Father Musaala blows the lid off priestly sexual abuse in Uganda (Africa) 234

Father Anthony Musaala

Father Anthony Musaala

It’s an Exocet missile, and a timely one, too. Father Anthony Musaala has broken ranks and opened the lid on Catholic sexual abuse of children and adult women in Uganda.

Father Musaala’s letter speaks for itself so there is no need to add much at this time. Suffice it to say that yours truly and many others have personal experience and knowledge of priestly and ‘brotherly’ sexual abuse of children and women as well as the rampant disregard for priestly vows of celibacy. Father Antony Musaala must be supported.




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Tuesday 12th March 2013


It is an open secret that many catholic priests and some bishops, in Uganda and elsewhere, no longer live celibate chastity.

From the numerous cases on the ground one might be forgiven for saying that   most diocesan priests either don’t believe in celibacy anymore, or if they do, have long since given up the struggle to be chaste.

In any case it still seems important for priests  to vow  even a woefully imperfect celibacy, if only for the sake of  the hallowed ‘priestly image’.

The church however still maintains the fable that most catholic priests persevere in celibate chastity fairly well, which fiction begs belief.


All is definitely not well with what I call ‘administrative celibacy’, in the catholic church. It is a celibacy which is more forced than consented to, and  its effects are anything but good.

I suggest  that now more than at any other time, we must begin an open and frank dialogue about  catholic priests  becoming happily married men, rather than being miserable and single, either before or after ordination.

Although this may be quite a shock to many, but the alternative may be far worse. What do you think  happens when lapses and scandals by priests, sisters,brothers and bishops continue unabated , whether hidden or not?

My forecast is that we will have  a few more years of catholic self-deception; perhaps ten, telling ourselves  and the world that  everything is Ok, nothing serious. Then more scandals will surface.

As people become more enlightened (as in Europe)  there will be a crisis of faith, perhaps a sudden  collapse, with many leaving the church, either to join other churches (whose pastors may be no better, but who appear to be less hypocritical about it), or to become agnostics, especially the middle classes.

One must remember that there are other challenges facing the church, such as general weakening of faith, loss of sacramental life, low incomes, dull liturgies, and the challenges of the media. Many of the youth ( not the children) are already alienated from Catholicism and are easy prey to proselytizing groups.


The number of catholic priests and bishops who are sexually active in Uganda is unknown, but almost everywhere   unedifying stories  of priests ‘sexploits’, are not hard to come by. These stories are told in counseling or as anecdotes,or by the media. They are told within the parishes and beyond. They are told at home in families, in  taxis, in hair salons and in the markets.

What is talked about? Priests’ secret and not so secret liaisons with  girls and women,  coerced sex with house-maids, with students, with relatives;  priests ‘wives’ set up in well established homes;  priests involved with a parishioner’s wife;  of priests romantically involved  with religious Sisters;  priests offering money for sex, and so on…

If you add to this, a fair  number of priests’ and bishops’ children scattered around the nation,  who are carefully hidden from view (and not so carefully!), not to mention children who are  aborted at  priests’ behest, we begin to get the true picture of human weakness, whose consequences are nothing less than catastrophic both for the priest and his partners, and which cannot be concealed by  taking a vow of celibacy, or by retreats and more prayers.


While in Europe and the States, the scandal of numerous paedophile priests, whose victims  are rightly suing the catholic church is widely reported in the media, very little by contrast is heard about priests and bishops in Africa who continue  sexually abusing female minors (or vulnerable women) with no legal action taken.

Obviously time has come for serious measures  to be undertaken,  similar to those in Europe and America. Apart from legal action in civil and ecclesiastical courts aginst offenders, strict  ‘child protection’ codes and practices, must be enforced, by the state which for instance should prohibit young or vulnerable females from residing in parish houses, where some of the abuses occur.


Thus the unnecessary and unpalatable deception  about celibate priests, that they are chaste when they are not is clearly  contradicted by what is on the ground. The deception is of course not tenable for much longer.

Surely we must first tell ourselves the truth as a church, that is to say, that celibacy has failed or is failing us, and then also tell the world which we have been deceiving  the naked truth, before we are completely overtaken by events.

Unfortunately there is  an ominous unhealthy conspiracy of silence  about these matters among the Ugandan clergy and faithful alike, probably because priestly celibacy might  be seen to be a hollow shell, which it mostly is nowadays.

The  laity for all their good will, are also co-opted into this unwholesome silence, sometimes for lack of information, sometimes  because they believe that they have some ‘moral’ duty to be loyal to an imperfect church. In truth  their silence shores up the sins of priests and the destroys many lives.


When I ask lay people whether catholic priests should have the option to marry the answer is always NO; since they say, that would make catholic priests like Anglican reverends! As if that was the worse possible  fate, yet Anglican clergy who are married certainly do not have  the same levels and same kinds of sexual lapses as their catholic counterparts..

Most lay people in Uganda would not like their priests to have the option of marriage, yet it is their very own children, sisters, wives who are  being used  and abused by the clergy!


A campaign for optional married priesthood in the catholic church is now required. This  campaign is primarily a form of education and purification. It is not be construed as a rebellion against  established doctrine but a reading of the signs of the times

Since there are no fundamental theological arguments against a married priesthood (there are already some married priests in he UK and Uniate catholic churches) but only arguments from tradition and church discipline, I believe that it is a matter of time before common sense prevails and marriage for the clergy in the latin rite (i.e. catholic) church is accepted..

I am aware that  there is a big struggle ahead.Unfortunately celibacy also serves certain vested interests in the power structure of the church, and of course celibate priests are cheaper and easier to deal with, even to manipulate, by ecclesiastical authority, but I believe that in time we will be freed from this unecessary yoke, unhelpful as it is, which is all the more severe in Africa where family and family ties are so crucial to one’s psychological equilibrium..


One factor which has prompted me to take up this campaign  is my own biography. I am one of a handful of several priests who had the misfortune of appearing in the press for supposed sexual trespasses.

In my case,which was 2009, it was cited that I must be a homosexual, because I had homosexual friends and went to homosexual gatherings. Not that I cared much whether or not someone thinks that I am homosexual. Certainly I have been called worse things than that.

In my defence  I tried to point out that I didn’t actually recall having had homosexual relations with any of my rabid accusers, neither did they; which meant that  hearsay alone became the evidence .

What I found troubling is what followed.  Apart from all the pain and scandal caused to all concerned, I found that even though all the allegations were based on hearsay, I was being treated, by my superiors as the biggest sinner in Nineveh.

Up till now  judgements   are being made against me by ecclesiastical authority in the light of  those events, which I suppose  is to be expected. I wondered about this and came to the conclusion that priests who ‘get caught.’  like me,  have to pay for the sins of all those who don’t get caught.

In other words failed celibacy requires scapegoats.Some clergy are able to get away with the grossest behaviour, because of their age, position, influence or  even because of financial inducements.

So while I appear to have little moral authority to talk about celibacy as a priestly virtue because of what may or may not have happened to me in 2009,  nevertheless I can point out the systemic immorality of the institutionalized hypocrisy called celibate diocesan priesthood, which severely punishes lapses when they appear, but condones the secret crimes of  many more.

I believe that there must be a new openness at whatever  it takes. The point is  not that diocesan priests should  leave the priesthood and get married, but compel the church to offer the option of a married priesthood. This will put an end to the double lives so many priests  are forced to live.


Case One

I spoke with a 21 year old young man last week. He is one of seven children of  a catholic priest who happens to still be serving within the Province of the Archdiocese of Kampala. The young man, who is willing to testify, lived in a parish house with his father priest, even serving on the altar with him, but having to pretend to be a visiting nephew.

At times he was assisted by his father to go to school, but was later abandoned. On one occasion  he drank poison in order to end his life, due to the trauma, but was taken to hospital before he died.

Case Two

Another is a personal friend. He was fathered by a missionary priest of the White Fathers 58 years ago but is still suffering the trauma of no real identity or home.

Although he has since  received some minimum compensation from the White fathers , he still feels that there was an injustice to his  mother who is still alive , who was sexually assaulted by the said White father priest in his office when she was only sixteen. He wishes to sue.

Case Three

Another case is of a priest who seduced a member of  my youth group who happened to be in need of school fees, at Old Kampala,  She soon became pregnant by the said priest, disappeared from church activities and from her home to be established in a ‘home’.

Case Four

Another lady tells of  how she went to confession, only to be sexually molested by the priest, who fondled her breasts during confession

Case Five

When I was at secondary school, it was common knowledge that various Brothers were having sexual activity with the boys. It was called ‘jaboo’. As a pubescent teenager, my first sexual encounter was actually with one of the brothers who invited me to his room on the pretext of doing some extra chemistry equations. I was sixteen at the time. Later I heard that several others had been through the same thing..with the same Brother and with other ones..Some are still alive to this day.


I do not believe either that these cases are just a few ‘bad apples’ in the barrel, but rather they are symptomatic of a sick system which has lost its integrity in this one area, but won’t admit it.

Some of these cases are clearly criminal in nature, especially those of sex with children. They should be dealt with in a normal fashion and legal action  taken in civil courts either against the church, or against those priests who offend.

I am therefore compiling cases from all over Uganda.I believe that if the all the  victims of clearly  molestations were to  come out and sue the church in civil courts, such abuses would sharply decrease.

I am also  helping to set up a Victims Support Group, independent of the church for obvious reasons, with guidance and help from similar groups in Europe and the States.

I have also engaged a Human rights lawyer to advise on the wider implications of clergy abuse on the basic human rights of individuals, especially women.

Join me in this exciting challenge to bring fundamental change and renewal  to the catholic church.

Happy Easter



  1. Congratulations to both Fr. Musaala and yourself, my blogger brother, for having the courage to step forward in addressing and publishing this serious issue of deception and hypocrisy within the ranks of this belief system. Most of us know this abuse extends well beyond this faith community and encompasses others as well.

    If tradition and hope are to remain with us, the human race, then it is imperative that others come forward and expose the lies and falsehoods before innocents are subjected to further insult and indignity. Only the truth and reality will free us all from the myths of a doctrine that has no basis in theology or in intelligence.

    Great job and my respect for promoting truth and reason over deceit and manipulation.

    • Dear Fr, thank you so much for coming up. you really have the courage to write this!!! It seems the 8 years of your seminary formation were in vain!!! We expected you to come up as a reformed man. I have never seen a person contradicting himself like you have done. How can you say that what they talk about you as a gay is just hearsay yet you have confirmed it that when u were 16 you went into homosexual acts with the one you did it with?

      Did you meditate before you came up with this document?
      you have really exposed your guilt as far as what you are, truly, is concerned.

      My dear, the church has survived for centuries. Do you think you are the first to tell priests to marry?
      Do you think Mother Church goes with people’s opinions?

      Don’t you think mother church has seen a married priest?
      why do you think Mother Church prefers a celibate one?

      Remember no one forced you to become a priest, and the church can not stop because you have left it.
      I advice you to tell those behind you that they have pressed a wrong button.

      You don’t even get ashamed they way you conduct yourself in the public is make people to wonder at you.


      • Ah, Jude, you are mistaken. Being sexually abused at 16 says nothing about the victim’s sexuality – unless you are the sort of person who blames victims for their own rape. Shame on you, if you do.

      • Mr. Frank, thanks for your comment. If you know Psychology, you wouldn’t have written like this. Psychology teaches us that our childhood experiences or what we go throw when we are young influences our action when we are adults. the fact that Fr. Musaala engaged in homosexual acts at that age confirms that he is a culprit.

        And remember that no smoke comes from whether there is no fire

      • “…the fact that Fr. Musaala engaged in homosexual acts at that age confirms that he is a culprit.” Jude, your reasoning would beat the understanding of even a pre-primary kid!!!!!!

      • Jsm, its a pity!!! you would have given your argument not just quote what i written. you have acted uncritical. you would have known the context not quoting a line. this shows me how uncritical you are

      • To you JUDE:
        When celibacy is optional it is a gift from God but when it’s a command it becomes a doctrine of demons. Now the Spirit speaketh expressingly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and DOCTRINES OF DEVILS, speaking lies hypocrisy; having there conscience seared with a hot iron.
        FORBIDDING TO MARRY, commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving. 1 Timothy 4:1-4.
        Well stated ! I find the letter of suspension for Fr. Musaala by Archibishop of Kampala, Cyprian K. Lwanga which mostly emphasized the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law wanting! I was expecting the written word of God to be the authority here not Roman Catholic Church traditions! Scriptures states that…”A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach…” 1 Timothy 3:2.
        But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned……1 corinthians 7:28.

      • To you JUDE:
        When celibacy is optional it is a gift from God but when it’s a command it becomes a doctrine of demons. Now the Spirit speaketh expressingly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and DOCTRINES OF DEVILS, speaking lies hypocrisy; having there conscience seared with a hot iron.
        FORBIDDING TO MARRY, commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving. 1 Timothy 4:1-4.
        Well stated ! I find the letter of suspension for Fr. Musaala by Archibishop of Kampala, Cyprian K. Lwanga which mostly emphasized the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law wanting! I was expecting the written word of God to be the authority here not Roman Catholic Church traditions! Scriptures states that…”A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach…” 1 Timothy 3:2.
        But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned……1 corinthians 7:28

      • Austine, Good enough you have equated the Bible. it is the same Bible which allows “those who choose to be celibates for the kingdom of God” to go ahead. The catholic church is different from you BIWEMPE. MOTHER CHURCH has laws that govern her just as any organized institution would be.

        Thank you for saying that celibacy is optional. of course it it!! because if it wasn’t, all catholics would be celibates!!
        No one forces anyone to become a priest hence no one forces anyone to take on celibacy ” lwaki omuntu yandyetabye mu muzina g’enkima nga tayagala mikila gy’azo kumukoonako.

        Those who cannot be celibates are married and they are not priests.
        Priesthood is a free choice.


  2. This is old age truth and honestly Father Musala is long over due with this one. This empahises the fact that priests are humans and celibacy was never meant for us by God. Read the Bible. Priests should be allowed to marry and get rid of this farce before it ruins the essence of catholicism, if it hasn’t already.

