Mike Mukula delivers a clanger! 7

2016 Presidential Aspirant, Mike Mukula, is a very interesting man.

Accused of having pilfered Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI) funds while he was state minister for health, Mike Mukula wrote a check for 240m/= ($100,000) as recompense. This, despite having initially denied anything to do with the theft of GAVI funds. So, it should perhaps be assumed that, even if he was innocent, Mukula was struck by a bolt of kindness and he decided to write GAVI a $100,000 check. Believe me, you won’t find many Ugandans who are that generous, and especially not ones who have held high office as Mukula has done.

Forever dapper: Mike Mukula

Forever dapper: Mike Mukula

It must thus be with the same magnanimity that Mukula decided to wade into the homosexuality debate. Check him out here telling the youth to shun homosexual activity because it constitutes an adoption of a foreign culture.

Odd as it might sound, I agree with Mukula. I, a Ugandan gay man of so many years (well, I have never really been anything else), also don’t want Ugandan youth to take up homosexual practices. How can that be good for them when they still have their education to complete on top of all the other challenges they face in an increasingly ruthless world?

It is when Mukula talks about Ugandan (African?) culture and homosexuality as mutually exclusive that I get a little lost. Can a man who is that smart, intellectually and sartorially, really be serious that homosexuality is alien to Uganda? Mike Mukula surely knows about gay chiefs and kings in Uganda’s past. He also cannot be oblivious to gay government officials and ex-officials, who dabble in gay sex or have dabbled in gay sex in their past, walking Uganda’s streets today. If I know about them, the very well-connected Mukula must know them, too.

So, Mukula is either being deliberately obtuse or he, too, has fallen prey to the Rebecca Kadaga syndrome; that of opening his mouth without thinking through the long-term implications of his words.

Of course he is right to caution the youth against homosexual activity – they have the rest of their lives after they reach the age of maturity to explore that.

But for an educated man of his ilk to think that homosexuality is somehow a sign of a foreign culture?

I don’t get that, Mike, I really don’t.

Which brings me to the question that keeps me awake at night; why don’t these politicians simply shut up about matters of sexuality if all they do when they open their traps is embarrass themselves with ignorant, if not hypocritical, statements?


  1. How did he get $100,000? What was his government salary? For how many years? Any investments? What did he do before government “service”? What did he earn with that? How do we know that the $100,000 is not from corrupt activities?

    • Smile. The truth Dean is that only Mukula can answer those questions. But this is a country where government officials making less than $4,000 a month have $450,000 stolen from under their beds by their wives. So, go figure.

  2. If he has $100,000 and got paid only $4,000 a month, I suspect that the $100,000 was gotten from corrupt activities. Seems to me that he should be asked the relevant questions as part of an investigation. If someone–like you said–has $450,000 stolen from under his bed, then that seems likely some crime a foot (or abed or underbed) which should likewise be investigated.

    • Again, spot on Dean. But this is Banana Republic Uganda where anyone can be paid off. All it would take would be just $1000 for the case-file to disappear. Or the same amount (each) for the witnesses to recant their testimony or fail to turn up in court. So, theft of public funds in Uganda does really pay.

  3. Mukula says he doesn’t want the youth to take up homosexual practices because they are un-African. Seba says, rightly, that this lame argument is a disappointment from the supposedl urbane Mukula…..Seba agrees with Mukula that the youth should not take up homosexual practices, albeit for a different reason…. If I understand him correctly, his reason is that taking up homosexual practices by the youth might jeopardise their education among other things. Yes but then perhaps one should be careful not to appear to single out ” homosexual practices” alone. Seba will remember the terrible stigma associated with being a gay youth in a ”straight” school or home, for instance.. Don’t you remember having to endure all the bragging about the real and imagined sexual conquests of your straight classmates, while you had to keep mum about the boy you’d been intimate with the night before?….So while it is good to caution the youth about not being taken up by the need to have sex, one must not inadvertently send a homophobic message, i.e., that ”homosexual practices” per se are the ruination of one’s life!

    • Oh, I agree entirely that the youth shouldn’t take up ANY sexual practices until they have completed their education. I know they dabble in all sorts of sexual stuff once they hit puberty but we older ones need to keep drumming the drum of “studies first” for all youth.

      Now, once they are of age, who am I to advise them against in indulging in whatever direction their sexuality takes them?

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