These Republicans are an abomination!! 3

It was a long overdue end to the silliness of the United States of America’s ‘head in the sand’Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) policy. Bill Clinton accepted it as a compromise measure when his bid to have gay officers serve openly in America’s military was thwarted by Republican small minds in 1992. It has taken America another 19 years to accept the foolishness of its position on gays serving in the military.The simplest reason why this policy has shown up the intellectual miasma of America’s ruling Republicans (the Democrats have long supported openness but didn’t have the votes) is that the United States’ military already has had many gay men and women serving – in secret. The DADT policy has been akin to demanding that anyone who speaks Spanish can live in America as long as they pretend that they speak only English when they are out and about in public.

Why is this so?

Being gay is who and what we are. We cannot be anything else. In other words, being gay is the same thing as being black, a woman, white, Latino etc. because you are born that way and that’s all there is to it. To ask someone to pretend that they are not gay when, all along, you already know they are, reflected the worst hypocrisy of the American military and especially the worst excesses of the Republicans who forced Bill Clinton into this shabby compromise. So, we now have the shameful scenes of men and women coming out publicly after serving for half their lifetimes in the US military, to deafening silence from the same Republicans who in reality would rather that there were no gays in the military at all, in fact no gays on the planet. More shamefully perhaps, some of these Republicans are gay themselves.

The scenes of military officers coming out are shameful because, of course, they raise the question: what was all the fuss about? You knew all along that you have gays serving and didn’t have any significant discipline or morale issues to grapple with. What then has been the stumbling block to eradicating a ridiculous, pretentious, outdated and, thus, indefensible law? The answer is a simple one: dogma.

Gays have been forced to lie about who they are in a military that prides itself in recruiting people of the highest integrity by doctrinaire Republican politicians and bigoted entities who think that a secular country must kowtow to visceral ideology even when it is not underpinned by any intellectual arguments. For, how else can you explain anyone supporting DADT when they know fully well that it all it did was treat otherwise honorable officers as liars and, dirty, second class citizens? The position of those who still supported this policy in 2011 (all of them Republicans) could only have been justified had they been living in Gulag Russia.

That is why as a black, gay, man, wild horses wouldn’t drag me to the voting booth to endorse any Republican this side of 2013.  There is really nothing constructive the Republicans have to say to someone like me. For the face of the Republican Party today, look to Tea Party activists such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter and people of that ilk; vindictive, bigoted, uncaring, hypocritical frothing-at-the-mouth religious fanatics, indifferent to anyone less fortunate than themselves, disdainful of minorities, jingoistic and, worst of all, owning large platforms for their totally incorrigible, empty-tin positions that they beam into the homes of a vulnerable middle American white population who are looking for a scapegoat for their current economic plight – a plight that is squarely the fault of George W. Bush who inherited a budget surplus and frittered it away over two wars America couldn’t afford; wars that the self-same Republicans now talking about fiscal responsibility fully supported and continued to support until someone of a race they didn’t care for took office.

America is now on its economic knees thanks entirely to George W. Bush’s bloody-minded determination to fight foreign wars, one of which he concocted evidence for in order to justify to a skeptical public. To think that any Republican can now turn around and blame Barack Obama for the trilllion dollar budget deficit America is facing is nothing if not breathtaking myopia. But one can forgive the Republicans for this since they are in the business of winning elections and the sitting president is fair game when the economy is not doing well.

What they should not be forgiven for is their continued hypocrisy on DADT and their endorsement of Tea Party policies that are barely disguised vehicles for racism, homophobia, religious intolerance and almost every form of bigotry that America has spent the last 200 years trying to rid itself of.