What were the “sex in public” gay men thinking?!

Okay. Time for some armchair pontification.

You might recall those two gay men who opted to have sex in a rough neighborhood of Nairobi? They got beaten up badly by a mob and one of them ended up lynched.

Tissues out everyone.

Now that you have cried the tears, how about taking time for some circumspection?

What on earth were these two men thinking? Ever heard of the term “contributory negligence?” This is a typical example of that legal term.

Being gay is, of course, not a crime. But having sex in public – be it gay or straight sex – is. More to the point, we cannot go around having sex wherever we feel like. That’s what differentiates us from dogs – the ability to discern that some things are not for public consumption and thus making the choice to take our sexual peccadilloes into places where we have reasonable privacy.

Even in Africa where the cost of renting a tenement for some heated action can seem prohibitive, we are really talking about roughly $5.00 for a couple of hours. That is a small price for two people to pay for peace of mind and body, surely.

This all reminds me of another related case which happened thousands of miles away, a couple of months ago. In that case, two thrill-seeking men went out on to their cabin balcony and made out in full view of onlookers down below. They were arrested, charged, fined, publicly embarrassed and will now remember that cruise for the rest of their lives for all the wrong reason … and rightly so.

You make your bed, you must be ready to lie in it. The two men in Nairobi obviously made a terrible choice in opting to drop their pants to have sex in an area where they could be happened upon by malevolent malcontents. It is inconceivable that they didn’t know the price they could pay. So, although their fate was horrendous, it wasn’t a surprise to them. They threw the dice in a place where they knew the potential repercussions for public gay lewdness … and lost.

A fellow gay man on another forum tried to rationalize what happened to the gay men in Nairobi by arguing that they were the victims. To which I say … they could have made the choice to take it indoors and on one would have been the wiser. But they knowingly chose a course of action that could potentially put them in danger. If you know there is a lion in the lair, you can’t claim to be a victim when you put your arm through the fence and it is bitten off. That is foolhardy, irresponsible, reckless. It might also be tear-jerking but ultimately, once the tears dry, it should only serve as lesson to others who might be inclined to such foolishness.

The lesson, thus, is a fairly simple one:

If you are an amorous gay male or female who chances upon an encounter that you feel must be satisfied with a full sexual session, the solution for you whether you are in Dominica, a toilet in Los Angeles or an unfashionable neighborhood of Nairobi is a simple one: take it to a place where you are assured of privacy.