Georgina Oundo turns to pornography!! 1

Georgina Oundo has now resorted to full frontal pornography. Karma Sutra is tame compared to this.

Money excerpts:

The pornography aside, if those guys at the Red Pepper had any sense, they would know that any lay person will see that Oundo, with his limited education cannot have used words like ‘lavish,’ ‘bulged,’ ‘groaned like a lioness,’ ‘frenzy,’ … for the obvious reason that he doesn’t know them.

Yes, no prizes for guessing. The Red Pepper has made the whole thing up and used its idle editors to let their imagination wander over what they think happens in gay sexual liaisons. Frankly, you can see that the whole thing was written by someone with limited undestanding of gay sexual dynamics. For, if poor, hunted Georgina had already cum, what mutual frenzy is he talking about thereafter if he was indeed an unwilling participant? And what of this nonsense about severe, angry sex? And holding him in the waist like a glass? Georgina is a size 36 waist, just over 6ft tall, must weigh at least 200 pounds [90+ kgs] and someone thinks he can be manhandled like a glass by the much smaller priest? And to think that he is being called a “boy” by the Red Pepper. Troubled, yes, but a boy?! By this point I was hysterical because of the sheer silliness of it all.

But, Georgina’s game plan is becoming more clear. He thinks that if he plays the “I am being hunted” card, he might get a sympathetic ear to help get him out of Uganda. That was what he wanted all along; a meal ticket out of his abject desperation and if he has to connive with Martin Ssempa and the Red Pepper to get out, so be it.

In the meantime, though it is likely not true that anyone is after him, yours truly wouldn’t mind Oundo being hunted for a change. With the kind of damage he has done to people who have never done him any wrong, it would be wonderful to know that he is feeling the horror he has visited upon others – the fear that would force someone into hiding in their own country.

As the Baganda say: Kino kissuffu (this is too much)!!!!

Hee, Hee …

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