Quote of 1967: “The Homosexuals”

“The average homosexual, if there be such, is promiscuous,” Wallace said in the piece. “He is not interested or capable of a lasting relationship like that of a heterosexual marriage. His sex life, his love life, consists of a series of onechance encounters at the clubs and bars he inhabits. And even on the streets of the citythe pick-up, the one night stand, these are characteristics of the homosexual relationship.” Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame, in 1967

The legendary television interviewer, Mike Wallace, died a couple of days ago at 93. To his credit, he came to regret this CBS report of his in 1992.

"I should have known better," Mike Wallace admitted in 1992.

As a fan of 60 Minutes, and one who got to see Mike Wallace in action for many years, I have nothing to hold against him. It is where a man is going, not where he has been, that matters to me.

That said … ouch! What an embarrassing episode for one to have to revisit.