Museveni delivers Kadaga a 6-0 anti-gay whitewash 8

The list endorsing President Yoweri Museveni for a 5th term in office is long, but it has been worth poring over it.

In brief, 208 out of a possible 216 or so (96.3%) members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) endorsed Yoweri Museveni as their candidate for president in the 2016 elections, still two years away.

Museveni brought NRM anti-gay to their knees - literally

Museveni brought NRM’s anti-gay MPs to their knees – literally

The leadership issue hadn’t even been on the agenda! Instead, it had been put about that the NRM members of Parliament (MPs) who had gone to their annual retreat in Kyankwanzi were going to haul their leader over the coals for rejecting the anti-homosexuality bill. Anti-gay bill tops NRM agenda, the headlines screamed. In another hysterical one, a minister threatened to resign if the bill wasn’t endorsed by his president.

So, we all sat back and waited for President Museveni to be upbraided by his party over his dismissive rejection of the bill they had passed barely two months earlier, and humiliation of Rebecca Kadaga who Museveni called a thoughtless, foolish woman in need of counseling due to her “abnormality.”

David Bahti rolled meekly rolled over and endorsed pro-gay Yoweri Museveni for president

David Bahti rolled meekly rolled over and endorsed pro-gay Yoweri Museveni for president

And we waited. And waited.

Instead what came out of the meeting were poodles meekly following Yoweri Museveni all the way to an election that is still two years hence!

Notable among the people who didn’t endorse the president were the Right Honorable Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the 9th Parliament – who has been openly campaigning for the presidential office herself. Also missing on the list of those who lay supine while Museveni walked all over them is the Honorable Chris. Baryomunsi, MP for Kinkizi West. Kadaga might hold out for a while longer but Baryomunsi will apologize and fall into line as surely as day follows night, of that you can be sure.

Simon Lokodo took time off his Nazi anti-gay witch hunts to endorse pro-gay Museveni

Simon Lokodo took time off his Nazi anti-gay witch hunts to endorse pro-gay Museveni

Buried deep in there at number 166 is the name and signature of none other than … Honorable David Bahati, Member of Parliament for Ndorwa West, the key promoter of the anti-gay bill his colleagues had gone to Kyankwanzi to stuff into Museveni’s backside.

Finally, finally … signatory number 24 to endorse the man standing between him and the enactment of the anti-gay bill …

Drum roll …..

The Honorable Simon Lokodo, MP for Dodoth County and Minister of Ethics and Integrity!!!!!

Haaa, Haaa, Haaa!

But back to the politics of it all:

Kampala [ex?]Mayor Elias Lukwago (likely pro-gay) laments Uganda's bewilderingly contradictory politics

Kampala [ex?]Mayor Elias Lukwago (likely pro-gay) laments Uganda’s bewilderingly contradictory politics

In the third set that was played out between Yoweri Museveni and Rebecca Kadaga at Kyankwanzi (the first two sets were both won handily by Museveni), Miss Kadaga received such  a drubbing that she must be reeling in shock. 96% of her colleagues roared her opponent on while he whitewashed her?!

“Poor dear.  She revealed her ambitions and tactics far too early. She cannot really ever be president while Museveni is still alive. Where does she go from here?” the political pundits must be wondering.

And rightly so given the 6-0 demolition she received from Kyankwanzi.

And what of the anti-gay bill Kadaga was hoping to propel her to the presidency?

Huh? What anti-gay bill?

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  1. fascinating. is M7 perhaps allowing lokodo to pursue his anti-gay witch-hunt, as a compromise for rejecting the bill?

    • It is so. This post was really about that Dean … Museveni was going to do whatever it took to shut Rebecca Kadaga up. This hasn’t been about the Bill in months. The bill is just a political football towards the real end – the presidency come 2016.

  2. People will die due to Museveni’s choice (both in mob violence and in gay bashing and in the spread of HIV infection). In the USA, those right-wing “Christians” are losing the Culture Wars. Gay Marriage is spreading across the USA like a prairie fire. They have go to Nigeria and Uganda to spread their “Christian” views on homosexuality. (And of course Nigeria has the anti-gay Islamic radicals in the North) As goes Nigeria so goes Uganda? I suspect that Ugandans will need to prepare themselves for this:

    Developing and poorer countries like Nigeria and Uganda need all citizens working hard everyday shoulder-to-shoulder–young and old, rich and poor, of every religion and of no religion and gay and straight. To the extent that talented gays can leave Nigeria and Uganda, they will and Nigeria and Uganda will be the poorer for it! (I suppose the neither Nigeria nor Uganda wish to be top world vacation destinations. And why would gays travel to Nigeria or Uganda to visit? So that they can be jailed or gay bashed or killed? No, thank you.)

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