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Paul Weatherly

News has finally reached us that Paul Weatherly passed on August 23, 2012 following a prolonged illness. He apparently succumbed to kidney and heart failure. I didn’t know it myself but he apparently didn’t keep it much of a secret that he was living with HIV.

Paul Weatherly  was a great  friend of Uganda and was quite instrumental in steeling the backbone of what was then a nascent gay movement in Uganda 10-15 years ago.

No, he didn’t promote homosexuality as detractors like to argue; he encouraged the gay men and women in Uganda who were trying to form pressure groups to fight for gay rights to keep going. One of the  Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) founders has intimated that Weatherly was “key in the foundation” of that organization.

Among the relatives that we know of, Paul is survived by an 87-year-old mother.

You have fought the good fight.



  1. Dear Paul its os sad that you left us and we are only getting to know now.Thank you for your big heart and support.You encouraged me so much to always get back to school after a long weekend when I never wanted to go back to school.Your encouraging words have put me were I am today.Thanks for keeping true to your friends in Uganda.I will always celebrate your life I shared with you on several occasions.RIP dear friend.

  2. Its so sad that we got the news when its too late. RIP my dear Paul. I will always pray for you. I Thank you so much for true friendship we had and your effort to make me a better person. What i am now! it has been ur effort and courage you gave me. RIP

  3. I am saddened to find out that Paul has passed away. I have known Paul in 1980, in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I have met my soul mate Parker Franklin Hallberg as both of them worked at the US Embassy. And in fact I live not far from Paul in Washington DC Unfortunately my soul mate Parker passed away in 2002 of lung cancer. We had fond memory of Paul and my sincere condolences to the Weatherly family. May he rest in peace.

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