    • people hate the truth because it pains all this things are happening and i remember a certain priest who admired my sister and when i realized i kept her far away from my hip

  3. Then join the Pentecostals, Angelican or protestant churches. After they are married, who will take care of there large families since the church does not believe in the use of contraceptives and abortion. There will be issues of corruption since they must help there families survive. The priestly vocation is a calling and if this is the way he feels or is probably justifying the fact that he is intimate with a woman he should come clean and say he cant cope any more instead of trying to poison peoples minds. I pray that the spirit of the Lord comes upon him and he does the right thing. he does not have to serve God by remaining a priest. He made a vow and he must stick to it. He clearly knows that the Bible is clear on why some men do not marry and one of them is “for the sake of the Kingdom of God” See the Gospel of Mathew Chapt 19:11-12, Icor Chapt 7:6-8. May be each of them should review the circumstances under which they joined priesthood and they may realise it was not their calling.

      • you are the people who support all those evil acts which are done by priests in secrecy how can a young girl of 15yrs go for confession to the priest and she gets abused

        its so amazing you cant speak any sense about what is going on in the catholic church

        i know so many people who have been sexually abused by priests in the catholic church and you gonna face it when they come out because they are ready.

        you cant support any change you only like hypocrisy and being evil
        may God have mercy upon you who support the evil acts of priests.

      • Hope, it is sorry that you have just followed the band wagon. good enough I don’t know your religion otherwise i would have shown that not only priests as you think but even religious leaders of other denominations too have their own dirty stuff.

        And my dear, am not here to support those who do evil but to show you that no one is and angel on earth priests too are not angels

    • Judith i think truth should be told,Fr Musala is simply trying to be honest to him self as well as those that are actually doing it in hide.I want to inform you that family planning is nt all about contraceptives,there is what we call self control.Let them marry as they serve the Lord happily.

      • okey you right jude but how do you fill when all this evil staffs are moslty done by christian leaders and its like these leaders are planting some thing very evil in the world an evil activity which is completely destroying the world

        come on jude its time the truth should be spoken out upon all christian leaders who are corrupting the world

        its like a joke but i know so many sisters with kids and the kids are suffering more than anything

        dont try to speak negatively about the truth i know it pains.

    • Judith do you think God was fucking stupid to create genitals? Excuse the french. no really, do not because your thick skull cannot understand these things. You are brainwashed with doctrine upon poisonous doctrine. Dumb!

      • Do you think that God was fucking stupid to create all these body parts that go doing all the unthinkable stuff to our fellow humans? Using ones weakness to change the rules and laws that govern a group is not acceptable. Nobody is forced into being a priest.

    • sebaspace do you know how much it costs to have a secrete family with a lot of kids and each kid with a different mother
      you have to work hard in all ways look after the mother of your kids in secrecy + her kids remember you not married and settled on one person you keep on traveling and spreading the same habits all over the world you will have more kids than the one who is married to a woman and you will be more corrupt because you will need much money to take care of all of those people you have put in the world

      but if you a have a wife you may be settled and and she can help you to contribute to the family

      so lets think and also give ideas like mature peaple

      • hope anthony you are aware that there are many unstable families out there and the cause has been having children outside the wedlocks. how do you judge that? we have seen many families that have broken up because of adultary. why dont you talk about that. unless you tell the world that protestant pastors have got the most stable families and the best services offered to the people of God and this has come as a result of mariage, i asure you, wont get people who can reason out isues maturely to join you.

  4. Excuse me!!! corruption in the church because they need their families to survive ie feed well and better education etc. People will have pay grease money to get things done. I could add if like, other issues of misappropriation of church money for purposes mentioned. Any way why the fuss about priest getting married. If you are not comfortable. Leave!!! there are other faiths. some of us are content.

    • you dint get the massage clear Judith and reaction is childish i don’t know how old you are Re .read the massage and have some little sense before commenting anything

    • The catholic church has a way they hide these evidences,take these children to the well known catholic schools ,give their mothers lots of money and property but this does not take away the psychological wounds-so we run to the biwempes and there sooth the pain of being bustards

  5. One thing we need to know as we read Fr. Musala’s letter is that we all have different experiences of life and different challenges of life. Most of what he has written we are sure he has faced it himself, this means we need to think twice and only imagine what he went through and the courage he is using to come up with such a detailed letter.
    To me I think lets be more empathetic than sympathetic if we are to help the entire catholic church in general.

  6. So Father Musaala, you want to marry? thought priesthood is not forced upon you; its your personal choice and commitment to God.

  7. i think the heading of this letter is wrong.
    there are solutions to these vices other than our priests getting married? Jesus wasn’t married after all.

    • That is why we are not Jesus. Oh, and by the way Jesus is married to everyone of us. But on another note, maybe you need to read some of the controversial stories said about him. Do your homework.

      • Petal, while u are posting ur comments, be conscious about what u talk about God (Jesus). Mind the choice of ur words.

  8. I am glad that at last in Case Five, Father Musaala shares the background to his indulgence in homosexuality which he has always denied, and blames celibacy for his pain and subsequent indulgence.

    His statement is indeed very clear; ‘When I was at secondary school, it was common knowledge that various Brothers were having sexual activity with the boys. It was called ‘jaboo’. As a pubescent teenager, my first sexual encounter was actually with one of the brothers who invited me to his room on the pretext of doing some extra chemistry equations. I was sixteen at the time. Later I heard that several others had been through the same thing..with the same Brother and with other ones..Some are still alive to this day.’

    I am waiting for him to take the bold step of thoroughly exposing the sexual offfense perpetrators within the Catholic Curch in Uganda and fully admitting that he was never framed, he has actually been involved in homosexuality.

    Pr Moses Solomon Male

    • Pastor Male, I still wonder why a man like u who certainly has a bible has decided to do solve things the wrong way. What do u gain from being a delf exaulted fighter of righteousness? U are simply caught up in pride. I wouldn’t expect u to say you are glad a believer sinned and it has come out. Shame on u pastor, shame on u! Go preach Christ.

    • I differ with you Pr Moses Solomon Male. When Musaala says he indulged in a homosexual act at 16, that doesn’t mean that he’s a homosexual, does it? Personally, I went through what he did. I was about the same age when a brother smooched me while at secondary school, in fact, not once, twice or thrice but very many times. I should say that I actually loved it, as in Musaala’s case, it was also my first sexual encounter. That ended when I left that secondary school and I have since moved on with my heterosexual life. I am now happily married, with children and as straight as they come. I don’t mind a lot about my prior homosexual experience coz its simply something I did under coercion from a person senior to me and I would never have done it using my own will. It doesn’t bother me at all and I should say that I have told my story to all and sundry ever since. I still love that school I went to and owe to it every achievement I have achieved later on in life.

      • I want to start hearing stories like this one. From people, not given to this hypocrisy, that now rules our world. Sexual encounters in childhood do not make you what you are not. And what makes people to believe that sex at 16 is something that should not happen. Even the age for legal consent should probably be put at 15.

    • Male, I think you have work to do other than engaging in this discussion which doesn’t even concern you. your comment shows that your happiness is to see people guilty of being gay. why??

      are you gay yourself?? I think you as a A PASTOR OF GOD you would just pray for gay victims rather than going even to courts of law to arrest them!!
      Did the Jesus you preach take anyone to court? he just called them to conversion.
      Do you think you are a perfect being? don’t you too have things that go wrong in your life?? Do you think the sin of gay is the biggest sin one can commit??
      if even Jesus was to act like you, Don’t you think he would have shown a bad example?


  9. Father Musaala, thank you for your honesty. I think time has come for the Catholic Church to address the challenges of the sacred vow of celibacy for both women and men religious and priests in the Church. Let us agree that while the spirit of an individual may be willing to live a committed celibate life, the hormones in the body do dictate differently for both men and women. Therefore, the Church through its hierarchy, has a duty and must be willing to intervene and allow options that can bring about balance between the two conflicting desires.

    • its a point NAJJ your advise actually is the best among what all the people have commented

      i also advise Male to leave pastor-ship because hes too fake how can a whole pastor engage in such kind of a discussion and speak only negative and noscence i think we should tell him to go and find something to do

  10. Peace means the harmonious relationship between the visible and invisible things. Noting the open message from the man of God, there seems to be many Men of God living in self denial, deceit and Agony. There is need for them to be given an opportunity to discover their Go and Non Go zones and to have a peace of mind. That is when they may preach and lead the flock meaningfully.

    • Moses do you mean that when things don’t go well at school you just quit and go? even yourself, if you fail a subject, should you leave studying it?
      when u answer these questions you will know what it means.

  11. pastor solomon Male, please be led by love, and not the desire to prove urself right. Whether or not Fr. Musala was involved in homosexuality, its a matter for him and God. What will going public about it help? love ur neighbour as u love urself. If it was u who commited a sin, would u want the whole world to know it? wdnt u ask God’s forgiveness and want it to end there? we r all sinners. others shdnt feel more righteous. jesus himself didnt condemn the adulterous woman, but told her to sin no more. Please, lets LOVE one another. If u love someone u wdnt want to see them shamed.

    • Thanks for this Betty! And when you hear someone pronouncing himself pastor but all he seeks is personal justification… condemning others..

    • Welsaid Betty, da pastor shouldnt look at his pride of wnting to prosecute fr. Musalo, this is between him and God

    • Those condemning Fr. Musalo for coming out with this valuable truth are blocks to da truth we all seek in church because we all know that priests have families, they marry in secret, they rape thier so called daughters and sons and those who work for them.
      Why shouldn’t they be allowed to marry instead of ashaming their celibacy life suposed to be?
      Hiding the truth to cover darkness isnt the ryt thing to do in church da solution is simple, Fr. Musalo has it.

    • Let him who has no sin cast the first stone.. Betty Pentecostals always want to prove themselves right and every other faith wrong.. I just wish they were busy getting more lives to christ that attacking other churches.

    • Once again thank you betty. Male’s time will surely come like Musala’s has come. Emisege ejebise mu maliba g’endiga! Let’s keep our hands crossed and pray for the church, am sure at the end of time, Christ will be the most victorious – not musala, you or me…

  12. why don’t we all study the word of God and understand what God needs from us as His ministers, doctrine is keeping many people in bondage yet God wants us to be free and enjoy His love.now am not going to use my own words yet God can speak for Himself, if u don’t mind check out these scriptures: colossians2:20-23, now don’t just read 1cor.7 but meditate upon it,understand 1timothy4:1-5 and many more scriptures continue to explain this point in details.

    many of us are missing the purpose why God decided to send His only Beloved son to us and we have done that through self imposed doctrines and religions, God is not after your services or beliefs and so on the list goes but He is interested in you as a person, understand His love for you, for faith operates through love(galatians5:6)

    Now to this i add, let us not judge one another, one would ask “who are we to judge another man’s servant” we are all servants to our Master and Lord, lets leave the judging working to Him. but lest we fall into deception correct one another in love and reverence; let we give hide to the tempter, putting in mind that where strife is, there is all sorts of evil.
    And thanks to u Fr.Musaala, you have a reason to fight for and i pray that you grow more and more in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and may He guide you on how to handle this Issue.
    God bless you!

  13. Pope Francis had already made his position clear on this. Fr. Musaala should do what Fr. Lokodo did – if you cant fit in there anymore, move on.

  14. One truth is stronger than a thousand lies.let the light come from fr musala n darknss will be no more.

  15. Lambert Okure Drata says:
    It sad that such things do happen in the Church.
    The Leadership need to come out clear and sort out the mess otherwise to pretend to ignore is disaster for the Universal Church.
    Celibacy was introduced due the filure ofthe ealy Church Leaders who wanted their children to succeed them as Bishops,Parish Priests etc and therefore cannot be lifted.
    The Clergy who feel that,they cannot do without wives should quit and get married,instead of pretending to do Priestly work.
    Yes Fr.Musala push on but take care of your life for the mafias in Church may kill you.

  16. Father Anthony thank you so much for bringing this up. Its time that the catholic religious faced up to its failures. I am a catholic woman, who is battling the love i have for my church against the ill feelings against the catholic priesthood for their sexually immorality that we Ugandans catholics feel obliged not to talk about. when i’d just left S.6 i was affronted by the sexual advances from several priests – so called family friends- that made me turn against the church for a while. am back in the church but i don’t go for confession. i don’t believe that the hype that the catholic church preaches that even if the priest is a transgressor – Christ is present in that sacrament. Recently there was a case at a catholic uni where a nun gave birth to a baby, fathered by a priest, and threw him into a pit latrine! Only by the grace of God did that child survive. and guess what, when the police came in, they had left out the nuns’ abode in the search for the mother. it was the young girls, who after their hostels were searched, insisted that the nuns be searched too. Lo and behold the culprit and her 4 nun helpers where caught. its little wonder that this Redpepper material story never reached the public – you can imagine how much of our Tithe was used in shutting up the story. If the Catholic church does not style up and accept marriage among the priests – then it might as well say it promotes promiscuity, irresponsible parenthood and believes that the unborn child has no rights.

