Liberia’s ex-first lady leads anti-gay charge 3

Below is the letter Liberia‘s first lady, Jewel Howard-Taylor has written to the Liberian parliamentarians regarding what she calls her “sacred heritage” of having no gay men or women in Liberia:

Jewel Taylor's letter (1)

It would appear that Ms. Jewel Taylor has learned one or two things about how campaigns of this sort have come a-cropper in other parts of Africa. So, she is covering her flank by disguising her anti-gay sentiments in language that suggests that she is trying to prevent “gay marriage.” In a country whose letter of the law forbids anyone to indulge in same gender loving, it is disingenuous to say the least, for Jewel Taylor to even suggest that it is gay marriage that is exercising her.

Jewel Taylor's letter (2)

Really? In a country where the language of the law is against same gender loving, Ms. Taylor’s only concern is gay marriage? Why do I find that hard to believe? Isn’t she really using gay marriage as a lightning rod, knowing fully well that it will incite the masses to rise up in indignation against gay men and women, whether or not they have asked for same-sex marriage?

This one needs watching – closely.