi, largely idle.

But what has caused most concern, and seems to have finally made the UN plug the spigot, were the reports  of boys that had claimed asylum engaging in prostitution, willingly and under duress. Then there were stories of refugee claimants throwing loud, drunken parties that got the attention of the police owing to their boisterousness. Questions were raised as to how they could afford these junkets when they were supposed to be poor and downtrodden.

Not to put too fine a point on it but the reality is that some of the boys who have run off to claim asylum in Kenya were misled into thinking that the process was easy and relocation to the West was automatic. A number thus abandoned reasonably promising employment pursuits in Uganda and are now languishing in hovels around Nairobi, with no medical care, limited funds and no guarantee that their claims will be accepted.

In the meantime, their numbers have swelled to a such a level, especially in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, that the Kenyan nationals are themselves noticing them, and taking a dim view of their shenanigans.

With the UN reportedly suspending the registration of new-comers in order to streamline the process and make sure it isn’t being abused, life should get tougher for those already in Kenya even if they have a guarantee of being accepted for relocation to the West which they don’t.

The irony of course is that many of the asylum claimants from Uganda ran away from their country where no one was really after them on account of their sexuality, and have ended up in dire conditions in Kenya, with no support systems whatever, leading to their being taken advantage of due to their sexuality.

Your truly is not in the business of giving advice to adults but when one weighs the advantages and disadvantages of the process many of the Ugandan claimants have opted for, it seems relatively easy to realize what the best course of action should be for them.

But of course many of them have, to quote from Macbeth “stepped in so far that should wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er.” They have already committed too much to return home.

They’d better fasten their belts as it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Gay Justice 6- Anti-gay Foolishness 1

Had it been an amateur tennis match, the 6-1 scoreline would have been really bad.

As it were, the 6-1 result we have from the Ugandan courts on the high stakes gay issues lies in the realms of mortifying – if the opponents on the other side had any sense of embarrassment whatever.

The drubbing started in December 2006 when Justice Stella Arach ruled in favor of Victor Mukasa/Oyo in their suit against the Government of Uganda for abuse of their human rights. $7,000 was awarded. Since then, the pro-gay side has won legal skirmish after legal skirmish, losing just one to Minister Lokodo when they sued him for disrupting an LGBTI meeting in Entebbe.

But since that loss, however, Uganda’s constitutional court nullified the Anti-gay law Museveni had signed barely six months earlier on procedural grounds. That was a 6-0 drubbing all by itself.

More recently, Samuel Ganafa walked free after the case against him, alleging HIV homo-sodomy, collapsed. Hot on the heels of that great news, two men, Jackson Mukasa and Kim Mukisa, who had been arrested and humiliated by law enforcement also walked free when the state failed to make a case for arresting them.

The anti-gay side is in total disarray, they have lost allies all the way up to the Vatican, and continue to bleed support everywhere they turn. Only a couple of days ago, the states in the USA where gay marriage is legal rose to 30. 30 out of 50 states is a majority in whatever way you look at it.

And now Uganda’s political campaigns have started in all but name, relegating what people do in their privacy of their bedrooms to irrelevance. The anti-gay law will not be returned to Parliament if Uganda’s president has his way, which he likely will.

It might sound odd to anyone who doesn’t live the gay lives we are living in Uganda, but it is a rather good time to be fighting in the Ugandan courts for gay rights right now. It really is. To anyone wishing to pursue the anti-gay crusade through Uganda’s courts, it’s an excellent time to ask them to bring it on!

One feels like whistling a Queen song  …

I’ve taken my bows/And my curtain calls/You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it/I thank you all/But it’s been no bed of roses/No pleasure cruise/I consider it a challenge before the whole human race/And I ain’t gonna lose.

We are the champions my friends/And we’ll keep on fighting till the end/ We are the champions/We are the champions/No time for losers/Cause we’re the champions … Of the world.

Uganda’s Constitutional Court nullifies anti-gay law 4

It’s going to have to be back to the drawing board for Uganda’s reliably dim legislators.

In a unanimous decision, the Constitutional Court of Uganda has nullified the anti-gay law passed by Parliament in December 2013 and signed into law February 2014.