  17. I applaud you Father for taking a bold step to write this open letter. I am tempted to agree with many that you are a whistle blower – with the kind of prophetic voice the church universal and society at large desperately needs to address the chaos and contradictions inside and outside the church of Christ in Uganda. I see increasing stories on abuse of abuse of vulnerable members who live in several ‘institutionalised, ill equipped, hastily set up and widespread orphanages or ‘private initiatives’, and fear that if we don’t stop or investigate these alleged evils today, we will be saddened, when the victim is finally granted a voice, to learn that we treated needy people God placed under our care, in ways that were despicable and similar to those subjected to the ‘fallen’ girls in Magdalene asylums in Ireland, in 1960s. I fear that there are no measures and safeguards in place to prevent the vulnerable members of our society from being preyed on by those in whom they have placed their trust.
    But after reading your letter several times, I am left with a niggling feeling, worry and wonder vis-a-vis the main aim of your letter. What I seem to hear (and desperately want to hear) is that, sadly vulnerable people are abused (and in some cases repeatedly) by the very people again, in whom they have placed their trust. You say this abuse is widespread and hitherto unaddressed. It happens inside and outside your church, and will continue unabated if we refuse to place measures to stop it from happening, and also help those (including yourself!) whom you allege have been abused. BUT, IN THIS SAME LETTER YOU DISTURBINGLY WRITE – ‘priests who ‘get caught.’ like me, have to pay for the sins of all those who don’t get caught’ – AND, SHORTLY BEFORE GIVING FIVE CASES IN POINT, YOU SAY – ‘I appear to have little moral authority to talk about celibacy as a priestly virtue because of what may or may not have happened to me in 2009’. My point is simply this Father, although you unmistakably identify and empathize with the victim, you do not place yourself firmly on the side of the non-abuser. I am not accusing you of any wrong doing (how can I?) But, I suggest that the words, ‘like me’ mentioned above make it self defeating for you to assume a further role – beyond that of a ‘whistle blower’. Simply and honestly, I would ask someone else or another justice support organization to take on the role of establishing a victim support group – Not you! Thanks again for your letter. It reminded me of James 1: 27, ‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world’.

  18. Tom Kisitu, there can be no better voice than that of one who has been there and done it. The limitation you have pointed out can be dealt with as clearly he pointed out earlier that ‘it was all hearsay’. However, what about if he is also a victim who happens to have been inducted in a wrong system? He is right to break out not only himslef but also fight for others. I find that those who smoke or are letting go, are better campaigners against smoking.

  19. Thanks Fr Musaala for your outburst. Frankly I believe that the issue is not about priests getting married or not. I believe the root problem is todays formation of secular (diocesan) priests. So long as a priest sees himself as part and parcel of the common crowd and not one set apart with a holy mission, he will swim and eventually drown in the murky waters of immorality, etc. Besides, it is also my contention that celibacy can only be sustained in collaboration with poverty – and by this I mean shunning materialism. Now just look around and see that, alas, many a priest (not all) are so comfortable in the material and scholarly world (materialism). The passions of the flesh cannot be contained by living in the flesh. The priestly mission and material possessions are incompatible! Marriage is not the solution. How many married men (and women) are seriously keeping their vows – across all faiths? If you can’t fit in, move on and God help us all…viva kristo rey!

    • John God speaks through people of any kind
      if something evil is going on in the world do think God will just let-it go you are so mistaken if he has displayed the truth in public why do you want to cover it with darkness my dear you will be pernished to let God speak through his people and do his work .

      try to mind your own bussiness and leave God alone to do his work
      if today he has spoken through Father musaala wait for you own day
      and dont fil gellouesy unto God

      try to occupy your self with some productive work

  20. I raise up my hands and salute father musala for this bravery in question and that you will still stand out among them and keep up the sprite no man is pure and sinless but sinful in all his acts thank you to confess he promised forgiveness go ahead the prize is eternity and our master is God the righteous judge of all thumps up

    • moto, who told you that priests are holy? is it your own assumption?
      be informed first before you come up in the public of informed people
      A priest is not an angel.

  21. dear father Anthony Musaala,its good that you have poured out your heart .the silence has according to your letter greatly affected you,pray hard father though.But again i remind you that those who have gone against their vows are there because they believe they cannot live without.can the church lose its cherished values because of people who are individualstic?no it is better for those who cannot not to go there than going there and setting up demands that fit their individualistic favours.tulongoose ennimiro y’omukama

  22. Satan really working,the world is finally coming to an end.If we start giving in to the pleasures of the world soon we shall find those sympathizing with gay people becoming priests like it is in other faiths in those so called European countries and the US.Like some have said, it wasnt his calling ,let him try catechism teaching we shall even make for him a big wedding.

  23. If a priest feels unable to cope with the requirement to be celibate, let him move on. Priesthood is a calling, it is not forced upon anyone. There are many celibate priests and they don’t mind continuing that way. There are many guys who have decided to pull out of it and they are fine e.g Fr Lukudo. But note that sexual immorality is a problem for the entire catholic church (and indeed other denominations). So while Fr Musala castigates priests, he should also take time to look at the entire congregation. These are hard times. It’s not only the religious that are struggling with the sin of sexual immorality and no one is forcing them to “come out”. But just because the sin is rampant doesn’t mean we should change laws to protect the culprits. We need to go back to the roots of our faith. Repent and choose to live pure lives. The entire human race is doomed because we have “softened” the laws on sexual immorality and other forms of moral decadence. People – priests and laymen and women, repent and turn back to God. Relaxing the laws wont save you!

    • Lydia if anything goes beyond were it is supposed to end there should be a solution for that so try to widen your mind and think twice

  24. Hello Father Anthony, thanks for taking the BOLD step and coming forth like this. I am sure if you sampled any 5 out of 10 children who have been ardent and actively involved in serving the catholic church, they would confess to being victims or they know someone who has been a victim.
    Be sure you are going to face criticism and persecution for your honesty. I believe God has led you to this and He will see you through this. i am praying for you.

  25. I really have mixed feelings and I guess reactions to Fr. Musaala’s post here. Firstly, it is good that he has come out clear to condemn these unjust acts. Thank you very much Fr. Musaala. I want to add another note to Fr. Musaala\s post and observations here which is, he advocates for court action on some or all of these offences as he terms them.
    That said, I respect that Fr. Musaala as a Catholic priest knew the terms and conditions of becoming a priest and as an informed Ugandan, i know that he himself applied for it and was given enough time to think about it. While he advocates for marriage as the solution to this problem, he forgets that not all priests have managed to slunder in this field of sex. Some of them are still upright and keeping to their vows of purity chastity et al. Now Mr. Musaala (As you implicitly want us to start understanding your sexual inclinations), bending the law for one individual who was given enough time to think about this vocation is (and am sorry to say) very very very selfish of you. You should think about the wider/broader Catholic church and understand it as something beyond an individual. I know the catholic saying that, it can afford to lose one person other than mislead the rest of the flock.

    Again Fr. Musaala, these things have been happening and written against your name but you never cared to think about their effect on the whole church. It is only after you have had adverse effects that now you purportedly want to think for the good of the entire church, you should be humble enough to acknowledge where you fail and silently reform. When you address issues in this manner, it implies that you dont want to die alone but also get others crucified with you so that at the end of the day, you are not completely a looser(but of course still a loser anyway).

    Lastly, If Musaala was genuine enough to understand what he is calling for, this is not the right forum to address these. Trust me “man” every issue has its own unique features that must be scrutinized before being brought to the public eye. However much we the debators might win here, the church can never depend on the general public’s view point (all of you witnessed this when they chose an Argentinian pope last week contrary to what the press and public were saying). Musaala, if you want these issues to be addressed, kindly find the right forum and not get people emotional yet I believe you do not even have empirical proof, lest you would have presented them a long time ago. What have you been waiting for all this long?


    • In reference to your last paragraph: And it is for this reason that the Church is becoming slowly but surely irrelevant to the lives of it’s subjects. The first wall to crack was when they refused to accept birth control and use of condoms. This is just the beginning of the fall, like Alexander the Great, every power force crumbles.

    • Raphael
      we all know very well that a priest is not supposed to be engaged in any kind of a love relationship he is supposed to be a complete example of who Jesus was because Jesus was never caught in any stupid act of falling in love with women and having kids in secrecy and we all know the catholic law that says any priest who is caught engaged in any relation ships is supposed to leave go and marry because he can not stand his priesthood and all of those priests who have kids and families they are taking care of are supposed to leave priest hood because they have failed to fulfill their agreements with God and they have denied him what a hell a priest to have kids in privacy with a family why are you hiding this priests in the darkness of hell and you don’t want any one to talk about them or know their bad acts you are all hypocrites and evil because the catholic church knows this people and they are supposed to be expelled superior Bishop lwanga has a grown up son and we all know about him nothing to hide boy i don’t know who raised you up and forgot to teach you discipline why cant you leave the light of God to light over the darkness of evil respect God and other people to their are not your agements how old are you cause you cant think before you post any thing grow up.

  26. good article,fr musala is right,church traditions kill,celibacy is not attainable,unless you have a problem.church traditions are misleading in all aspects.apostle peter had a wife,paul never had one both served the lord in their own capacities,let it not be compulsory breeds hipocricy,shame mistrust neglect to the off springs of such priests

    • Terah, its bad that u are still naive as far as Bible knowledge is concerned. the apostles of Jesus who had wives left them and followed christ. Read the Bible pliz!!!

      • Did Jesus preach any thing like whoever follows me should not Mary
        if so send me the scriptures
        if you do not send me the scripture of the very question then you misquoted the bible

        you are the one Jude to go back read the bible understand it well and not Terah’O

    • Does it read anywhere that Paul died because he had not married?
      I am surprised that everyone that claims to know the bible is so naive about what the Church teaches…. the writer well aware that he cant borrow any help from the bible has not bothered pointing out anything concerning what it says…so Terah work harder catholicism is not going any where! do you know why? I will help you here…..because not even the powers of hell will prevail over it. When u get that, get a bible read it and run to the church we await you there.

      • KRUPT Dear
        you cant help Terah he can help you cause you are evil and need salvation you have forgotten the catholic law upon catholic priests so ask Terah to help you

        you think know much but you little so do that

  27. As a catholic am fed up of people especially non catholics jumping on the band wagon to criticise our church.All human beings have weaknesses priests are not superhumansWhen a few priests break their vows that doesnt mean the whole church is in turmoil .I know so many good priests out there doing a wonderful job
    For the non catholics try to solve your own issues ;Catholics will go through this and come bsck stronger as before.

    • Thank you Herbert. u would have even added that the Catholic church has survived over centuries. Musaala will go and the church will remain

    • Breaking vows is very different from criminality ! And sexually abusing young boys or taking advanatge of vulnerable women is a sexual crime triable by a court of law ! Lets call a spade a spade and not a big spoon

    • Thanks Herbert, you are very correct. The acts of a few individuals never represent the actions of the Church. The Catholic Church is hinged on Christ who is perfect. Even if the whole world was left with one faithful Priest, Christ will be glad with him. It is not about numbers or feeling up Churches. Faith is not a contest and neither is it a competition. It is a personal decision taken willingly knowing the fruits that arise from it. There is no sanctification without sacrifice and the sacrifice of Priesthood is celibacy. The sacrifice of marriage is faithfulness to your partner. Getting married doesn’t insulate you from desiring other women or men. Its by the grace and strength of our faith in God that we stand by our vows

  28. Thank you Fr Musaala for your openess on this issue in the catholic churh.I was raised catholic and i am still a practicing catholic,one who has experienced some of what you write.Luckily i was able to come out of my depression because of the effects.Just to add not only is celibacy failing but some of our priests are dying of HIV despite free antiretroviral drugs,because of the heavy expectation of celibacy which translates to shame (for some of them) when they get a positive HIV test hence never have the courage to to get though the therapy.I pray for you and that the cause you have taken up.Praying it yields good fruits.

  29. What I have discovered from your argument is that you are just laying ground for your personal interests and I want to assure you; you will not be successful.

  30. Be ye blessed..
    I find nothing fascinating about the whole story and precisely, a well grounded believer would not be scandalised. I rather wonder if anyone has any knowledge of a catholic priest that has been true to their calling.
    Once a wise man said that tree that falls in the forest makes too much noise you would think the whole forest is no more. However, the trees that stand firm never make a sound but the usual hissing when they sway with wind.
    It is far more realistic if the writer applauds the priests that have been not only of good cheer but true to their calling and helpful in the church’s quest to save souls for just like the wrongdoers ought to be punished, these also deserve their turn.

    If one thinks rightly, they will question about what to reward the good priests with. I cant claim to know what they deserve but I can say that we(neither you nor I) have the capacity to pay anyone in regards to what their conduct deserves.
    However, I must say that lets not simply look at what problems face the priests or what problems some priests have caused but try to find how best we can help them because, Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals and Moslems; much as they might not be aware need them(the priests).

    I still respect the writer and only hope that he will soon revise this and find better means of solving whatever problems he is going through.

    How many times must we blindly choose the dark when the light is set before us?????
    Lets live and not merely exist. No one wants to hear another’s account of their life especially an account of wrong doing but many people in their right mind would love to see one become a better person.


    • May be you don’t know how to read English well
      in the letter their is nothing like judging the other
      the matter was brought up as a debate of how to help this priests that have already married with a lot of kids and women in secrecy

      i think you should help your go back to school and learn how to read English well.

  31. Every person has the freedom of expression, nevertheless, the issue here seems to be about celibacy, and advocacy for marriage in priestly life, but allowing priests to marry is not the best solution for sexual scandal in the Church! I think it a matter knowing “who you are” and change of attitude that is needed, because no priest is forced to take up a celibate life before or after ordination! By the way, how many cases of sexual scandals are there among the married? you can stand with me on this ground, many married people are going through tough moments in their families because of sexual scandals, but on the contrary, there are those who are living very happy life because they are faithful to their marriage vocation! it is the same with priestly life! there are priests who are living the priestly vocation faithfully and happily! so, if celibacy is a problem to some priests as some people say, it is not a problem to all the priests!… I know the public has various opinions about this issue, but not to waste time, I just want to say that the Catholic Church has gone through moments which you can’t imagine… thus, this issue is like one dreaming that by fetching one cup of water from lake Victoria will make it dry up! can you tell me how much volumes of water is flowing away from lake Victoria via river Nile? and have you noticed any significant change in the water level of the lake? it is the same with the Catholic Church! In other words, you can talk about the Catholic Church but at the end of it all, you are the looser. The Catholic Church will continue to live whether you are in it as a catholic or step out of it!

