Eddie Long’s troubles far from over

Eddie Long/Anthony Flagg (one of the 5 accusers)

Two of the young men who say Eddie Long sexually took advantage of them when they were underage teenagers are singing like canaries. Apparently, they have discovered well after the fact that money indeed doesn’t buy happiness. So, they are taking Long’s 30 pieces of silver and throwing them in his face with a tell-all book which violates the terms of the secret multi-million dollar deal they signed with Long to hush the accusations of homo-pedophilia.

Eddie’s Long reaction? He will continue to move forward.

AfroGay still says that if Long is still standing as head of the Atlanta Church he has straddled like a Colossus of Rhodes come January 1, 2012, his congregation should have their minds examined for … whatever mass affliction would make so many people so blind.

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