Ugandans need “corrections” lessons

“Homosexuals have existed in our part of Africa, they were never persecuted, they were never discriminated … they were also never promoted. So the problem is on the promotion of homosexuality. … In our traditional society, the homosexuals would be known, it would not be approved but would be ignored” Musseveni

I hate to go there but much as it is politically incorrect to say so, many of my Ugandan brethren are either not terribly intelligent thoughtful or they didn’t utilize the time they spent in their primary school English lessons very well. If you rule out those two possibilities, then the word ‘delusional’ comes to mind.

Take these Facebook responses below to President Museveni’s interview with a foreign reporter from the BBC:

Problems understanding issues. English?

Culture and heritage to protect? Independence? No gays in Africa? Did these guys actually listen to Museveni’s words? He confirmed that gays have always been part of the African fabric!

And if Uganda was truly independent, why do these people think their president would be spending all this time talking about homosexuality to foreign journalists?

In primary school, I recall that we would always have a lesson after taking periodic tests when we would go through with the teacher making what we called “corrections.” It would appear that the people above who cannot understand the simplest English now need these corrections. It would be years too late but, hey, better late than never, yes?