  32. Because there are many men and women who have failed to keep their marriage vows of chastity, therefore, we as the church we should legalize polygamy!!! Because there are many people convicted of corruption from all corners of Uganda, there fore the government should legalize corruption. Because there are many prostitutes on the streets of Kampala, so, it should be legalized. I believe the church is a community of believers seeking for mercy from God because they are weak. Someone should direct me to a church of Angels. Then Jesus’ coming is defeated. I know he is there for sinners. I think our priests or pastors who are weak are human and need just to be helped and prayed for. Priesthood is sacred and the Lord calls you as you are and each priest is unique and there is reason for his calling which is known to the Lord. and finally, it is not forced to anyone.

    • I think you got better words for fr. musala than me. I would personally say, he is simply frustrated… or he had greater expectations which he has not lived yet.. but ofcourse the church goes on.

  33. Musaala! if celibacy is a problem for you, go and marry. Do not speak on behalf of priests. If you are sensible, you would have seen sense in the answers those to whom you were campaigning gave you. You are not the first to hit the church. The church will always live with these week priests. They are human, but instruments of God. You are not a reformist, but a destroyer. Are you one of these priests really? Do you share in the priestly brotherhoood? Is your letter for the good of the church? Reflect Musaala! Enter into your life history and see where God pulled you from, and you are the same Musaala hitting the church in Uganda.

  34. Mother Mary says to you father in her constant messages ” … Pray for the priests not destroying them, because I also respect them being the visible Christ…”
    Please, I know you have big dreams in life, and that talking about Uk and US for support, many stand to wonder who you are. We know you, just forgive your past and save the souls, lead them not to vengeance but to God. That is the priesthood you share. Many love your songs, your preaching not because you are worth all, but because the work or duty you are carrying on is not yours rather for God. Reflect!!!

  35. Fr. Anthony, the Catholic Church as both of us know it, perhaps even those who read about it in articles and over the internet is a systematic Institute. If Benedict XVI; Pope Emeritus decided to climb up the mountain of prayer in order to pray for Mother Church, I wonder why you of all Catholics decides to publish an article of such a kind, generalizing the Church in Africa and Uganda in particular!!! I think it would have been ideally better to sit with your Bishop and your fellow clergymen and had this issue addressed after all you took all priests to fall into this caliber.
    remember the difference between the Catholic Church and other churches…….. For 2000+ years, the Church has lived. many come and go but She has stayed. Fr. you are no much different. You will surely follow the same trend. Your work is to defend the Church and not to sink the Church because you will never succeed.
    “Peter, you are a Rock, and on this Rock i will build MY CHURCH, even the strongest attacks from the underground will NEVER CONQUER IT.”

  36. I am sure no one will object to the truth that comes out of this open letter. It is a big challenge for the people of God but I also realize that it is a source of joy for many others. A couple of things come out of this somehow crippled peace which though carries a fair amount of truth: One, it comes from an aggrieved priest, lacking in many ways in humility who on several occasions has refused to hid the call of the church authority to which he one day made vows. If you are interested as a reader, you will discover how from the time of cardinal Wamala Musaala has remained adamant to the call from authority to change not only from his homosexual tendencies but also to the nature of ministry.
    He has problems with authority and working under set structures which is characteristic of the catholic faith system. He prefers a laissez faire form of ministry which is not bad in itself but its not the style the catholic church runs on and he should have known this better after his long formation. He thinks that we have a celibate clergy because it is easier to control and this exposes his vincible ignorance since he had the chance to know why things are the way they are. Musaala will want to have a faith community that will sing his name but the structure of the church stands in his way. One time on a
    Good Friday, he chose to have a band marching through the city with Tusimbe ffenna mukisinde, which was contrary to the catholic theology of Good Friday and when he was warned on the issue, he said that he takes advice only from God but not from human beings.Am glad he admitted getting involved in gay actions which he had all along called hearsay and maybe God had told him to say no all along.

    I wish to acknowledge the truth that he fires out but I challenge the magnitude at which it is fired save for for the forum he chooses. It is an injustice to say that the possibility of the presence of holy men and women is a fiction is overstated and unfair. Second, it is not true that celibacy is forced on anyone and in fact Musaala himself should be having a copy of his document usually handwritten and signed where he chose to be celibate. Every priest signs it before they are ordained. Again, when one falters, it does not mean that they do not like their calling – whether in marriage or religious life. In our different callings we falter sometimes through unfaithfulness to our calls but there is something beyond our fall. Did Fr. Musaala even know that in recent years we have in Uganda had a high growth in HIV infections among married people than in the youth!

    I may have sounded apologetic but my goal was to show the other side of the author which he is not humble enough to bring out. The truth is that even for Luther the 99 theses held a lot of water but it was how it was done that things fell apart. Fr. Musaala will certainly receive a big following but one needed to know before falling in for him. Imagine if this letter had been written in good faith earlier on when Father’s slate was clean!

    • All this is well and good but I am not sure it addresses the elephant in the room: despite their vows, we know Catholic priests in Uganda who have have had sex with men, girls and children. We also know those who have sired children. What should be done about the sexual abuse of children of which there is plenty of evidence? What should happen to the children of the priests who have grown up, are growing up, without their fathers?

      Why do I sense that a lot of the naysayers seem to be saying that the Catholic Church in Uganda is the victim in all this?

  37. GGK.
    Give ceaser what belongs to ceaser and God what belongs to God.An attack on the catholic church can lead to genocide.if you have any criminal evidence against any individual kindly report to the nearest police station.let that individual or priest be held accountable no one will be against you.But for any right thinking person to make a fallacy of generalisation or attack peoples belief,doctrine,dogma is to declair war without enough ammunition and logistics to sustain the war.it is stupidity of the highest order.Mr musala thank you for reporting some criminals in the church,but u should not advocate for demolishing the same church.all criminals should be dealt with, with out fear or favour.You inclusive if guilty.CELIBACY is what makes catholics unique and special.
    with out it it is no more.my prayer is that this debate should be controled to avoid religious wars.

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  39. Of course those who yearn to portray the Catholic Church as holy and spotlessly clean will attack this honest man of God. But the truth he is giving here can’t be lost on any sensible person. The Catholic Church is not as holy and spotlessly clean as hypocrites always would want us believe. Let’s accept it and be honest with our lives.

    • Well even in heaven where we yearn to go there was sin! How about members of an earthly institution? It is only the devil who likes condemning! Which side are you on?

  40. Fr. Musaala says his 1st gay sexual encounter was at 16, claims that he’s not gay, but does not list the 2nd, 3rd and nth encounters.
    Dude just quit the church and go be your gay self, no one condemns you, but your guilt!

    • your reply is childish man grow up and style up,
      Develop a mature mind of thinking before posting any silly staff

  41. I think if Museveni, who managed to report Ugandan thieves to Kagame advocated for the demolition of Uganda (ns), there would be no Uganda right now. Musaala watch out, you and your ilk. You even want public attention by performing during wee hours of the night leading to temptation yet you criticize others. Mind your own business, the church is ‘OURS’ and as a former stake holder we can decide to even shun your public performances since we cant handle this level of insanity, to use the simplest word. Please watch out!

    • Dem you
      Raphael you own no church the way yo little mind disives you
      you have no sense of reasoning and your thinking capacity is low

      watch out !!!

  42. I think at the end of the day we shouldn’t judge people.. Iam sure each one of us has fallen short of God’s expectations of us and sinned at a certain point in our lives. I applaud Fr Musaala for speaking up against these ills..It takes absolute courage to do such a thing.But I also want to remind him that much as there are rotten tomatoes in the garden, there are also clergy that have stayed true to the vows they made before God. What we as Ugandans should do is ask ourselves how we can deal with these vices that are creeping up in our society. I particularly want to make an inquiry about St. Mary’s Kisubi(SMACK) which I think FR Musaala attended. From hearsay(I attended a sister school) we heard that some of the older boys and laity would make ‘moves’ on younger boys especially S.1s.. My younger brother attended the school and during his S.1, he heard of an s.1 being hit on by HSC boys.of course I donot know if these allegations are/were true but it’s something school authorities should seriously look into!

  43. That was an unfortunate event for you Father. The bottom line is that we should pray for our priests always because Satan is always fighting the church. We are all sinners despite our titles on earth. We need to really pray for the church. God is the one to judge us all not human beings.

  44. Am glad to here this musala. my only appeal to the catholic church is that they should allow the priests to marry they should not enslave their feelings and the nuns too should get married because its now coming to my notice that the homosexuality originated from the Catholic church and its now spreading like wild fire.

    • Hahaha! There is no evidence that homosexuality is any more widespread than it always was: none! The one thing that is different now is that more homosexuals have the courage to be themselves and let it be known. Homosexuality originates in nature. Church oppression, Catholic or otherwise, doesn’t change that: it just makes it more difficult to live a productive life that can make its fullest contribution to society. The Catholic Church can be blamed for lots of things: originating homosexuality is not one of them.

      I see clearly that the awful way Uganda currently treats its homosexual population will change through such courageous people telling their stories. Yet, Ugandan culture has a taboo on anyone being public about their affections: President Museveni declared this week he would lose an election if he was affectionate towards his wife in public. The dilemma then for Uganda is how to be private about homosexual affections, but still to be able to tell your story. People’s lives depend on it! In the fight against AIDS, people’s lives – both heterosexual and homosexual – depend on it. Draconian laws that frighten people further into hiding who they are only makes things worse. Such stories not only set people free – all people – they give life.

    • Ani yakulimba. Please do some seriously reading do not depend on wolokoso from the illiterate. For start, since you are familiar with the internet, google-the origins of homosexuality. Stop displaying your ignorance.

  45. Hmmmm, thank you all for your thoughtful and good comments. Yes, members of the church leadership are sinful as Fr. Musaala says. IT seems only Fr Musaala is the good guy and he is out to help the victims in Uganda access justice!
    Plz Fr remember that individual failure is not catholic church policy.
    Secondly, where there is married clergy there are empty pews too. Protestants, evangelicals are not more committed than catholics are.
    harry fm

  46. Mr. Musaala, I thank you for helping me to stop wasting my respect for you. I’m completely ashamed of you as a Catholic. You’ve lost my respect. I wish you had some common sense to go to your elders of the church and deliver your message to them personally so you can discuss it. That is the fora people are talking about. This is a case of married people fighting in front of their children. Is that what you teach the youth that are entrusted in your care? The public has never solved any problem amicably. ”Bakusuunga”

    Whatever has happened has happened and is regrettable. But like you should be aware as a person who went through training in your faith, we are all pilgrims in search of the final destination. We keep on faltering along the way and stand up, pick up our pieces and try again. If you have failed to pick up your pieces please don’t lead others to the same.

    You are putting our priests among the so called ”vulnerable members of society”- a creation of the western world and no wonder you are actually turning to it to create so called victims organization.

    The priests chose their vocation. They had 15 years preparation and at the end of each stage they were required to take a decision whether to continue or carry on. Unless of course you enjoyed your first sexual encounter at 16, you later became older and you could have decided to leave before you got yourself completely committed. To date there are those priests who have left the vocation and married officially. No one has condemned them. Let those who want to leave leave and those who don’t want stay. Don’t play the advocate.

    I pray that that organization does not take off because it is ill intentioned. I won’t be surprised if the ‘recruits’ of that so called organization are meant to carry out certain tasks that the western world requires of them let alone yours -including victimizing more people.

    Musaala, if you felt strong enough to publish this document, please do the needful by being strong enough to leave the church before it makes you vulnerable. If you cannot handle the requirements of your church then i think the best thing is to go out. But may worry for you is that i don’t think any parent in their right senses can give you their daughter’s hand in marriage, because that is what you are advocating for. If you had advocated for the Fathering priests to leave the vocation and take care of their children, i think that would have made more sense.

    I think the best thing to do is to go and tussle it out with your creator so that he can give you guidance on the next step.

    I thank all those who have tried to make this so called whistle blower see sense.

    Judith L.

    • Judith I like your reasoning upon this mess of Musaala. Reading Musaala’s letter twice, I have come to understand that this is not something to worry about. Musaala is being disturbed by his own guilts and thus, he is projecting and universalising that. In his letter Musaala says: “Untill now judgement is being made upon me by ecclesiastical authority” he continues “I was being treated by my Superiors as the biggest sinner in Nineverh”. This clear indicates that musaala is just trying to betray the church in Uganda on the bases of shame and retaliation. Musaala is just like someone fearing to face his own death and therefore wants to die with others. But that will not happen to the church of God. God knows that these priests are weak, “Eathern vessels” in the language of St.Paul, but there is something precious in them.

    • judith i have liked what u have said and what i tell fr musaala is that he has been liked by every one most especially catholics are going to hate u because of that and what i tell u is that if some thing is hoting u why didn’t u go to the archbishop and tell him instead of puting it in public.
      fr musala u need our prayers.

    • Judith
      may be because you’re a lady we know well ladies take long to understand and they are stupid. according to your narrow thinking you think father musaala brought this massage to the internet oh dear think again twice and understand the matter it is you his friends plus your stupid lwanga who brought the massage in public with out thinking what will be the results of it infact lwanga is very silly because he did it to affect father musaala but it is going to affect him more because we have enough evidence you know nothing dem
      just keep watching and stop being silly while posting your garbage
      you are a very stupid beach without respect for any one

      Dem you beach.

  47. Fr. if you want to settle a problem don’t go in the public that because you are also a priest.
    have you ever heard of that keep your family secrets? sit down and thick before you take another step. we have known that you do not want to die alone. be sure that the church will remain.

  48. Has any one really thought about? I sincerely do not beleive that this article was written by Father Musaala. Any way at the end of the day we should all develop a personal relationship with God. It is not about what others are doing but your own relation with God!!1

  49. Dear all

    As Pope Emeritus Benedict said, it is better to have a small church but one of believers. If Father Musaala believes that celibacy is not for him, he can still serve the chruch in another capacity but not celibate priesthood.
    I believe its his right to seek salvation, but clearly the celibate priest way is not for him. Let others that can seek salvation that route then go for it. As for Father Musaala we have to wish him the best in his future endevours outside the celbacy life.

    Remember for all of us Christians, our vocation is to seek salvation for ourselves and otthers.

