Only in America!!

In the years I spent in America, I came to appreciate a lot of things about that country, most of them very good. For instance, Americans are the most giving people to needy causes  in the entire world. When disaster strikes at home or abroad, American citizens individually give more money than anyone else, often more money than their government does … and you can take that to the bank as the unadulterated truth.

But I also gradually realized that there is an American underbelly – that of ignorant, blissfully illiterate (mostly black) young men who know they know nothing and are proud of it; that of loud-mouthed and empty minded right wing commentators such as Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and Glenn Beck who have grown rich taking advantage of the stupidity, ignorance and, dare one say it, rabid xenophobia of trailer-park-trash white America; that of the ‘me, me, me’ selfishness that usually manifests itself in decibel levels that rise far too quickly over a look that lingers a split second too long or over spilled fizzy drinks.

Then there is the  other America of greedy, leech-like, onlookers running onto accident scenes so that they can pretend to have been among the injured in the hope that they will be contacted by a barracuda-like lawyer to fight for their “right to be compensated.”

Americans are also far too ready to rush to accept dubious medical excuses for inveterate thieves and/or liars (Bi-polar disorder you hear the excuses), badly-brought-up children (ADHD is blamed) and “abused” people who suddenly regain their “repressed” memories of yonder years in order to get even with someone they have decided they no longer like.

But there is also the vulgar, rich, gullible people whose money has given them material comfort but no sense of proportion whatsoever. Those are the kind of people in this Yahoo report about outrageous sums of money being spent per person to ‘re-enact’ the Titanic meal of 100 years ago.

Even if the $12,000 price tag for a meal (Uganda shillings 29,520,000/=) wasn’t obscene, it beggars belief that anyone with a modicum of sense can believe that there is anything to be gained from sitting down to a meal purportedly eaten on a doomed ship 100 years ago. But that is something you come to expect from a lot of Americans – they buy into the most outlandish nincompoopery if it is marketed to tap into their basest instincts.

Four “Titianic” meals could purchase this house or the car

To put things in perspective, three people who paid $12,000 each for oysters, truffles and salmon could have bandied together and bought the house above for the same money, or they could have purchased a brand new Toyota Highlander. Then they could have donated either to a charity which, no doubt, would have found better use for them given the dire straights many Americans are going through right now.

By now the people who paid the ludicrous sums for salmon and oysters have already flushed them down the toilet drain. It  makes the mind boggle. Had they gone down to the bottom of the sea to have their meal on the wreck of the Titanic, that would at least have made some sense.

How can such a ridiculous, pie in the sky, proposal appeal to anyone in 2012? It’s pointless to pretend to know and I shall not bother.

Only in America!