Yet another Republican politician outs himself!

Mayor Greg Davis

It is as consistent as it is tired. As Whitney Houston once famously sang, it is the characters that are different – the script is exactly the same.

Lights, camera, now you’re on.
Just remember you’ve been warned.
Enjoy it now, ’cause it won’t last.
Same script, different cast.

This time it is the Republican mayor from Mississippi who has consistently run on the platform of “family values” whose judgement lapsed and he outed himself with his purchases from a gay sex shop. Married with three children, he got divorced from his wife a short while back. He has now been forced to admit he has always been gay by an audit that revealed he had used city funds in a gay porn shop in Canada.


Trust me, he will not be the last. It will be only a matter of time before yet another “happily married to a woman” Republican politician outs himself.

No, no, no. They will never learn – learning is for those who choose to exercise their will to do so.

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