  50. The Church is for Christ , dear friends what the Church has passed through is more than this. Please take Courage. The HOLY SPIRIT IS THERE TO GUIDE THE CHURCH AND TO PROTECT IT AGAINST HUMAN WEAKNESSES.


    Dear people of God

    “I deeply think of the immense suffering caused by the article produced in the media authored by Fr. Anthony Musaala, that seems to be casting a dark shadow of suspicion” over all priests.

    Above all, the Church takes seriously the allegations in this article. On behalf of my fellow Catholic Bishops in Uganda I wish to assure the public that as leaders of the Catholic Church in Uganda; we are committed to the protection of the minors and rights of everyone. Investigations about these allegations are to begin immediately with of course cases that are proved.

    It should however, be clear to everyone that the value of the choice of priestly celibacy according to the Catholic tradition still stands, and the need for solid human and Christian formation is underlined, both for seminarians and for those already ordained.
    The Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law states the stand of the Catholic Church on celibacy in Canon 277, which mandates clerical celibacy that: “Clerics are obliged to observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore are obliged to observe celibacy, which is a special gift of God, by which sacred ministers can adhere more easily to Christ with an undivided heart and can more freely dedicate themselves to the services of God and mankind.”

    This Church law is embraced willingly as prescribed by Can.1037 which states that: “A candidate for the permanent diaconate who is not married, and likewise a candidate for the priesthood, is not to be admitted to the order of diaconate unless he has, in the prescribed rite, publically before God and the Church undertaken the obligation of celibacy, or unless he has taken perpetual vows in a religious institute”. This means therefore that no one is forced to embrace this discipline before or at ordination.

    Everyone should once again remember that until Christ came along (Mt 19:12), and then Paul (1 Cor. 7:32-35), the only state of life known was marriage but when Christ came, He made it clear that some people would remain celibate (“eunuchs”) for the sake of the Kingdom of God (Mt 19:12). St. Paul further recommended it for those who would be dedicated to serving God in this world (1 Cor. 7:7, 17, 32-35), for the salvation of souls and it is totally a freedom of choice as the above biblical quotations suggest.
    If one fails to comply with this discipline, he does it on his own and not on behalf of the Church. Consequently personal failure in this regard is not an offence sanctioned by the Church. However we as Bishops deeply regret such failures and seek forgiveness from those who have been victims.
    I indeed applaud all the many religious men and women who have remained faithful to this promise and there is nothing we can offer but our prayers for them.

    It is very unfortunate that the author of the published document stands to call for suspension of this discipline through his proposed forum that has no Church legitimacy and yet the Church’s legislation and practice is clear on this point. None-the-less we are going to investigate into the allegations in the article with people concerned together with certainty of the author of this document.

    As per now, after the acceptance of Fr. Musaala that he authored this document, the law prescribed by the Church in can. 1369 takes its course. This law states that: “A person is to be punished with a just penalty, who, at a public event or assembly, or in a published writing, or by otherwise using the means of social communication, utters blasphemy, or gravely harms public morals, or rails at or excites hatred of or contempt for religion or the Church.”

    This means therefore that Fr. Musaala because of the publication of his article in the public media which damages good morals of Catholic believers and further expresses a wrong teaching against the Catholic Church’s teaching and that this stirs up hatred and contempt against the Church, he incurs a Ferendae sententiae penalty as prescribed by Can.1314. This means that Father Anthony Musaala is suspended from celebrating sacraments and sacramentals, from the powers of governance in accordance to the law of the Church Can.1335 and1336§1n.1, 2and3 as investigations are being carried on.

    Once more I feel sorry of the inconveniences caused by this article and let us entrust the whole matter to our Lord the most chaste, for the conversion of hearts to do good.

    Yours Sincerely in Christ,

    +Cyprian K. Lwanga

  52. Cardinal Dorlan was asked afew days ago about the possibilty of the Church letting priests marry and he said it is not about to happen and it will not happen, the same sentiments were shared by cardinal Arinze. I share the same. Priestly celibacy is a discipline, not doctrine! the priest go there when they know what is expected of them. moreover they are given such a long time during their seminary years to make sure they are sure of what they are about to commit themselves to.

    If it is not the appropriate vocation for Fr. Musaala, let him try the marriage vocation but coming out and justifying his acts by faulting the traditions of the Church is a wrong approach he has taken. The Church will not bow to human pressure. the church is both divine and human and because it is divine, it is not impossible for man to resist temptation bse he has a divine head who gives him that pat on the back saying…”go my child, you can do this, I gave you an example when I was tempted by the devil. Did I yield to his tricks? NO”

    The irony of this whole thing is that in 2009, the same New Vision (that published the story today) carried a similar story that implicated Fr. Musaala as a homosexual but he denied this in the strongest terms possible, then today he comes accepting it? what am I supposed to think of him?

    I pray for Fr. Musaala though because Jesus said we should not speak ill about priests but commit them to his mercy and care.

    Fr. Musaala, if your actions are catching up with you, talk honestly to your God, tell Him your challenges and waeknesses and ask Him to help you. He is a merciful God! He will not condemn you for leaving priesthood if you choose to do so.

    I only would like to tell you and other people with your same views that the church will not bow to such. Jesus was not married! St. Paul in his epistles has talked so much about celibacy…it is a discipline, if you feel you will not handle, do not waste years in seminary only to get frustrated as a priest and fault the Church.

    The church is going through its hard times, but it has aleays had harder times yet it has weathered everything. The traditions of the Church will not be influenced by sinful men and women (You and I and everyone-we are all sinful, but the Church is not). The Church has Christ as the head and that is why despite everything that happens, it will never collapse, beacuse Jesus assured us ” the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

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  54. FRANCIS.

  55. NO priest is forced into priesthood …they join knowing the rules and before taking final vows you can opt out but once you accept priesthood then it has rules that go with it …like celibacy its an act of self sacrifice so this issue of married priests as the solution that wont work..this is a psychological problem which needs to be discussed along getting these pple counselling and reminding them of a life they personally chose and not forced for the sake of teaching the gospel of JESUS our lord.

  56. Musala i dont have the right to judge you and your other fellows who have done a great work to burn our holly catholic church.

    I dont really know why you people joined the preisthood knowing every principle which govern the holy catholic church yet you were not ready to follow them…
    Who forced you you to become a preists??
    I dont think the churh is ready to change its principles now in your favour why dont you get lost and form your own church afterall we believe in one God???

    I know you may be right in your letter but the quetion is why is that when you dont find yourself fitting in a community just get out of it?

    Its not a church problem but its you people the rotten tomatoes who are the problems. For the good of our church please leave and get somewhere you fit.

    • Be careful. To say it’s not a Church problem is the same kind of thinking that covered up clerical child sex abuse in my country. The Church is not directly responsible for what its priests have done here: that does NOT mean it has no responsibility for the consequences – the wellbeing of offspring being just one. It also has responsibilities to safeguard against further injustice – not sweeping it under the carpet, as so often was the norm in the past.

      • Frank be mature, why should you be blamed if you your village-mate commits a crime?
        Should you country be sued because you have raped a woman we you come to Uganda.
        Do you want to tell us that its the church which tells people to sin?
        Everybody is responsible for his or her own sins
        Be modern, Autonomous, stand as a man not in a crowd.

      • Jude, I disagree with you completely. The Church is not a village, nor a country, especially as far as its ordained ministers are concerned. They are in officially appointed positions of responsibility. Your analogy only works if my village mate is also a village leader or chief; or I am am an embassy official of my country who rapes a woman in Uganda. But then your argument breaks down, as it should, for those same reasons.

        In my country, abusing priests were moved around by their bishops as a way of hiding the problem: at the time, the Church’s reputation was considered (much) more important than the horrendous damage to the children. The sad thing I am reading in so many of the responses here is that ordinary Catholics in Uganda are relieving or denying the Church’s share of responsibility for the abuse here. Shame on you all!

        Plus, having a discipline (as some here like to insist on calling it) like celibacy that is causing so much real damage in the lives of women and children – especially if it is proven as widespread as claimed in the investigations already being initiated by the archbishop as a direct result of Fr Anthony’s intervention – legitimately calls that discipline into question. I trust these investigations will be thorough and complete: if not, the cancer will only erupt again and do even more damage to the Church’s already damaged reputation – and, more importantly, even more women and children. Or maybe they don’t matter as long as the Church gets none of the blame here? Shame! Shame! Shame!

  57. Whether you yap about this or other issues one must remember that the Church is both human and Divine. Failure of a person does not necessarily mean the failure of the institution. No one is forced to join priesthood and even when you are in there and feel like leaving to get married the choice is yours. Even the boat in which Jesus himself was travelling was tossed to and fro but He was there and it was saved. The uncomfortable lots should also campaign for multiple partners for the unfaithful spouses and we shall see how they end and what arguments they will give. If a person is unable to face the challenge of celibacy he should not think that every one else is like him. I would advise such to avoid flaunting their misery and frustration in public.

  58. communism came and many other strong empires with thier emperors, all against the church, but all thier works were in vain, dear Fr, you served the church so well, and i can say that work well done but not finished, you still have things better to do other than this, may God guide you as you recollect.

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  60. hoo. May the spirit of the Lord guide his Church so that the best decisions are made.
    I see all comments are from Christians who are torn among them yet all follow Christ. Reminds if St. Pauls Letter. “we are for peter, for apollos, for paul…..”. hmmm. just pray for this world bse we have all sinned and still sin. Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal, “Saved”, … all are sinners.

  61. Am a staunch catholic and often tyms I have equally wondered if priests and the clergy actively participate in sexual relations with their flock and if what u say is really true then immediate action should b taken.

  62. Fr. Musaala, i think this was not the right forum to address this issue. i don’t know if you talked to your self before you published this, honestly i respect your work as a priest and not this particular one, you’r tearing apart the body of christ, you would have even wired your concerns direct to Vatican if you thought your local bishop wouldn’t help, so that it becomes the first thing Pope Francis the 1st has to deal with. be careful of these Europeans and Americans, their mission is only to destroy the church, did you know they are spending huge sums of money to sponsor recruitment of youth into homosexuality in Uganda? am afraid, but God is in charge, the high priest Jesus is in charge. am concerned that you generalised all priests, nuns to be involved in this, yet i know many who are truely living their calling. These issues your allege, its good they come out and solved and the church finds solution to children of the clergy, and i think the church was starting to adress tthem looking at what’s happening in the west. am wondering what could have motivated this, at the time of inaugrating a new pope and church renewing it self regaining it’s respect worlf over. thanks for getting concerned about these ills, but you adressed them to a wrong audience, it’s not the worst sin, i encourage you to reconcile with God and the entire church and then follow your heart beat. God be with you

  63. If I didnt know some details about Fr.Musaala, I would believe everything he says. There is more to the story than he is willing to admit.Its no surprise that he has done what he has!
    1) to say that married men are the ones who live their sexuality in holiness and truth is a complete lie.we all know that.
    2) Fr.Musaala has for long shown contempt for church leadership.
    3) the solution is not to have married priests but rather to go back to the centre of the Church! that is Christ! We need to allow him to heal us, and give us the strength and grace to serve him in truth and sincerity.

    Almighty God, look upon the face of Jesus who sis the eternal High Priest,and have compassion on your priests in today’s world.They are but weak and frail human beings.Stir up in them the grace of their vocation.Keep them close to you, so that the enemy may not prevail over them, and that they may never do anything in the slightest degree unworthy of their sublime vocation.

    O Jesus, I pray for your faithful and fervent priests, for the unfaithful and tepid ones; for those labouring at home and abroad in distant mission field; for those who are tempted; for thoe who are young; for those who are dying; for those who are in purgatory.But , above all, i recommend to you the priest dearest to me: the priest who baptised me, the priest who baptised me; the priesrs who absolvedme from my sin, the priests at whose Masses i have assisted and who gave me Your Body and Blood in Holy Communion, the priests who instructed me or helped me by thier encouragement.I pray devoutly for all the priests to whom i am indebted in any other way.In particular for Fr.MUSAALA.O Jesus, keep them all close to Your Heart and bless them abundantly in time and eternity.AMEN.

    O Mary,Queen of the clergy, pray for us; obtain for us many and holy priests.

    St.John Mary Vianney, patron of priests,,,,,,,,,,pray for them.

    That is my role as a christian.
    God Bless you all who say this prayer for your priests.

  65. as for me,fr.musaala,i have no good words for u and no wonder u over ask for the tithe and u always want to be the one to takeit,i have observed it and u are also not a behaved person coz u have been suspended alot from church activities because of your failure to abide.

    why do u stress people anyway,if u think u have a good house ,marry and rest your case from priesthood coz not everyone else is like you.on the 5 evidences you have shown,compare your evidence with the rest who have not. .tel us current information not years of white fathers,plllllzzzzz if u cant abide ,very many people want to become priests and your tarnishing their image.

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooow, a decission to be taken because musaala has said,we shall even enter heaven when your thinking of women.i know u very wel musaala and u dnt know me.can u imagne this guy has told media mbu he wanted the bishop to call me ,the bishop to call u musaala,style up.

  66. this guy sometime told us mbu wether ur looking after orphaned kids,i dnt need to know,first pay the tithe coz that what buys a tire for my car to move and come for mass,mbu oba for you u came footing to church,me i need petrol for my noah coz i hhave to move and thats from your tithe.now which kind of priest is this,he conflicts with fellows about those so called retreats to the extent of callin it his venture.me i cnt attend his summons any more.

    does any one remenber when they again stopped his retreats that he used to hold in entebbe at some wiered beach.now you so called fr. musaala,fr.magembe has neva said mbu i have a nice house with good gardens as u said some time bac yet he also prays for people.some year this guy held an overnite at sharing and had posters of himself on the water bottles and was selling people mbu its blesses and whoever buys it wil be blessed,fr.musaala,what was that,u even cnt leave a water bss to the poor,u want everything,banaye this preist t and does anyone realise,this guy doesnt have any original composition but changing whats already there,see from fr.senfuma,brother mukasa,fr.magembe and the rest and leave these things v marriage coz they wil neva happen.dnt chase what u cnt get.

