Liberia’s Johnson Sirleaf tries to clear the muddy waters 4

Liberia’s president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has tried to clear up the dust she raised when she appeared to support the ongoing effort in her country’s parliament to criminalize homosexuality.

Read up on it here and see if she succeeds or if this might not be politician double-speak.

Money quote that I have read at least twice without really being sure I understand it:

The President and her Government believe that the current law regarding sexual practices sufficiently addresses the concerns of the majority of Liberians and guarantees respect for traditional values. The reality is
that the status quo in Liberia has been one of tolerance and no one has ever been prosecuted under that law. The President also thinks that with the unprecedented freedom of speech and expression Liberia enjoys
today, our budding democracy will be strong enough to accommodate new ideas and debate both their value and Liberia’s laws with openness, respect and independence.

In plain, simple English, what exactly is Johnson Sirleaf saying? Does she support the parliamentary efforts to pass more laws against homosexuals or does she not?