SMUG sues Scott Lively 1

One is not sure what to make of the lawsuit filed by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) against Scott Lively, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to guess that it is meant to bog him down in lawsuits.

It even has the smack of mischief but one can see the bigger point it is trying to bring out. And that point is that (mostly white) evangelists making whistle-stop tours into Africa to propagate extreme far right messages camouflaged as religious ministering need to understand that their actions and words have far more import than merely reading Biblical superstition to the poor black natives.

“I don’t know that person at all.”Nsaba Buturo on Scott Lively

More interestingly for me is how Mr. James Nsaba Buturo, defeated member of Parliament, and dismissed Minister of Ethics and Integrity (Lokodo, his successor, has proved to be a similar bull in a China store) runs for the hills when asked about Scott Lively. I would have done the same, too, if I had so little to show for it after crusading against gay sex for a decade. One has to know when it is time to move on.

Also named in the lawsuit are Martin Ssempa, Stephen Langa and David Bahati. Ssempa is mired knee-deep in a gay related conspiracy-to-defame lawsuit that was about to be decided against him two months ago when, in a cruel twist of [calculated?] timing, the presiding judge was transferred. The lurid details of the case sounded like a soap opera, with tales of witnesses being smuggled into co-conspirators’ private offices, coached and cajoled – on tape.

Of course poor Stephen Langa had his 15 minutes of fame and went back to … whatever he was doing before the 15 minutes. And as for David Bahati, he continues to hog the limelight with yet another attempt to have his Nazi anti-gay bill debated in Parliament. If passed and signed into law by President Museveni, it will have parents, priests, counselors and teachers serving three years in jail for not informing the police should they find out that someone is gay.

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