  67. Mr Musaala which clan are you ?????????????Kale bambi you are stupid. I would have advised you to go and confess but you are no longer a catholic!!!!! so i have no advice for a stupid /silly man like you.

    I wonder whether you had all your senses by the time you got your laptop or whatever you used to write that nonsense.

    Is it money that has made you mad??? You would have used other means because that group behind you is soon leaving you.

    Kale kisajja gwe oswadde.

  68. After reading Fr. Musaala’s letter and the comment, i had no option but to check his face book page.I cant believe what i found. He is a well known gay and i believe the intention of the his article was to force the catholic church throw him out so that he can do his things. Dating as back as February 2012 his face book friends were asking him whether they had chased him out of the church..Anthony Musaala commented. Below is an extract.
    Ugandan gay couple marries in Swedish church””
    January 29 at 8:40pm ·
    Anthony Musaala commented:
    You are very courageous. Love is its own blessing, love covers a multitude of sins, love knows no law. Love and do as you will. As for those who condemn you, they will be judged with the same measure…
    Tom Gillespie: You get dizzier. Have you been thrown out if your ecclesiastical abode or something? Your very free.

  69. I really wonder if Mr.Musaala meditated upon this article before publishing it. Who forced you – Mr.Musaala to consent and join priesthood in the first place? I sympathise with you for having lost your dignity in an attempt to tarnish the image of an institution that has stood for years. I thank you for bringing out the ills in the church as you say. However, you used a wrong fora. Let me pray that you receive the best reward with due regard to your publication.

  70. The issue you raise Fr AM is pertinent and needs attention. True there are failings among the clergy but your article fell far short of recognising the many (the majority) of truly chaste and celibate priests and other clergy. Certainly not every priest is wallowing in the mentioned weaknesses. This bias raises more doubt whether Fr AM you are not more to the problem side rather than the solution

  71. Reading Musaala’s letter twice, I have come to understand that this is not something to worry about. Musaala is being disturbed by his own guilts and thus, he is projecting and universalising that. In his letter Musaala says: “Untill now judgement is being made upon me by ecclesiastical authority” he continues “I was being treated by my Superiors as the biggest sinner in Nineverh”. This clearly indicates that musaala is just trying to betray the church in Uganda on the bases of shame and retaliation. Musaala is just like someone fearing to face his own death and therefore wants to die with others. But that will not happen to the church of God. God knows that these priests are weak, “Eathern vessels” in the language of St.Paul, but there is something precious in them. Shame on you Musaala! you can decide to properly get married to a woman or follow your “root” that the media exposed in 2009.

  72. I am actually interested in the comments of those who think mistakenly that they can put Church practice to a vote. Be notified that no body needs a referebdum here, church beliefs and traditions have not been put to a vote, it wont now. Therefore if in your mistaken and ignorant belief, you still think that your comments will serve any purpose, u are dead wrong. Make better use of your rights to vote your local leaders, not on church issues.

  73. seeking for the desire to be important is human nature.thats how musazi choose to do it. Catholic religion is not UPDF.. instead of wasting time i think its best for Musazzi to start his church in that way he will make more money and marry .. he can become a muslim if he wishes or even an anglican.. or become a gay activists.. but he is wasting his time right now coz this fight starts in Vatican not Uganda. along those lines he wont be happier for what he is going to face for the rest of his life.. coz he has made more enemies lately than friends.. his talk cant easily change what people have in their hearts BELIEVE. unless people choose to.. i wonder if Seminary schools will stop recruiting now that musazi has talked.. HE REALLY DID HIS MATHEMATICS BADLY..

  74. Dear all,am so sad because satan must be rejoicing but that wont take long in fact its over now.

    Please remember God sent Prophets and we did not listen to them,then He Sent his only son and we killed him ,so now we were left under care of the church which no one can kill. whether you like it or not all christians were Catholics before some decided to join their preferred groups but Catholicism remained and by the way everything we believe in is Catholicism like having christian names,celebrating Sunday, Xmass and Easter and many more.
    so fellow believers whoever thinks he is going to kill the church is just killing him self.Priest are a symbol of the Living Christ much as Nuns are a symbol of mother Mary.
    when Jesus spread the Good news some clergy got envious of him and had him persecuted and but he had done great wonders and miracles for them so i feel in much the same way (FR),Mr musaala has decided to pay the church in such a painful way though he thinks he is bold .
    mark you without the church probably no one would have ever known about you (FR) mr musaala but because the church is so kind it lifted you to heights you would have never reached but you have chosen to strip it naked like those that tore off Jesus’s robes (clothes) during his passion. instead of carrying your own cross you have thrown it to everyone who can have access to your letter. some are happy and some of us are CRYING because its too heavy no and we are innocent.
    Actually it makes me wonder why you were not ordained priest in Uganda but i think because of your bad behaviors in school of leading strikes our seminaries probably would not have accommodated you, so you choose an easy root in diaspora.

    The real reason why you have come out is to promote your individualistic agenda with your friends in the west where your were ordained from.as i can clearly quote from your letter below.

    ”I am also helping to set up a Victims Support Group, independent of the church for obvious reasons, with guidance and help from similar groups in Europe and the States.

    I have also engaged a Human rights lawyer to advise on the wider implications of clergy abuse on the basic human rights of individuals, especially women.

    Join me in this exciting challenge to bring fundamental change and renewal to the catholic church”.

    I can only conclude by advising you to Go to the Bishop and repent your sin,entrust your self to Mother Mary and seek your patron Saint Anthony for a Miracle because he is known for that .
    but if you think you are what you are because your great then change your name from Fr.Anthony Musaala and take on a new name a then see whether you will have a similar large gathering,you have that crowd because you are referred to as FR.Musaala not Mr,Musaala .people respect you because you are a Reverend Father period.
    You have abused your priestly Title (REV ,FR).



  75. This now lies in the hands of Pope Francis. It’s of the challenges already at his desk. For sure the priests feel they should leave a normal life whether openly or secretely.

  76. thank you father anthony for breaking the silence. its a clearly evident act in uganda . a recent example is in arua , a father raping or two same previous cases in this same parish.
    church leaders must have thought well before they act to suspend.

  77. I am not supportive to sexual abuse, and I wonder how a man/Priest can undo a brother’s clothes for that sex from behind!, and even seduce helpless women and maids with money, school girls who luck tution, funny, even Alturboys. I don’t know why the victims stay firmly down keeping the truth hidden! Now what and how is the church important to uganda or even the entire world ? The catholic church r’ should finish this before its too late, free life is good, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  78. i have read the letter clearly and am just crying because i dont know what has come to mother church i therefore request the brethren to stand firm in this trying moments as our leaders solve the issue. i happen to be a chorister but sometimes even we the christians put these priests in a fix, sometimes you see girls going to their offices in skimpy dresses the you wonder what are they insunuating?? and when you interact with the girls they say i would like to fall in love with a priest because he wont be on my neck like the rest of the guys and another thing is that the priests have money so it beats my understanding. personally i think that if someone has a habit that habit will go with that person even when he becomes a pastor, priest or archbishop. Lord have mercy on our church and please see us through these scandals.

  79. These are the days, like the Bible says; everything is turned upside down including people’s hearts, our faith, our brains and everything specially given unto us by the Lord. we are a messed up lot and apparently, none has the right to cast a stone right now!
    But one thing for sure, this is the wrongest forum to discuss this. Each religion has its own protocol of reaching solutions, so this is a very sensitive subject to discuss out here in the open.
    It is only spiting anger from Catholics and calling for scorn from non Catholics. As a leader, you have the right to reason with your fellow leaders and present the world with a more reasonable and believable solution.
    The world out here is only good at bickering, they might never show you the support you need but only verbal wars.
    We will pray for all of you who are afflicted by this circumstance, but Dear Catholic Church….this is for you to decide!

  80. What Father Musaala has done is right. So many things are happening to our mother church but we do not need to over react the way jude did. I think we just have to solve these things diplomatically so as to save the church from dividing it self. Priests are humans and they have feelings too but things get so tough for them and they end up misbehaving especially from junior seminaries but I hope to get a positive response from seniors of the church to solve this issue without using anger but calmness about the priest published. It is not new to us that these things have been happening coz recently a priest in one of the Northern districts of uganda was convicted for repeatedly defiling their maid/cleaner and why didn’t we complain so much. i think wat father Musaala is doing is not only going to help these priest but also save the church from shame and embarrasments of those priests and clergies who feel can not handle celibacy. Even us ladies we should stop incident dressing as we go to churches as Florence says

    • Becky I did not react bad as you may think. what i tried to show you is the reality. in the history of the church, many people tried to come up with such articles but all in vain. Fr. would have gone to his bishop rather than posting such stuff in the media. if you get disappointments with your husband, do you go over the radio to say whatever you husband did? i think you solve the issues diplomatically
      Musaala would have done that and wouldn’t have attacked him

  81. Dear Lord, we know you warned about this ,and i ask all my friends in the catholic faith to stay strong and not loose focus.Maama bikila Maria sasira.

    • It is not enough to say that Mary pray for us. this is being fanatic in a way. yes there is a problem, and it is a time bomb that the church in Africa is sitting on. anyway Musaala had a point but I pity his ethical and professional way of handling things. come on do not wash your nicker in Public, seek advice.
      good luck.
      having children as he says does not make a priest invalid, and no one condemns them, who is He? is Musaala having a problem? with his celibacy? what is the quagmire?

  82. Fr.Musala’s revelations and confessions need to be reflected upon seriously by all those with a living conscience. We still need to watch out with alter girls or women deacons. Fat does not close near fire unless you want cook. Let’s pray for the RCC and Fr. Musala.

  83. He is no longer worthy to be called a “Father”. I was introduced to his revival ministry by my Aunt who is a staunch catholic and gain respect respect for him as a catholic priest trying to revive the church through his charismatic ministry. We thank the Lord so much who has blessed His people including me through his ministry. May God through His son Jesus Christ who died for us all sinners have mercy on His church. Mr. Musaala, beware of those Whites and other western people you ally with, whose motive is to destroy the Church. Please return to your creator and ask for forgiveness because what you advocate for has stood the test of time. The church has bean fought for over 2 millennia but prevailed. She will even stand through these tough times of persecution she is facing until Christ’s return because He Himself declared it.

    Please, you are free to leave the priestly vocation and marry instead of tearing the church you vowed to serve! This includes the other priests who find it difficult to maintain vows of celibacy and Chasity before committing such heinous crimes as we see today, for the good of the church. God knows that we are weak and have all sinned and fallen short of His glory. Regardless of any faith, none is righteous including the born again pastors and the “saved” flock. How many have you seen/or heard in such scandals world over? Everyone will carry his cross and have his account before his God on that day. Please let us pray for one another so that the grace of the Almighty God will see us through this perilous world we are sojourning.

      • Mr Sebaspace, it seems you are commenting from an informed position, could you please drop the victims names and those responsible for their agony so that this issue is settled once and for all.

      • Even if true, Federesi Kayizzi, that would be a totally wrong thing to do. Whatever this forum is, it is not the place to deal with the confidential affairs of any of the people involved here – perpetrator or victims.

  84. If it’s human concoctions from whichever angle, may the most Supreme, Creator and giver of life, from whom all that is good procedes, prevail, reign and sustain our faith! I am for all but none! God alone will save our Church!

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  86. Really Fr we all know that certain thing are happening in our homes but is this the best way to settle wrangles in your home?
    You claim to be taking care of orphanes and young boy but have you been doing it publicly like this?
    This really implies that it is the Catholic Church you are attacking not individual priest as you have mentioned.
    Mr Musaala otuswaziza nyo go think about it, i know wefuula atalina nsonyi but on this article feel some shame and apologies to the church,us individuals tetwandifudeyo naye our church is undressed ,You have crucified Jesus another time. Please leave Our Jesus alone in his happiness after ressurection don’t take him back to the cross OKAY dear Musaala?
    We pray you revisit what you wrote because i know the devil helped you when you were writing this article.
    May the lord you have crucified forgive you,AMEN!

  87. “I am therefore compiling cases from all over Uganda.I believe that if the all the victims of clearly molestations were to come out and sue the church in civil courts, such abuses would sharply decrease.”

    If i may ask Fr Musaala about the above quote in your message, you say these are individual priest then why do you go ahead and sue the Catholic church has the church ever woken up and said go out and Molest others or this is an individual act which is done by people who know themselves, Because in this walk of life it is a thief who will catch a fellow thief, this is the same with your statement just say you are guilty of what you have been doing to the public and we know we will forgive you because we are all sinners instead of pinning others and leaving yourself out.
    Thank you!
    RoseMary Akatwijuka

  88. I my own opinion priests marrying will not solve the problems at hand because we have seen married men with over 2 wives having sex with house maids, neighbors, not to mention with their children too. so i think we should device other means. if those who have a right to marry opt to for homosexuality then u cant tell me that even when the priests are allowed to marry they stop it. dear Fr. that is just a mith to you.
    please this should be a personal initiative to know what is good and what is bad. we thank you for citing out these behaviours but i dont its news. those vices are not only found in the catholic church but even in so called born again pastors and u can imagine they have a rigt to marry.
    lets pray to God that people adopt good behaviours because every one knows what is good and what is bad.
    i think you didnt much about this before presenting it or you thought it would be a way to take you out of 2009 allegations but sorry you have just nailed yourself.

  89. Bravo Bro..Fr. Musaala I want to thank you for being honest, true and sincere with your self and before God, this whistle blowing is done in public interest i hope and i know 95% of what you have written is true and this may be will definitely help to convince rome that we need reforms in the catholic church right now. Almost every country in Europe is saying the same things we need reforms and North america insists on the same thing we need reforms in the catholic church. I want justice done as you have expressed that you are carrying out a research in Uganda please publish your findings for the world to see. I want to see justice done to our weak brothers in the ministry. Thank you once again and you have my full support.

    Gerald Muhanguzi

    • Even when a lustful man is given 1000 women he stays lustful. stop being shallow minded. marrying is not a solution to this. even if it tries it what about homosexuality. please think.

