102,241 men on Adam4Adam 2

I checked out Adam4adam the other day and saw the above image and I stopped in my tracks:

102,241 members in all rooms

Really?!! One hundred and two thousand?!! Please, someone tell me that all these 102, 241 men were not online, on Adam4adam in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. That would be a staggering number indeed.

The entire population of Washington DC is a little over half a million souls. Granted, when you factor in Maryland and Northern Virginia, (DMV) you get into millions, but goodness, 100,000 men on the DMV sex site seems insane.

AfroGay is thus going to assume that this is a number that refers to all gay men on Adam4adam in the United States and beyond at that time. Even so the numbers are quite astonishing. The United States has 50 states. If you divide the number online on this day equally between them, and that would tally into 20,000 gay men per state on Adam4adam alone. Now, if you factor in the ones who were on other sites (Adam4adam is predominantly a black site) and those who were not logged on at all. Hm …. The number just keeps shooting up.

Now, if those 102,241 men are in the DMV area alone, AfroGay’s active imagination puts the possible numbers at 2 million gay men in the United States alone.


Why is any gay man lonely?


  1. Ha, ha, ha. It is 2,000 indeed. I am going to leave it there for everyone to see how terrible my mental arithmetic is. But, when you think of it, if gays are between 5 and 10% of the population, the 2m figure is within the realm of reality, isn't it?

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