Asked by petitioners to nullify the law because Parliament passed it without a quorum, the court agreed that it was passed without the required number of legislators in attendance and so couldn’t stand. The result today represents, yet again, a wonderful insight into the independence of Uganda’s judiciary.

This is the fourth time, in my recollection, the legal process in Uganda has favored the pro-gay side in the last 6 or so years. I am aware of only one ruling that has gone the side of the anti-gay side, recently when Minister Lokodo was sued for stopping a gay workshop. 4-1 is, however, a very healthy record that, no doubt, the pro-gay lobby in Uganda should relish.

What does it all really mean?

It was a very brave panel to scupper the proceedings at this stage, something I must admit I didn’t think the judges would do.

Why so?

This case is really about whether Parliament can single out a section of the population [gay people] to criminalize and stigmatize while implicitly and explicitly overlooking every other member of society [straight people] who are capable of committing the same actions the pilloried members of society have been criminalized for. That would be a violation of the constitutional right to equal protection and that is the area that the judges must eventually pronounce themselves on to kill off this law for good.

While that decision has now been put off, the judges must be doubly applauded because it cannot have been lost on them that the political implications of their decisions were stark. They have nonetheless throttled the law passed based on the flouting of Parliamentary rules, leaving Uganda’s Parliamentarians looking like the foolish, impetuous, thoughtless turncoats they have made a habit of being.

Rebecca Kadaga, the wannabe president of Uganda, who tried to use the Nazi bill to get one up on her rival for the presidency, Amama Mbabazi, has ended up with egg on her face, especially since she is a lawyer and has been embarrassed for her lack of legal acumen when she let the Nazi anti-gay bill through Parliament on her watch.

The president, Yoweri Museveni, will now argue that the law has been killed because of what he referred to in January as ‘abnormal, spinster’ Kadaga’s failure to cross her tees and dot her eyes. He gets to come out looking clean even though it will not be lost on perceptive minds that he excoriated Parliament for passing the bill without a quorum and then he went ahead to sign it anyway.

This Constitutional decision, however, does keep the door open for a new bill to be drafted and re-presented to Parliament so it doesn’t necessarily mean that the war has been won. No, it now remains to be seen if the losing side can regroup to fight another day. The odds for them, however, are getting longer and longer, with every legal defeat and they would know it if they were astute enough.

They likely are not, sadly.

If I were to put in my two pennies’ worth, lawyers now need to trawl through all the laws that have been passed without a quorum and lodge them with the Constitutional Court. By the time the learned judges got through all those, Uganda’s parliament would have no laws left on the books. And then we should see how important they feel their Nazi anti-gay crusade really is to their existence and that of the country that they would attempt to bring another kill-the-gays bill back in haste.

For now, it’s bottoms up possums. Your truly needs a chandelier to hang on to while singing “I am what I am …”

America’s anti-gay “sanctions” have arrived – Uganda deal with it!

The United States of America has announced punitive measures in response to the signing of the Nazi anti-gay law by Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, February 24 2014.

Among the sanctions to be imposed are visa bans on those deemed responsible for human rights violations in Uganda, relocation of a health conference to South Africa, redirection of development funds from the government to non-governmental organizations and so on and so forth.

From a purely symbolic point of view, the steps America has taken are highly significant. It is America’s money to do as she pleases, but to come out and declare that a foreign government’s law is so heinous as to call for a public slap on the wrist is extremely embarrassing – for Uganda.

Ugandan officials will, of course, try to put a brave face on it, pretend that it doesn’t matter what America does. They will wax lyrical about Uganda turning to Russia or China, and how they must keep their culture and religious beliefs. It will be the usual piffle that ignores the fact that all Uganda’s major religions are foreign, and that, as Yoweri Museveni has repeatedly informed the people he leads, Ugandan tribes actually tolerated homosexuality before Biblical lore was imposed on them. But Uganda’s government has nonetheless been stung by the public dressing down from the United States which is part of the point of the sanctions. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t have lashed out in the manner that their spokesman, Ofwono Opondo did as soon as the punishment was announced.