    • Muhanguzi or whatever you call yourself, you understand and indeed you should understand that our Mother Church doesn’t work on people’s opinions.

      If you and Your Fr. Musaala want people to follow your opinions, go and start up our own church. there you will be able to make laws and broke them as you will wish.

      If mother church were to follow peoples opinions, it wouldn’t have lasted for all these years

      My advise to you is : Pliz, make your own change and there you can make as many reforms as you wish but not OUR BELOVED MOTHER THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

      • Jude, you seem to be saying that that the Church is the victim here, not the children abused and the women ordered by priests to have abortions, or the women abandoned by bishops after knocking them up. Is that so?

  90. To those Brothers and Sisters who have been severely affected by whatever Fr. Musaala put accross, I just Pray to the Good Lord to heal the wounds you got out of this; otherwise the greatest weopon any believer can use is PRAYER. Lets pray for Our Mother Church that SHE comes out of this fracas.

  91. No wonder it is u Fr Musala. Just leave us in peace we really don’t need ur suggestions as a catholic community. Twakukowa

  92. Jesus i trust in you. catholic church i love you no one will ever make me hate or doubt what i know about you.

  93. Fr, its fine these evils are happening en probably some of us have seen and heard but it is clear ” This is a voluntary calling, At joining you know the rules well!”Let those who can not handle resign and all those implicated in these acts be brought to dock as individuals. The Catholic church should not be blamed since its doctrine is very clear. If this is loosened expect other parties with their other interests to also ask for favours from the church so where shall we end up????
    Please let pie remain pie whoever can not handle RESIGN!!!!!!
    God be our guide and guard

  94. With due respect, I think Fr. Musaala you have overstepped your competence. Whatever you presented was a simplistic analysis which was clearly biased towards one side. You take no account of the priests who are courageously living the challenge of celibacy. As a seminarian, I think I should also point out that I thought you knew that some issues are better debated by those whose competence it is to interpret them. Issues of discipline are within the domain of canonists, theologians and biblists-not musicians and artistes. It is also telling that you chose to express your grievances through the media-media which is known for its pitiless and brutal attacks on the church. So, you are allying yourself with the media to attack the church. I actually do not find any logic in all that you purpot to say, and just so you know, when you become a scandal to the people of God, the church has no option but to take the necessary measures to safeguard the faith of the people. If you are tired of the obligations, seek laisization other than becoming a scandal. Also I should say that we in the seminary value celibacy and are trying to live the challenge. Not even Musaala’s rantings can dishearten us because we know that once you open up to God, things that seem impossible become possible. We are ofcourse not angels but like Jesus chose Peter, the most flawed of disciples to be the church’s first leader, we know that He can also help us to become better people. These are the three things I recommend to Musaala; pray, pray and pray. You cannot manage chastity with human effort alone, but with divine help, you surely will

    • …Henry use the word ‘Us” sparingly……coz even the majority rogue priests went thrugh a seminary like u.

    • “I thought you knew that some issues are better debated by those whose competence it is to interpret them”. Very funny.

  95. Well, I am not a Catholic but this issue has made me feel concerned. I think Musaala’s article is pretty illogical and I can not expect any one sensible to come up with such an article. I think He himself must feel ashamed of what he did. Right authority solves problems. That is the problem we have in the Muslim faith; we want to take our problems to the media. Anyway, similarly we see that people have generally failed to live monogamous lives, should we therefore legalize polygamy? If the government fails to fight corruption should we legalize it? I think you better style up and stop writing like those people who never went to schools? Even other religions are in pretty worse positions concerning sexual immorality; why are you attacking the Catholic Church alone? I predict you having some evil desires behind you. Style up Musaala; you are not a kid.

  96. To you JUDE:
    When celibacy is optional it is a gift from God but when it’s a command it becomes a doctrine of demons. Now the Spirit speaketh expressingly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and DOCTRINES OF DEVILS, speaking lies hypocrisy; having there conscience seared with a hot iron.
    FORBIDDING TO MARRY, commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving. 1 Timothy 4:1-4.
    Well stated ! I find the letter of suspension for Fr. Musaala by Archibishop of Kampala, Cyprian K. Lwanga which mostly emphasized the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law wanting! I was expecting the written word of God to be the authority here not Roman Catholic Church traditions! Scriptures states that…”A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach…” 1 Timothy 3:2.
    But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned……1 corinthians 7:28

  97. legalizing marriage of priests wont just solve personal and individual weaknesses which cut across all humanity regardless of career or status. it only may act as a necessary propeller to other phenomena like legalizing homosexuality, abortion, women ordination ….. and affirmations that demand credence wont stop to seek!!

  98. i think and am convinced that you knew these things when you were 16 and why didn’t you report and you wait to be caught so you may face it touch i see now the devil has left you and you are a shame now

  99. Austin, the priests know what they are getting in to and they have a chance to opt out of they feel they will not manage. No one forces them to join priesthood! The same St. Paul who says what you are referring to in Timothy also gives us a big lecture how it would be better for man not to marry inorder not to have divided attention. He howver does not tell us never to marry. He was not Married! Jesus was not married! Many of the apostles left their families to follow family!

    The Code of Canon law should be followed by us Catholics. We have the Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition which are all sacred deposits of the Word of God and must be accepted with the same feelings.

    No human can change the tradition of the Church, the church is much bigger than an individual. You could ask Martin Luther here, he will tell you that he is the one who had to leave but the Church remained and is still having the same teachings as it did then. If you cannot cope with its teachings and traditions, leave and join the free ones.

    Dr. Cyprian did the right thing. Fr. Musaala brought up a very genuine problem but used the wrong forum. Morevever he just wants to fault the Church’s traditions to justify his actions…the church will not accept that!

    Thank you.

  100. pastor male is notorious of throwing stones at others…i really doubt if he will not be the one to be thrown at one day…you ought to meditate before you engage in serious arguments…now read on a woman caught in adultery and come back.

    • Judith, its wrong for you to assume that all catholic tradition is cast in stone. Its a known fact that the current(1983 ed.)version of the canon law was past by Pope Paul II, which has 1,752 canons while the former canon (1917) had 2,414. These canons were made by humans as of the times they deemed them necessary and over time, the same humans have felt it not necessary to retain some laws that were deemed archaic or simply no-longer necessary. Father Musaala has a point, the issues need to be discussed and dealt with.
      We can not prioritize protecting the institution over church-wide injustice and hypocrisy.

    • its such a big blow to the Catholic church. Diocesan priests should for sure be re-trained, majority of them are immense ABUSERS of women and girls. they sexually abuse them, impregnant them-take them for abortions and afterwards turn thier backs on them. I know Fr Musaala took it the hard way and it scratches us badly those who love our church deeply but the issues raised in his article should not be underlooked. Most Diocesan priests have strayed!

  101. Shame on you Jude!! how cheap are you???? how can you be used like that? anyway, i dont get surprised bse wat u said proves wat u are!! I pity u!

  102. A Lady friend teaches at Catholic founded PS in Rakai District. She lives in Teachers houses nia the Parish…actually a few hundred meters…she told me Priests routinely sleep with female teachers;two of them actually fought for a priest.. my neigbors dota who was sponsered by priests at a nursing school gave birth to fatherless kid….how? da kid died wen 4 months and was burried at da gal’s father place…the Bwana mukulu at my Parish was recently suspended by the Bishop..Reason? He constructed a small church compared to the money he got from donnars…Fr Musaala wrote about something which i can say is a public secret..Priests fornicate, seer children…are corrupt etc.. the Arch Bishop can decide to do an Orstrich…and ban Fr Musaala…

  103. I was catholic untill I reached the age of reason.I have not been to church for the last ten years and I am very happy to read stuff like this. I am convinced religion is just made up – Dewey’s (1929) “The Quest for Certainity” is indeed a very good reading.

  104. Musaala will fail badly, his tone in the letter is not to heal but to destroy the church. he will never succeed, unless if he seeks forgiveness from the very superiors he has chosen to undermine. He needs our help and counseling- these maverick characters who pose as being happy and exciting all the time should never be trusted on face value. He has insulted hundreds of faithful priests claiming that he is speaking on their behalf. He can retun to the fold if he wants too, but he needs a lot of counseling. I feel sorry for the young people who have been following him, especially the band members. I advise them to stop associating with him, he is potentially a scandal to Mother church

    Julius Ssempiira

  105. whatever father Musala thinks, its his opinion. most of us catholics know that already , its not news. the institution will get even stronger !!

  106. Shame upon you Father,now you are bringing you own problems and issues to the whole community or Church,please try to solve your own problems,first of all you were not forced to become a priest,it is optional so why do you conderm our church?so you want others to pay for your own sins?Please totukuba bizibu byo,try to pay for what you did.If you were using your relatives please take others out of it.Since you were not forced to become a priest please depart,the church will go on without you.YOU HAVE NO SHAME AT YOUR AGE?PLEASE RESPECT YOU AGE.Dont show as were you grown up from tetwagala kumanya.If one fails to comply with his Discipline,he does it on his own and not behalf of the church.You are about to reveal out what people told you during Confession.You have Disppointed us as Youth.

  107. From what i have read from Musaala’s facebook page, all of us catholics who were scandalised by his missive should forgive him.
    He has big identity issues, and i guess the church leadership knew and he (Musaala) may have known what was coming his way, so he moved first to win public sympathy.
    Contraly to what many people think, this will instead serve the church the better. He pushed the hands of the arch bishop to suspend him, well knowing sooner or later he was going to be exposed for his sick positions.
    I am just wondering why it took so long for the church to realise the true motives and actions of this man masquerading as a catholic priest

  108. Anyway Father those are not news,and thank God you were a priest,but if you were a married person how would you behave????you tried to destroy our church but you wont succeed am telling you,let ask you,were you drunk to write this?you have insulted our Beloved priests and you have to seek for forgiveness.i also feel sorry for those young people who are following you,especially those who are in your band,which example are you giving them and the young generation especially those in seminaries?????PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP YOUR MANNERS FOR YOUR SELF.i wish you a quick and slow death.Go to HELL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Dear Musaala, will the threats u are making make you any cleaner. we know u support homosexuality evidenced on your face book page. That’s not the right channel to solve the church problems. ok lets wait for what how the public and the media will help out.

  110. All I know is the issue needs to be dealt with whether people attack the man or not the ISSUE LIVES and continues to grow.I read that piece carefully and he is not speaking for loyal celibate priests but the ones struggling but still want to serve their God as priests.I need to know the scripture that states that as a leader, priest ,pastor ,apostle, you MUST NOT MARRY.We call ourselves the church and CHRISTIANS so we follow God’s infallible word.The teachings of Paul on Celibacy are not compulsory it was his decision as well to better serve God possibly with knowledge of the obstacles he might face in marriage but we all know God is for marriage.From the book of Genesis we are already introduced to the wonderful institution.I do not see in the bible God disqualifying ministers of His word on the basis of marriage but please do show me these scriptures.
    I see very major things being highlighted but attention is being diverted to the flaws of the man.Okay so he is shameful, immature etc like so many are saying but fact is WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THE RAMPANT ISSUE.IS THE CHURCH GOING TO SOLVE IT OR KEEP RUNNING?
    The man is not bashing the loyally chaste priests nor saying they should quit but he is asking for a man made law not to stand in the way of those who can still be priests(while married) and do so effectively. The two can co exist.I do not see other sections of the Christian faiths crumbling because their priests are married.What is the fear here?
    I am sure his cry and that of others is they are torn between serving God and this LAW placed as a prerequisite. And NO marriage will not be the only solution to the issue, for some who only need a companion it can help but the main issue to me is the VICTIMS who are being overlooked. Psychological help spiritual guidance,open dialogue, these are the things that can help much deeper and prayer! Not attacking and running from issues.I see many attacking Musaala who is himself a victim of sexual coercion at a young age(the language of many abusers is coercion not necessarily rape) that others are terming as willful sex.When will people stop blaming victims?that is NOT Christian period and you have no scriptural backing for that.maybe you have some sort of man made laws to support victim bashing.

    And so many claim he should have consulted elders.Who tells you he did not?Maybe that is why he is now taking higher action And do we not know the church has many times “transferred” these abusive priests instead of dealing with them?
    And for those taking Facebook accounts as “gospel truth”, there are numerous scandals of fake accounts created in the names of religious and lay people.And with Photoshop even pictures look real .Come on now! that’s common knowledge. These people on their real accounts are always sending notices to nullify the fake accounts.Even Mark Zuckerburg the founder has had false accounts of him created.Be realistic.

    “I believe that there must be a new openness at whatever it takes. The point is not that diocesan priests should leave the priesthood and get married, but compel the church to offer the option of a married priesthood. This will put an end to the double lives so many priests are forced to live.”He said….I see no bashing of chaste ones, he wants the GOD given option to be included.
    Christ had a heart for the PEOPLE not the machine we as CHRISTians should too.Shalom

  111. It is very unfortunate Fr or now Mr Musaala? could think that he is stronger than the Church he has served for 19 years. He joined priesthood knowing it’s obligations. Yes, what he says may be true, but the sins of individuals should not be blamed on whole Church

    His personal weaknesses and disappointment should not make him pull down his fellow priests. Even when we knew his weaknesses, we still saw as apriest and attended his masses, because we that his sins will be his problems with his God.

    The Church since it was started by Christ has gone .through many problems, others left it started Churches, but still the Catholic is still ALIVE.

    I am to to hear what lies you want to tell the word on ‘the spot’ an NTV
    tonight. But I know you will live to regret your careless, unthoughr about outbursts. Shame on you.

  112. I have failed to get this. Why do all these people think that the Church is the victim here? Would you say the same if your sister had been forced to have an abortion by a priest? Would you be so dismissive if the 8-year-old sexually abused repeatedly by a “brother” was your relative? What exactly should happen to the victims, grit their teeth and bear it because the Church has obligations to keeping its reputation?

