Heroin cited in Producer’s Death

Call me naive, ignorant, blind, foolish … anything you want. If you had paid me two weeks ago to scour Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, for heroin, I would have come back empty-handed because I wouldn’t have known where to start looking. Upon my return, I would have assured you that there is no heroin anywhere in Kampala or anywhere else in Uganda, never has been.

Rice (dead), partner (fighting for her life)

Which is why it is such a puzzle to me that someone can travel all the way from South Africa to Uganda, ensconce himself in a luxury hotel and somehow manage to get hold of heroin. If the reports are to be believed and heroin was involved in the death of Amazing Race‘s producer, Jeff Rice, where did he get the heroin from? His partner is currently lying in a coma in a Uganda hospital, reportedly with cocaine in her system.

Cocaine? In Uganda? The mind boggles.

Had it been marijuana, I would understand. Marijuana grows liberally in many parts of Uganda and I know it is sold in certain parts of Kampala fairly openly. But heroin and cocaine? Until now, I thought these drugs were to be found in Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan and, in their purified form, the United States and other rich countries where they can afford to buy the stuff. But to find heroin and/or cocaine in Uganda?Goodness!

I think I have lived too much in a bubble and I have totally lost track of the realities on Uganda’s streets.