Gaddafi intervened heavily in the NRA war that removed Obote from power

Libya’s Gaddafi intervened heavily in the NRA war that removed Obote from power

The United States is bluntly telling Uganda that it is a basket case which is free to reject American money if it wishes. As long as Uganda accepts US tax dollars, he who pays the piper will call the tune.  It’s not lost on anyone with a modicum of intelligence that Uganda’s administration is merely about hanging on for grim death and that its leader will sign anything, say anything, do anything however contradictory to stay at the helm of his party and, by extension, country. That’s why he signed the Nazi anti-gay bill that he had consistently spoken out against and had blocked from even being debated for three years. It was purely to stave off insurrection from his own ruling National Resistance Movement.

The French Revolution brought about permanent change to France

The French Revolution brought about permanent change to France

Revolutions tend to be permanent when they are fomented from within. For some examples, think of the French Revolution – a bloody series of events in 1789 that ousted the monarchy and gave rise to the French Republic. Then there is the American revolution that ousted British colonialism. Closer to home, there is the Mau Mau rebellion, a completely local internecine struggle that toppled British rule in Kenya.

On the other side of the coin, the Falklands Islands are still a property of Britain, thanks to a lot of help from Ronald Reagan to Margaret Thatcher in 1982. She asked for and got American logistical support to win that war. Uganda’s Idi Amin would have lasted longer than 1979 had it not been for a lot of help from Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere and his Chama Cha Mapinduzi fighters. Indeed, we now also know that Museveni’s 1981-85 bush war which eventually got rid of Milton Obote was funded heavily by Gadhafi’s Libya.

So, contrary to what those who are ignorant about history might have you believe, there is a rich track record of revolutions that have been won, thanks to outside interference in other countries’ affairs, usually by invitation.

Nyerere (RIP) knew all too well about Uganda's begging ways

Nyerere (RIP) knew all too well about Uganda’s begging ways

Yours truly is of the view that the gay struggle in Uganda is one such struggle that must ask for and receive outside help. Here is a put-upon minority which would mind its own business if it were not for a pernicious, malicious cabal of religious and political leaders who are hellbent on using the lives of their fellow citizens to enrich themselves, if not to further their careers. They are cynically and blatantly feeding a poorly educated, ignorant, pliable populace with garbage and outrageous lies. Based on these lies, laws have been enacted to subjugate and even imprison for life citizens who have done nothing wrong other than be who they are.

The sanctions the United States has imposed  have been requested by the gay representatives living in Uganda. They are thus neither an imposition nor needless interference in Uganda’s politics as Ofwono Opondo is pretending; the gay community has asked for them and a sympathetic foreign government has, as Nyerere’s did in the 1970s, come to their aid.

It is thus right that Museveni’s government should be clipped around the ear like a recalcitrant child because, of course, Museveni’s government is nothing if not childish – relying on foreign handouts and then turning around and petulantly claiming that it doesn’t need America’s money even as it secretly lobbies for it not to be cut off.

Well, Uganda: America has laid down the gauntlet. If you don’t want American taxpayers dollars, fine. Reject the money or, better still, return, too, what has been given. As long as America’s policy is to help the downtrodden in countries which receive more money from America than they give, Barack Obama can decide to help the Ugandan gay community in any way they ask.

Over to you Mr. Yoweri Museveni. America under Barack Obama will not tolerate a banana republic, whose leadership relies on American money to stay in power, treating its gay citizens like vermin because American aid money is contributed by all Americans, including gay men and women.

You cannot thus have your cake and eat it, too; accepting money contributed by gay Americans among others, and then turning around and signing laws intended to maltreat your own gay people. Reject the aid. Even better, return what you have been given if you’re so righteous. Then go begging to your newly found friends in Russia and China who have such a wonderful track record of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

America has exercised its choices. Feel free to do the same, too.

Long John beats me to Lupita!! Tsss!

25th Annual GLAAD awards Long John and Lupita

25th Annual GLAAD awards Long John and Lupita

While I slept, in the dark because Uganda can still not keep the power on long enough for one to say electricity, Ugandan gay activist John Wambere (popularly called Long Jones/John in Uganda but don’t ask me why – wink, wink – feel free to let your imagination wander) was busy rubbing shoulders with Lupita Nyong’o. It would be totally annoying if one wasn’t too busy gnashing one’s teeth in craven jealousy.

