Cut or Uncut? 10

Cut or uncut? That is the question.
Yeah, yeah, yeah … I hear you retorting that this is a question of taste (forgive the pun). And while no one can dispute that, AfroGay thinks that this is a cope-out, sort of like saying that the difference between a good and great personality is a matter of taste.
Really? A matter of taste?
Well, when it comes to matters of aesthetics, AfroGay doesn’t like to sit on the fence, and so he is not going to even attempt that here. The difference between a cut and uncut dick is surely like the difference between day and night.

Take the hygiene factor, that most obvious and pertinent of issues. Once a dick is cut, that’s it. All you need is some soap and water and in a matter of seconds you can vouch for the cleanliness of a cut dick.

Now, it is a whole different ball game with an uncut dick. If the ‘washer’ is less than careful, trust me you will have smegma (a thick, cheese-like, sebaceous secretion that collects beneath the foreskin) lurking. I don’t know if anyone has ever seen smegma. Trust me … it is disgusting. Just think cottage cheese and rancid fish-smell and you have it.  It’s difficult to think of anything more revolting.
A cut dick doesn’t have any of those issues and you can give it fellatio without fear or favor because the slightest supply of water will clean up a cut dick to pristine condition. Yummy!
Frankly, even on a purely ‘beauty’ scale, the uncut dick has nothing on the cut dick. Those mounds of flesh around the head of a an uncut dick remind AfroGay of a turkey waddle. Yikes!
And there is nothing more disgusting, surely, than a dick which grows hard and the foreskin stays over the glans. What on earth is that about? Am I really expected to go down on a dick whose foreskin doesn’t roll over to reveal the glans? Why would I remotely wish to do that? Am I just meant to close my eyes and suck up whatever is lurking under the foreskin? Please pass the sick bucket.
 A cut dick is really a work of art, a testimony to the artistry of the ‘cutter.’ Most importantly, a cut dick is a sure guarantee of ease of testing for hygiene that no uncut dick can compete with. You can confirm its readiness for fellatio simply by looking at it. The uncut dick doesn’t give you that luxury, in fact it keeps on tantalizing you with what lies underneath the sharpie, and then makes you hesitate in fear of what might lie underneath. Who wants those kinds of mixed emotions in the heat of the moment? With a cut dick, what you see is what you get … no unfolding surprises when you are already worked up.
Even on the HIV/Health aspect, the cut dick beats the uncut dick hands down because doctors agree that the foreskin is more prone to storing lethal viruses underneath it whereas a cut dick can’t store them since the storage space has been cut away. Yes, a cut dick is not panacea for avoidance of sexually transmitted diseases but removing it clearly reduces the risk of keeping unwanted viruses under the foreskin.
From whatever angle Afrogay looks at it, there is nothing to be said for a dick that is uncut … unless that is all there is. And because there is something that one can do about the uncut dick, AfroGay wants to start to join the movement, if there is one, to campaign for mass circumcision of all men in the world. Imagine what vistas that would open up … hmmm

Gentlemen … get cutting. Go under the knife already.

Do I hear an Amen in the house?


  1. Aesthetically the circumcised penis is definitely miles ahead and as you've said, health-wise and in relation to hygiene, being circumcised is the the better place to be.I have however been told that sensations are more intense during sex for the uncircumcised man and that reaching orgasm is easier. It was argued that the circumcised penis loses some of its sensitivity. How accurate this is I am unable to say..

  2. Anengiyefa:Intense sensations, reaching orgasms, sensitivity … Do you know of anyone cut who has ever told you that they got have any of the above because they lost their foreskin? And wouldn't you say that there are many people who who would like the problem of not reaching ejaculation "easier?"Precisely.

  3. Cut beats uncut all around–sex, looks and cleanlyness. I have a cousin who got circumcised in his 30s and he told me that the sex was better!

  4. Every man should be cut. The beauty, the (ahem) taste, the hygiene of a cut dick … hmmWhat exactly is there to say in favor of an uncut dick?

  5. im uncut, never had any problems. look at how many guys are doing foreskin restoration, also go fu*k a hiv infested person with your cut cock see what you'll get…. go try it… lol… ive converted quite a few women to uncut, cause they orgasm easier. i guess both cut or not have their benefits and downfalls.

  6. a dick with a natural foreskin is the winner for looks and pleasure every time , when you see a cut dick its with regret because you know so much is missing and often looks like a poorly done job . its so sad to see a small boy that has been cut , why do parents allow this to happen . as for hiv circumcision is no major help in prevention otherwise the u.s. would not be the worst infected country in the west which it is in spite of its high percentage of cut males so go figure , no the hype that circumcision protects you from hiv is bogus and just an evil fake . as for hygiene its as easy to wash under your foreskin as wash your hands .

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