1. My friend, the blog needs more color and pictures like the old one! This one is so… gray and corporate looking. 😦

    • You know what, you are not the ony who has said this. I am thinking of just looking at going for a professional look – keep the corporate look but add some life. I agree totally about the gray look. I feel it too. Do you know of any website developers I can work with to “brighten up” the look? I would quite happily pay for it. WordPress themes are not helping much … most are terribly dull.

    • Hi Elizabeth: I have just spent the last two hours looking around for a more “vibrant” blog. Have a look at what I have come up with. It is a theme that I have bought from WordPress (the gay one was/is free). It would appear that even with Wordppress, you get what you pay for. free blogs are “gray and corporate looking.”

      See what this one is like and feed back.

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