Rumors – Ludacris is gay 5

The gossip mill is circling around Ludacris (real name Christopher Brian Bridges). When it reached AfroGay’s ears that Ludacris is gay, he decided to go looking.

You see, though I had heard of him, I didn’t know what Ludacris looked like or what type of music he plays. I still don’t know who Ludacris is but I am a little more educated about his music because I have You-tubed it.

The music is … how shall I put this delicately? Different? I listened to the Ludacris song called My Chic and I shook my head in bewilderment at how anyone can call such misogynistic and incondite stuff music. But this is about Ludacris, not obscene rap.

As you can see from his pictures Ludacris is pretty, very prety. He is a beautiful, very beautiful man. He needs no make-up whatever to look hot, hot, hot.

In my book, that is a sign of gay, gay, gay.

Another tell-tale is that he lives in Atlanta. I don’t know of any single, pretty men such as Mr. Bridges who live in Atlanta that are not gay. Some jealous girls whine about the ‘waste’ that is Atlanta precisely because every stunningly pretty man in Atlanta is gay. The less charitable people (likely those who have no men of their own) have gone so far as to refer to Atlanta as Faglanta. We gay boys prefer to call it Hotlanta because that city sizzles with homosexual black men.

And Hotlanta is where Ludacris lives. Another giveaway surely.

I stand by my generalizations of many moons ago:

Too delicately pretty and sensitive – … A lot of gay men tend to have the kind of delicate, porcelain features, flawless complexions, magnetically glassy eyes, luscious lips, sensitive temperaments that you either see or sense. Such men are automatically associated with ‘sweetness’ even though they might in reality not be. Though not always a dead giveaway, such men are more often than not gay. 

Ludacris is doing whatever he can to maintain a thuggish ‘nigga’ image as his lyrics about women in sexual acts show, but I think his physical beauty tells you more about him than what comes out of his mouth.

In fact, the crude, sexually explicit lyrics and the man whose mouth they come out of are so diametrically opposed that it is impossible to listen to the disrespectful music and pick Ludacris out from a line-up as the man who sang them. It must be then that, like Trey Songz, Ludacris also is trying too hard not to be gay – in his case by overdoing the macho, thug, ‘you’re my bitch’ ghetto act.

And as the rumors suggest, the act is not really convincing. 

Christopher Brian Bridges (Ludacris)

But, my goodness, is Christopher Brian Bridges beautiful or what? As the Americans say … Damn! This man makes it hard to keep one’s hands where they belong.

Like I do with Colin Jackson, I really, really, really hope Bridges is gay!

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  1. Luda's gay? surprise not such a surprise, it's like all men in ATL are on the Dl, was watching Ciara's single- ride he feats on it he's got this domineering voice, sexy, real masculine but I imagine I'll find (such men) in BDSM. Was actually thinking about that b4 reading this post

  2. I know this is an earlier post, but I was thinking about it this morning. Have you listened to his song, Sexting? The chorus sounds like it was written by the gayest person you could find. And he sounds pretty gay in there too. Haven't seen the video yet, but I imagine it's not that straight either.

  3. @Random: I am going to listen to the song but, goodness me, do these guys need to be so vulgar?Of greater interest to me is another 'musician' whose sexuality seems suspect. Ne-Yo (who is not at all good-looking if you ask me) came out with this recently when he announced that someone he had knocked up was going to have his baby next January: “I’ll be in Atlanta, Miami or Brazil and celebrate with alcohol and a member of the opposite sex.”Now, do you know of anyone who has nothing to hide who talks like that, who sees any need to talk like that?

  4. @Haiku: the truth is that I don't know whether Luda is gay or not. But it really doesn't matter since to be gay is really a badge of honor and thus something anyone should be proud to be associated with. As I am sure you could tell, I used Bridges merely to ride around on my "gay, gay, gay" one-wheel bike yet again.

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