Rosemary Najjemba’s “anti-gay treatment bill being revived” 1

David Bahati – same old story, same old song. Rose Najjemba: Rose who?

There is nothing as dangerous as a legislator who has nothing to do. One such lawmaker is this woman called Rosemary Najjemba (NRM, Gomba County), a Ugandan member of Parliament who is cleanly looking for things to do. Behind the Mask is reporting that the bill this woman tabled in Parliament in 2010 to strip gay men of rights to medical treatment, and which run out of time last year, is being revived.

While Najjemba’s role in the revival of this bill [there are no funds allocated to gay HIV treatment by the government anyway] this time round isn’t yet clear, she must be looked upon by Uganda’s gay community with shame and embarrassment. How could anyone, especially a woman likely to be a mother if she isn’t already, ever have thought that such a bill made sense anywhere in the world?

How Neanderthal  and heartless are Uganda’s legislators prepared to be to prove their doctrinaire closed-mindedness?

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