The homo terror lists are back! 5

Those with a long memory will remember the “Homo Terror” lists of some years ago which appeared in a couple of Ugandan tabloids, causing consternation all over the world.

Well, the lists are back, but this time in the hands of a few, very determined, anti-gay campaigners who have co-opted the police to hunt down the gays in Uganda.

As is in The Mikado, Hon.Simon Lokodo has  a list!!

As is in Nazi Germany, Hon.Simon Lokodo has a list!!

Minister of Ethics, Honorable Simon Lokodo, is carrying around a list (the convicted felon Martin Ssempa, too, apparently has one that he is working with) of what he calls filthy gays that must be brought down. On Hon. Lokodo’s list are corporate persons,  business people, public entertainment figures, foreign residents, alleged LGBTI-supportive organizations in Uganda, as well as ordinary blue-collar citizens who wake up every morning and go to earn a living without making a single political or social wave.

Minister Lokodo is using the Kira Road and Ntinda police to secretly “investigate” them all to confirm where they live, what work they do etc., with a view to conducting blanket arrests, naming and shaming indiscriminately.

Minister Lokodo is making no secret of his intent to find and destroy the gays wherever they are. If he has to do it outside of the confines of legal proceedings, so be it – he will make up the law as he goes along. It won’t be the first time after all.

Word reaching yours truly is that arbitrary arrests are being planned whether President Yoweri Museveni signs the anti-gay bill or not. The arrests will be done stealthily and then publicity will be shone on them once the victims are apprehended.

Currently, the ‘investigators’ are operating around the Ntinda/Bukoto area, (Kampala suburbs) where they are casing out residences and drinking joints. They are being assisted by Kira Road Police in their furtive “inquiries.” You might recall that Kira Road was the police precinct where, a few days ago, Stephen Dhont and his Kenyan friend where carted to have both of them examined for evidence of homo-sodomy without their lawyers present, and without any arrest warrant. Turned in by a disgruntled former employee of Dhont’s, they had been arrested while watching “Sex and the City,” a movie the police dubbed “gay porn.”

Even as the anti-gay bill is being ping-ponged around Uganda’s corridors of power, President Museveni’s own cabinet minister is already at work on his own personal crusade, in connivance with a pliable police.

It seems safe to say that Museveni’s minister of Ethics and Integrity has already started executing his own, independent, response to his boss’ caustic rejection of the bill Parliament passed in late December 2013.

Fasten your seat belts, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy 2014.

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  2. Apart from the politics,the purpose of all this is to generate propaganda which incites Ugandans against LGBTIs. That’s all. But if someone anonymously instigated counter-propaganda in exactly the same vein, that is, generating reports of the alleged homsexual activities of Lokido,Sempa and Male. By the time they rebutted, they’d be looking silly. A list could be drawn up of LGBT antagonizers revealing that they themselves were the sodomizers trying to cover up. It is true isn’t it?

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