Allow Women to Divorce Men With Big Sexual Organs 2

Uganda’s New Vision has come up with another one that is typically Ugandan … and it’s simply too juicy to pass up. Uganda’s women apparently have a grocery list of demands they want included in a Marriage and Divorce bill being debated in Parliament.
Money quotes:

The women also suggested that a new clause be inserted in the Bill outlawing sex during the day. They noted that most husbands demand for sex [sic] during the day without considering the presence of their children.“We need a law to ban sex during the day to avoid immorality among children. It should only be allowed during night,” said a participant from Mukono. The Bill bans widow inheritance, allows women to divorce impotent men and outlaws the demand for marriage gifts. The women also demanded for a clause allowing them to divorce men with big sexual organs and men who work abroad for long without returning.

AfroGay concurs with the women entirely where sex during the day is concerned. I mean, how can a man with a job to go to and, presumably a woman with things to do around the house and/or a job to go to instead jump into bed and start humping away like rabbits? If they are having sex in broad daylight, what on earth will they do under the cover of darkness? Go out and put in a decent night’s manual labor?
The problem that particularly caught AfroGay’s attention was obviously the women who find big dicks a problem worthy of asking for divorce. Divorce a man because he has a big dick? Really?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Methinks that a big-dicked partner is a problem the majority of females (and the occasional male) would like to have surely. They do not air such adverts in prudish Africa, I am sure, but in the more open-minded world who has not  seen or heard the adverts on radio and television for Extenze (Extend your manhood; it works) male enhancers and a myriad other ‘penis enlargers’ that promise extra length and girth? Why would Extenze have any market if a big penis was really a problem women don’t want?

By the time I got to this point, in the article I must admit that I was giggling like a mooned idiot … divorce men with big sexual organs … that sounds almost like winning the lottery and asking to give it back because it is too much money! Or arriving hungry at a banquet and deciding that you will not eat after all because there is too much food available. Ha, Ha, Ha.

If one didn’t get the incongruity of what these women are exhorting their Parliament to do, try imagining that you were saying the following to your lawmaker: ‘We want to marry only men with small sexual organs.’ Or try sparing a thought for the ‘men with big sexual organs out there who would have to face the prospect of losing sexual partners on account of being too well endowed. Ha, Ha, Ha. Hee, Hee!

The only plausible explanation one can come up with for these women asking their lawmakers to free them from “hung” pudendums is that they are being cheeky. The Bill in discussion has obvious elements of levity so it’s likely that the women asking that a law be passed allowing them to divorce men with big dicks are doing so … tongue in cheek.

Divorce men with big sexual organs?


Would you ‘divorce’ any of the men in the pictures above (dug up from AfroGay’s internet archives) for that reason? Or perhaps those dicks are really not big enough for you!

Ha, Ha, Ha.



  1. some of these women have been circumsized and mutilated, where their clit been cut off, and their vagina has been sown in to create a small hole… and having a "large" man, means a lot of pain to them. But otherwise, for us women got our vagina intact, we luv them large men!

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