Bottom 101

What is about to follow is not for the squeamish but it holds a lot of truth so there is nothing for it but to wade in feet first.

AfroGay didn’t write it – someone anonymous did – so he is just going to edit it for clarity and post it more or less verbatim.


There is nothing better in this world better than a good bottom. As many bottoms that we have in the world and as much as bottoms claim they love to be bottoms, I find it shocking to see how many bottoms there are out there that can’t seem to put it down.
I would like to give some pointers on what makes a bottom a good bottom.
Every bottom needs to understand cleanliness and grooming. A hairy ass is cute on some boys, but it does not work for everybody. If you are a bottom that loves getting his ass ate, there should not be any hair back there, period. For you that don’t know, anal hair sheds often and when a top is eating ass he doesn’t want a mouth full of ass hair flavored floss. Crest makes a dependable brand and it has a minty flavor. I use it faithfully.
Next cleanliness. Dicks are not made the same. Just because you been with a few dudes and you didn’t shit on them does not mean you will always be that lucky. It should be a regular practice to buy some sort of douche or some sort of analgesic to put in your ass and flush out your rectum. [Find] an enema that you can use to shoot the liquids into your ass and flush it out. That way the ass is clean inside and out.
Bottoms: I cannot stress the importance of giving good head. I have been with many bottoms who try to imitate what their friends do or what they saw on a porn movie. DO NOT DO THAT! DICK SUCKING IS AN ART FORM AND NO VIDEO CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT PROPER. The key to giving good head is listening to your top and feel his movement. Trust me, no matter how hard a top thinks he is, if you are hitting that spot he will bitch up real quick. LOL. When sucking dick what all bottoms need to focus on is the ENTIRE dick. Many bottoms love playing with the head which is cool, but baby I got a whole big ass dick and all of it needs attention.
On that note, you bottoms need to get it out of your head that a [top] will come quick off of head alone. Some bottoms got mad skills, but some people like me take forever to nut. I’ll tell you real quick if you’re waiting on me to nut you’ll be down there for a long time. The idea of oral sex is just to tease a top on what you got to give him…. namely your ass. Every top loves head, but when his dick’s hard and you got a nice clean tight ass, you ain’t gonna be giving head all night, trust me on that.
Lastly, you bottoms got to apply that same principle of the dick in your sex routines. I have yet to have had a boy to ride my dick and do it properly. The dick is supposed to slide in and come out. Two simple motions that can bring 10,000 different feelings of joy. When riding, all you need to do is to take your time and position yourself so that you can properly slide on the dick and not just bounce around with part of the dick in you.
To add, Talking and moaning during sex. Probably one of the biggest controversies about homo-sex. In my opinion, I don’t need all that hollering and screaming and moaning. It’s way too much. If it feels good and you let it out in moderation that’s cool. For you feminine bottoms who love to holler and scream, y’all really need to give that up, it’s not cute, its rather annoying. That’s probably the quickest way for a [top] to lose your number.
Concerning talking, I know many bottoms like being talked to during sex. But a lot of shit is irrelevant. Why in the fuck would you ask “How [does that] ass feel?” or “Do you like that ass?” I mean really if the ass was bad don’t you think we would have stopped by then? Asking a top where he wants to nut at is another pointless question. Do you really think a [top] cares where he nuts? Shit we’re just happy to nut without jacking off.