How dare he beat me to standing next to her? Tss. Under the circumstances, I don’t know what he won – it doesn’t really matter. I am just miffed that it wasn’t yours truly standing next to the mighty Lupita! How dare Long John? The upstart!!

That said, the green-eyed-monster aside, Long John is looking good isn’t he? He nearly upstaged Lupita. Perhaps he did but I am not one to give credit where it is due so I shall not admit it.

On a tangential but pertinent note, you can send this message to every homophobic Ugandan you know; Lupita is a supporter of gay rights.

Did you hear that? Lupita supports gay rights.

Now, let all those African homophobes go away and un-watch her Oscar-winning performance.

If they can.

But back to more relevant considerations.

That should have been me with Lupita, Long Jones, it should have been me!!!


Check out the rest of the 2014 GLAAD award winners, plus what they won for, here.

It should have been me with Lupita, Long Jones!!


Ugandan Lesbian “evicted” because of new anti-gay law 7

This is one President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is going to be very proud of.

Thanks to His Excellency’s signature on a page, a land lord has balked and given a lesbian who has been an exemplary tenant notice to quit his house because of what he calls “the way you behave with your friends.”

The verbatim eviction notice (translation below)

The verbatim eviction notice (translation below)

The landlord’s note (translated by yours truly) as has been sent to me:

3 March 2014

Ms. XXX XXX (names withheld):

You have been a wonderful woman as well as a tenant who hasn’t given me any trouble over rent whatsoever. But due to what is going on in the country [regarding the anti-gay law] and your way you and your friends behave, I am sorry but I think you are a depraved person who I can no longer tolerate in my house. I also cannot fight against the government. For that reason, I want you out of my house by March 30, 2014, peacefully.

Your landlord,

XXXXX (name withheld)

One cannot of course totally vouch for the authenticity of the notice, but if,  as seems to be the case at this point, this eviction notice is real, readers must thus make what they will of this rather grim development.

Long live Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Long live the wise president of Uganda! May you live to rule over Uganda for another 28 years.

Patrobas Mufubenga fired from Global Fund for bigoted views 5

Yours truly is usually not one to gloat about the misfortunes of others but he is going to allow himself a moment to chuckle about this one.

Dr. Patrobas Mufubenga, the Ugandan delegate to the Global Fund has been dismissed due to his views on the anti-gay bill.

Likely not smiling now: Mufubenga

Likely not smiling now: Dr. Mufubenga

It would appear that Mufubenga was accepted by The Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Board of The Global Fund (quite a mouthful but never mind) on the understanding that he agreed with that organization’s inclusive policy towards everyone. Then he forgot himself and shot his mouth off, supporting the Nazi anti-gay bill Yoweri Museveni signed February 24.

Now he is out of a job – and fittingly so if you ask me. If he wants to be a bigot, he should find an agency that shares his views.

“every society is free to choose the path it takes and the consequences there in. Sodom and Gomorrah chose homosexuality and perished by the raining brimstone, while the Abraham generation that chose the ways of God was preserved. “What Uganda is trying to do is to curb the spread of the device (sic), while rehabilitating the victims, preserving family and humanity (procreation)”. [The e-mail that Dr. Mufubenga will regret at leisure for having written while employed with the Global Fund]

Rather apt, wouldn’t you say? In keeping with his doctrine, Dr. Mufubenga chose the path he took and he has paid the consequences therein.

Dr. Mufubenga’s views do not reflect the  values and ethos of the Delegation or the Global Fund. We reject and denounce his sentiments without reservation. Going forward, and to prevent similar cases as these, the leadership team met in Thailand and began discussions around reviewing the application and interview processes for membership to the delegation. [Global Fund]

Enough on this already.


The homo terror lists are back! 5

Those with a long memory will remember the “Homo Terror” lists of some years ago which appeared in a couple of Ugandan tabloids, causing consternation all over the world.

Well, the lists are back, but this time in the hands of a few, very determined, anti-gay campaigners who have co-opted the police to hunt down the gays in Uganda.

As is in The Mikado, Hon.Simon Lokodo has  a list!!

As is in Nazi Germany, Hon.Simon Lokodo has a list!!

