Martin K. N. Kollie III pens a Nazi howler!

It is as long as it reads like a political polemic that is intended to impress the faithful at a reading of Mein Kampf. Ultimately, however, Martin K. N. Kollie, III’s vituperative tome against Liberia’s homosexuals reads just like any other piece of chewed and spat out ignorant rubbish you have read anywhere else. The one element that should strike a chord in anyone who bothers to read it to the end is how trite and un-original it is.

No, Martin K. N. Kollie, III is not Hitler - but he sure sounds like him.

For instance, it is interesting to see Kollie III think of himself as a precursor of anti-gay Liberian revolution. Take this snippet below:

History will judge all public trustees who are still mute on this issue because they want to be decorated with international favor. I am confident that this is not the type of national vision our government is envisaging for the youthful generation before 2030. One thing I can assure all gays is that our society will never fall prey to any kind of intimidation and coercion from the West.

Well, well, well. It is rather endearing to see Kollie III so ably read the future and come to informed, intelligent conclusions. But I seem to recall that education teaches us to only use “never” advisedly – as in for instance knowing that we shall “never” live forever.

But poor Martin Kollie III gets ahead of himself and assumes that he is some sort of seer for what is going to happen in the entire nation of Liberia. Then he goes for all those big words: intimidation, coercion, envisaging, common patrimony, grave wickedness etc., no doubt in an attempt to cower those who don’t agree with him (including his own president) into fear using bombastic words.

Martin K.N. Kollie III’s arrogance is breathtaking.

And to think that this is only Part I. Must Liberia (and the world) really be subjected to more of this hodgepodge of inane, far right, Nazi thinking and superciliousness?

The thought of seeing more of this pap seems too wretched to bear.

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