    • Yes Sebaspace I am so disappointed in this blatant disregard for the victims.And even the fact that people are saying “individual”. Is he the only one who has done these things?Like really now.This is utter denial! Unless they face the facts head on women, boys and girls are going to continue being grotesquely abused and the church will continue to “glitter” on the outside.CHRIST CAME FOR THE UNWELL for the PEOPLE not for the institution! PEOPLE MATTER MORE. LUKE 4:18 please people let us minister to the people and stop promoting wrong while protecting an image! The Romans were so Afraid of the message Christ brought because it left no room for abuse which they had been doing for years and years. And the weird thing is if this had been a government scandal or a musician people would not be asking for it to be hushed but the oh so holy glossy “image” must now be protected!LORD HEAL THE WOUNDED

  113. Reblogged this on Blue Petal and commented:
    When I read this blog six days ago, I never thought it would go viral. Just as a heads up. Doctrines are very dangerous to forming principles. The catholic church should rethink churning out doctrines because it creates a flawed catholic society. I am a catholic by birth, I have grown up with all the set principles. But there arrives a point in your life where reason overrides religion. REASON!

    Now, Father Musaala has done a just a fair thing in exposing these public secrets. The Pope and all his clergy should sit down and abolish some of these man-made rules established by people who think they have the right to interpret the bible. Like I said before, Man was never created for celibacy, if that were the case, our genitals would have been cut off, or never placed where they are. There is a reason for everything, and Catholics should get off there high ladder and come back down to earth. Pope Francis this is specifically addressed to YOU!

    • Blue Petal, Priestly celibacy is not a doctrine, but DISCIPLINE! You need to understand Catholic teaching before you write such things without substance. And this is true for most anti-Catholics. Understand what the Church teaches so you can make good arguments….

    • Blue Patel, if you are Catholic, then nice, read the Catholic teachings and understand that priestly Celibacy is not doctrine but discipline. Just grab the Catechism and get things right.
      Then Yes, I am called All Saints, not the name of a pentecostal Church (moreover the Church you are referring to is even Anglican, not pentecostal) but I believe you being a CATHOLIC, should know that 1st November is All Saints Day…right? That’s the simple reason my parents called me All saints–I was born on 1st November, its my birthday and I am proud of it. It a great feast day in the Church!

      Your anger is so misplaced in this case.

      We as Catholics should just try our best to know what the Church teaches and why it teaches so.
      This is the year of faith, lets just grab our bibles, catechism and other so many documents and understand the faith we ascribe to. A faith in Jesus, the creed we profess!

      We shall then be able to make informed arguments and people will take our word.

      Anger will not take you a step ahead.

      Thanks and God bless.

  114. Thank you Hajj Matovu you of different religion but you have given us good advice may the good Lord bless you and your family.

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  116. When the Ugandan pentecostal churches came out publicly (through the media) with an “operation clean the church” of the vices that were going behind the curtains in the balokole churches everyone was happy and glad that the operation would help rid the church of evil n put back the church on the right track but when Fr MUsaala comes out to advocate the same for his church in his letter everyone wants to brush this under the carpet and pretend everything is ok and that musaala is the back who should even be sacked. I think its time for us to face issues headon instead of living in denial and pretending everything is ok… as a church we need healing and the time is now……….. stay blessed

  117. i think fr.musaala have given a big blow in the catholics ministry,but never the less mayGod strengthen those who still keep the law.to some e other {the priests are doing these things secretly and the church is perishing coz of the law} it’s better to marry than to die with a sinful counscience

  118. Fr.Mussala think twice, before you talk like that, Your friend Brother Tamale of the Marianist Brothers, in Nairoibi,now the late, He was having the same thinking like you, and at the end of the day he left the Congregation, you fame has come to an end, Canon # 277 is very clear.
    The Church of Christ is still STRONG, many people like you have been around for so many years.

    • He is a human being like me, is he not? By the way Jude my dearest devout Catholic, since you support celibacy and you say Jesus and St. Paul were able to accomplish it, please let us also crucify you! My point is, you cannot do everything Jesus did just because he did and you think you can, can you? NO.

  119. I appreciate Fr MUSALA for what he has exposed.ALL CHATHOLICS should wake up and oppose this un human vice which is even no where in the HOLY BIBLE.

  120. My friends, thank you for all you have said. But may I remind you that there are married people in world who have left their wives and have gone to other women. Daily we hear of men who have left their wives and gone to other women and even pastors (I mean those who are married e.g. anglican, pentecostal etc) being beaten and accused of rape and sleeping with other men’s wives. Now if you argue that lack of marriage by priests in the catholic church is the cause of sexual abuse and so they should be allowed to marry, what will you say if they marry and still sneak out just as some married men are doing. Keeping promises and not keeping is not in the catholic church only. Many married people have failed to remain faithful to each other. So let us know that we are human beings with human failures and Jesus came for sinners not for holy ones, otherwise we would not need salvation. When one or two people fail to keep their promises, do not generalise. There are thousands of clergy who have kept their promises. And by the way sexual abuse is not the only sin you should dwell on.

    Let the one who cannot manage celibacy go and marry but do not force everyone to do so. Priesthood is a special call from God and God has given freedom to us to answer yes or no. If one finds he cannot manage let him be free and marry. Do not confuse the catholics please.


  121. By the way, the point is, sin is sin and no one here is supporting the clergy for their wrong doings. What has been happening is very much regretable and we pray that the concerned should bit their chests and repent. However, let us not look for solutions which will only multiply the problems. Marriage of priests is never a solution.

  122. Fr. Musaala should not bring the ‘woman caught in adultery’ (i.e. the Church) alone and leave behind the ‘man’ (accomplices in these acts). Many priests are seduced to that level and it was not their doing at first. I know of a priest who was given a potion. To get him healed was a tug of war, and not before some embarrassing effects. There are those who had never dreamt of betraying their vows and find themselves under situations that forced them to compromise, such as loneliness and priests living alone in hard situations, and consequently in search of consolation? What about the consent of the other partners? Are they also not guilty too? Is it always the adulterous religious who is to blame and the other partner always to be a victim? Does this not demand for mercy, prayer, and kind judgement?

    Fr. Musaala is well aware of the effort of the Church always to rehabilitate those found guilty. He knows there are some suspended before him, but are given a chance to appeal to ecclesiastical courts. The Father knows that at times, out of justice, the Church looks for homes to bring up children born out of unholy unions. He should know that the Church by not going around publicizing every wrong doer and victim is a strategy to safeguard the integrity of people; it is not a hypocritical cover up. Indiscretion over such misdeeds may jeopardize people’s marriages and status. His effort to exhume cases of sexual abuse may not work in the interest of personal dignity of some people. I would like to remind Fr. Musaala of 1 Cor 6,1-8. Read it. In short it says: “Why do you take your cases to civil courts, to let the ungodly judge between you the godly? Don’t you have among you people to settle your cases?”


  123. however much musaala is right in some few cases,he is still guilty.he engaged in the act of homosexuallity at almost consent age.but it is good he has told the truth.i cant fail to say that the father may be has a burning passion to marry but he is being suppressed by the clerical sanctions!

  124. Dear Fr. Musala. what is happening in the church is no news as someone has put it. It is ones faith that matters, priests are also human being and each one shall be judged for his own sins.To my fellow Catholics, do not let your faith deteriorate because of the priests’ actions. Stick to your faith, pray and put your trust in your God who created you.

  125. Thank you Father Musala for opening a lid on a cancer which has eaten the Catholic Church for a very long time. Instead of people demonizing you they should carry out an investigation and come-up with evidence to proof you wrong. Some of the people accusing you might even be having children but they are simply holding out as servants of Christ. I know of Father who has 4 children and he’s happily performing his duties of priesthood.

  126. No one can agree with the truth because its out and a shaming to all of those who still call them selves priests yet they have got secrete families out there people are going to fight the truth up to the end of world because it pains and a shaming in the public.

    to be sincere with the public no were you can report a priest that he defiled you i write this out of experience if you enforce the law send me your number i have several cases and only when you are going to use justice in this matter

    you should agree with father musaala and let the debate be positive so that we can help one another in all aspects because the number of crimes upon priests has gone high.
    thank you

  127. Father Musaala let the Lord be with you. what you have written in your letter is 100% true. some priests have sex with the girls for whom they are paying school fees, they even impregnant them. no doubt about that, they dont care how young the kids are. many of them are pretenders.

  128. Thanks all of you members but we all know what father musaala is talking abt so let solve the problems in all societies ie churches, schools, marriages and more, and most of all as christians prayer is our weapon let us stop condeming him or each other because we are all children of God and jesus is our savior and to pr. male try to be a son of God not of this world kubanga eno ensi eyiwa mukwano
    Lydia B

  129. Glory be to the Father, Spirit and Holy Spirit. As a conservative but progressive Ugandan Roman Catholic…..on hearing the news of Rev Anthony Musala’s suspension, I had a mixture of emotions that I still struggle with to this moment. Why;

    Firstly, being conservative I felt that Musala had let himself down by deciding his emotions get in the way of the real cause. With in the African culture and so in the catholic there is a belief that if you have a family problem, before you run to your neighbor, try and exhaust the solutions to the problem with in the family. Even on faliure, you go to the extend family and not the neighbour. I personally feel Musala hasn’t done much to try and save the church from with in fact by what he writes, he hasn’t tried and failed but has tried to fail and chosen the populist option…. Sadly we will not have a 27th Ugandan martyr out of this.
    Having said that however, Musala is spot on the ugandan catholic church is rotten to the core….. even though Musala’s favorite subject sex or not having any legally , it isn’t the only immorality eating up the church. The church is corrupt, arrogant, full of thieving clergy, racist and sectarian, power hungry and controlling. Now to anyone with a genuine fight to straighten the church, they would have called for the whole lot but no Musala didn’t. One might wonder why but look no further the reason is in the letter.
    ”What I found troubling is what followed. Apart from all the pain and scandal caused to all concerned, I found that even though all the allegations were based on hearsay, I was being treated, by my superiors as the biggest sinner in Nineveh.

    Up till now judgements are being made against me by ecclesiastical authority in the light of those events, which I suppose is to be expected. I wondered about this and came to the conclusion that priests who ‘get caught.’ like me, have to pay for the sins of all those who don’t get caught.”
    In other words Musala is bitter by what he calls unfair treetment. However what he won’t conced is the fact that his actions were covered up by the same system he critiques.
    Is Musala Gay? There is no doubt he has had gay sex from his own admission.
    “Case Five When I was at secondary school, it was common knowledge that various Brothers were having sexual activity with the boys. It was called ‘jaboo’. As a pubescent teenager, my first sexual encounter was actually with one of the brothers who invited me to his room on the pretext of doing some extra chemistry equations. I was sixteen at the time. Later I heard that several others had been through the same thing..with the same Brother and with other ones..Some are still alive to this day.”
    Sure he was taken advantage of as a minor and that is condemnable and sad however he seems to suggest I was with his consent.
    By the way this was way before he became a priest. Question is, did Musala join priest as a place of refugee from his homosexaul demons? Well that way no questions would be asked of him because he wld be a priest who was camp but not interested in women as you would expect of priest ( not the campness)
    If you read between the lines, Musala is actually an honest man who is led by emotions. He doesn’t even struggle to deny his involvement in gay activities but rather try’s a fumbling with a politicians answer (read liar’s answer) ” In my defence I tried to point out that I didn’t actually recall having had homosexual relations with any of my rabid accusers, neither did they; which meant that hearsay alone became the evidence .

    What I found troubling is what followed. Apart from all the pain and scandal caused to all concerned, I found that even though all the allegations were based on hearsay.” How can he not recall? He some how recalls acts when he was 16 but not in recent times….. Demented or selective memory?

    As an officer of the Roman Catholic Church hinging out with gay friends is a no no no and so is going to their parties… What was he there as? A chaplain ? Was he preaching the catholic doctrine to them?
    Having pointed out the above, Musala has a point this rot has got to be taken out of the church but his solution is simplistic, Musala seems to suggest that granting priests marriage, would solve the problems he points out…. Very shallow minded!!
    Makes you wonder how much he follows day today today life…. Has he heard of cheating husbands and wives,Divorcing couples, illegitment children, adultery, homosexuality and lesbianism etc ? Musala is in fact asking the church to open the doors to an even bigger problem.
    The solution for the problems the church faces are self inflicted and they are all due to unwillingness of the power be to control there priests.
    Firstly all those that can’t be celibate should do the decent thing and walk. There is still room for them to participate as lay priests but not as full priests.
    The calling to priesthood and vows taken are for those willing to sacrifice the desires of this world…and as that, the Musala’s of this world should serve as lay priests and leave those with the commitment to serve honestly to do so.
    The church is ripping from its own medicine mr lwanga stings at the president a lot and now when the test comes to him, he seems uncompromising to critisim…. Hypocrit? Yes!!!!
    The Ugandan church needs to be cleaned to the core and those that have commited criminal offences should be arrested and face the courts as individuals not as church representatives and be excommunicated!!!!
    The church needs to change but Musala’s solutions are just so simplistic and very sexually motivated….priests need to be supported by putting them away from ways of temptations because it is a norm these days that priests are wealthy, with projects and property…. There is the source of evil. The men of god should take the Jesuit like vow of poverty and concentrate on Eucharist work! They should be able to cook for them selves. Nuns and girls working in parishes and seminaries are a temptation and on the end are victimized or they victimize they guys. The work of god can not be mixed with materialistically minded individuals. The next one to watch out for is Michael Senfuma in masaka…… He is at risk of temptation. Watch this space but most importantly….. We the church and not just the boys in cusoks and as such we need to take a stand and throw the bad apples out doesn’t matter if we only retain 1 out of the lot. We just have to be true to us.
    Lets also get rid of junior and minor seminaries….. They breed boys who are not let to explore the the freedoms of the world before they take serious vows and then cast into the free world ofcouse what you get are the likes of Musala, Ssefuma and the rest.
    God bless you all

  130. Musaala is may be a victim and now he fills guilty of the act,so if he fills lyk marrying let him marry he was not forced to priesthood nowonder he joined at the major.

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