Minister of Ethics, Honorable Simon Lokodo, is carrying around a list (the convicted felon Martin Ssempa, too, apparently has one that he is working with) of what he calls filthy gays that must be brought down. On Hon. Lokodo’s list are corporate persons,  business people, public entertainment figures, foreign residents, alleged LGBTI-supportive organizations in Uganda, as well as ordinary blue-collar citizens who wake up every morning and go to earn a living without making a single political or social wave.

Minister Lokodo is using the Kira Road and Ntinda police to secretly “investigate” them all to confirm where they live, what work they do etc., with a view to conducting blanket arrests, naming and shaming indiscriminately.

Minister Lokodo is making no secret of his intent to find and destroy the gays wherever they are. If he has to do it outside of the confines of legal proceedings, so be it – he will make up the law as he goes along. It won’t be the first time after all.

Word reaching yours truly is that arbitrary arrests are being planned whether President Yoweri Museveni signs the anti-gay bill or not. The arrests will be done stealthily and then publicity will be shone on them once the victims are apprehended.

Currently, the ‘investigators’ are operating around the Ntinda/Bukoto area, (Kampala suburbs) where they are casing out residences and drinking joints. They are being assisted by Kira Road Police in their furtive “inquiries.” You might recall that Kira Road was the police precinct where, a few days ago, Stephen Dhont and his Kenyan friend where carted to have both of them examined for evidence of homo-sodomy without their lawyers present, and without any arrest warrant. Turned in by a disgruntled former employee of Dhont’s, they had been arrested while watching “Sex and the City,” a movie the police dubbed “gay porn.”

Even as the anti-gay bill is being ping-ponged around Uganda’s corridors of power, President Museveni’s own cabinet minister is already at work on his own personal crusade, in connivance with a pliable police.

It seems safe to say that Museveni’s minister of Ethics and Integrity has already started executing his own, independent, response to his boss’ caustic rejection of the bill Parliament passed in late December 2013.

Fasten your seat belts, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy 2014.

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NTV Uganda wins Rottie for January 2014

If you didn’t know what the Golden Raspberry Awards are about here is Wikipedia’s helpful guide:

“The Golden Raspberry Awards, called the Razzies for short, is an award ceremony in recognition of the worst in film …”

NTV Uganda wins Rottie for worst journalism award, week 4 2014

NTV Uganda wins Rottie for worst journalism in week 4 of 2014

Yours truly has borrowed from Razzie and is now coining “Rottie,’ an award he will award to organizations that embarrass themselves with poor quality service delivery. On the showing of this past week,  I would like to award a ‘Rottie'(Rotten Tomato) to NTV Uganda for lazy, sleazy, naive journalism for their [non]reporting during the fourth week of 2014.

Normally, one wouldn’t bother with calling out the Ugandan press for churning out juvenile, gutter-slime, uncorroborated, badly edited, albeit emotive stories for public consumption. But NTV Uganda (NTVU) seemed to have a grown-up and professional editing team and one thus expected a slightly higher degree of journalistic integrity from them.

Yours truly had kept on giving them a pass until this past week when they trawled out the story of Steven Dhont, Belgian national who was accosted by police in the middle of the night and taken to be examined for anal homo-sodomy on account of … according to NTVU having been caught in flagrante delicto, engaging in homosexual acts.

NTVUaThere were a number of problems with NTVU’s entire reporting. The police appeared at Dhont’s door after being taken there by a disgruntled former employee who had tried repeatedly to extort Dhont – in vain. The former houseboy reported having been abused at Dhont’s house in order to convince the police to take him seriously. When the police arrived, at 12am in the night, Dhont and his Kenyan guest were watching a movie, Sex and the City and NOT having sex as NTVU  reported.

The police badged in, arrested the two, confiscated their movie and tried to do anal homo-sodomy tests on them at the local police precinct – all without a single legal warrant. Yet the police claimed that they had trailed Dhont for three months which beggars the question why they barged into his house in the middle of the night without a warrant when they’d had three months to get one.

All that totally escaped NTVU whose reporter instead trawled out the trite “homosexuality is gaining ground in Uganda” canard, without any attempt to check out the veracity or plausibility of the police officers’ claims.

Tsssss! Enough on this puerile, amateurish, reporting already.

And the Rottie for poor reporting January 2014 goes to … drum roll ….

NTV Uganda!

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