Roland Burris: we black people need to style up

Senator Roland Burris’ support in the black community is just beginning to waver?!!!

This is preposterous!

This man, Burris, was nominated and confirmed to the Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama after the Governor who appointed him, Roy Blagoyevich, was caught on tape trying to sell the seat. Roland Burris denied any contact with Blagoyevich or anyone else on the matter of seat-for-money.

Then early last week he admitted, sort of, that some seat-for-sale contact had happened with Blagoyevich’s brother, totally contradicting claims he made to a House panel when asked about this specifically. Then, later, he admitted that he had in fact discussed raising money for Blagoyevich in exchange for the Senate seat. Then, again later on, admitted that he had attempted to raise money in order to try and comply with the seat-for-sale discussions that he had had with Blagoyevich’s people.

When he got the chance to explain himself to his peers in Chicago all he could summon was “You know Roland … I am Roland” as his defence in his constantly shifting story.

And it has taken this long for the Chicago black community to lose confidence in this man?