Museveni’s Nazi Anti-Gay law leads to an online gay dating clamor 5

gaydar messgeThere is something remarkable happening to the “invisible” gay population of Uganda that will have the framers of the Bahati Nazi Gay Bill (now, Museveni Nazi Gay Law) choking on their breakfasts.

Thanks to the law signed February 24, 2014 in a blaze of publicity, there has been a commensurate and, dare one say it, encouraging stampede to join gay dating sites by Ugandans.

Museveni's Nazi law ignites online gay dating

Museveni’s Nazi law fuels online gay dating

Yours truly hasn’t been keeping track but here is some interesting tidbits he has noticed. In the past, you were lucky to find more than a handful of men on any gay dating site admitting to being Ugandan, over 30 or married .A cursory check on the three most visited sites now shows it littered with men admitting to being in their 30s and 40s, being bisexual, discreet (read ‘unhappily married to a woman’) and looking for anything from a one on one relationship to group sex.

While it is still early days to assess fully the impact of the passing of the Museveni Nazi Anti-Gay Law, February 24, 2014 will likely be looked back on by historians as the day when Uganda unwittingly emboldened even more gay men and women to boldly go where they feared to go before.

As they should, given how short our lives are to exist in unhappy marriages, when our thoughts and hearts are yearning for same-sex loving that is just a click or a mouse away if only we could get the guts to go for it.

Some of the “new” entrants to the dating sites will be up to no good; spies, mischief-makers,  that sort of thing. So one has to be very careful not to be lured into a gay honey trap that ends up splashed all over some tawdry tabloid’s front pages.

manjamStill, still, … hope springs eternal.

Ironically, Yoweri Museveni’s Nazi bill seems to have given the hitherto staid and jaded Ugandan gay dating scene a much-needed shot in the arm, adding yet another epaulette to the president’s already busy uniform – Gay Recruiter in Chief.

Facebook is very fertile ground for gay hookups

Facebook is very fertile ground for gay hookups

This kind of unintended consequences is nothing terribly new of course as watchers of history will attest. Everywhere draconian laws have been passed against human volition the net effect has always been the opposite of what was intended. That’s why the prohibition laws failed in the United States in the 1920s, why the war against marijuana has failed the world over, and why laws against consensual adult same-sex loving must fail.

No law can buck the human spirit.


Dr. Spe lives up to her billing as UN Envoy, lambasts Museveni’s Nazi anti-gay law 5

If you are a Ugandan representative employed by any global/international body that espouses equal rights for all, be warned. You’d better walk the talk of equal rights or we’ve got you in our cross hairs.

“I am in full solidarity with the LGBT community across Africa." Spe Kazibwe

“I am in full solidarity with the LGBT community … across Africa.” Specioza Kazibwe

That’s what Uganda’s former Vice President, Specioza Wandira Kazibwe (Dr. Spe) discovered when she chose reticence over the Nazi anti-gay bill her former boss, Yoweri Museveni, signed February 24.

Before the awful bill was signed, Spe Kazibwe, Special Envoy to the United Nations on HIV/Aids in Africa was remarkably silent. She made some sort of vague allusion to human rights at a conference in South Africa but she might have been speaking about the right for women to wear mini-skirts, for such was her waffling.

Then the bill was signed. Silence from Dr. Spe!

Imagine then one’s astonishment when she came out, guns ablaze, against the bill and even went so far as to excoriate Yoweri Museveni for not listening to her private entreaties to him not to sign it.

“I am in full solidarity with the LGBT community and I will continue to defend their rights in Uganda and across Africa. Rest assured of my unwavering support and action for the realisation of the rights for every human being, which has been my struggle since childhood. I will not reverse my path. I will continue to engage with the Government of Uganda and civil society organisations on this important matter.”

Yours truly was truly surprised.  That is until it was revealed to him that she hadn’t picked up the mantle on her own, but had been pushed by none other than a pro-gay pressure group, called AIDS-Free World!

Indeed it turns out that she was prompted by a scathing letter that was written to the UN Secretary General by the Aids-Free World directors, in which they demanded that Dr. Spe be dismissed for her silence on the anti-gay bill. Clearly having heard about another Ugandan doctor, employed by the Global Fund, who found himself forced to turn in his employment badge because of views that were in contradiction to those he signed up to when he was hired, Dr. Spe chose to play to the international gallery.

And yours truly can only commend her for seeing sense  and talking loudly about it, too. Right in time – before the guillotine fell.

If you are a Ugandan representative employed by any global/international body that espouses equal rights for all, be warned. You’d better walk the talk of equal rights or we’ve got you in our cross hairs.

And that’s not a threat; it’s a promise!

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Another “eviction letter” 9

One has to think twice about what would be achieved by posting eviction letters that have been initiated on account of the Nazi anti-gay bill Museveni signed February 24. In this case it seems useful to belabor the point since the letter (below) was initiated by a local council aficionado as the stamp and letterhead seem to suggest, and the eviction is clearly illegal even when you factor in the Nazi law that is used as the pretext.

Local government "eviction letter" of a gay man from a Kampala suburb

Local government “eviction letter” of a gay man from a Kampala suburb

Translation of the letter (by yours truly):


xxx xxx [name withheld)

I am writing to inform you that you have been evicted from the house you live in because of the stories [about your gay lifestyle] that appeared on Bukedde Television and in the print media. We can no longer live with someone like you. Therefore, vacate the premises before the 5th of May 2014

Secretary Kawooya (Namungoona-Kasubi LCI)

Nanyonjo H

Unless the secretary (Ms. Kawooya) is the landlord, she cannot initiate an eviction notice on a property that doesn’t belong to her. She also has no right to give a tenant just a couple of days’ notice to vacate a place of abode. But this is Uganda where all sorts of things will happen, however illegal, so who knows.

If the letter is real, and there is no reason to suggest is isn’t, we are looking, ladies and gentlemen, at government-inspired hounding of gay men and women out of their places of abode simply because of the perception about who they are, and not for anything they are confirmed to have done.

Once it became about Museveni, Western tactics became irrelevant 14

Elizabeth Ann Palchik has what I think is an excellent article commenting on how Barack Obama’s public fist-clenching was counter-productive because it forced Museveni into a corner, and into signing the anti-gay bill just to illustrate that he wasn’t going to be pushed around by America.

But then check out Lynne Featherstone (Minister at the Department for International Development in the United Kingdom) lamenting that taking a subtle approach didn’t work. 

Curiously perhaps, I agree with both Palchik and Featherstone.

How so?

The Bill, hatched in 2009, was kept in limbo for 3 years, despite clear Parliamentary backing, by Yoweri Museveni who made no pretense about why he didn’t want any part of it; it was a foreign policy matter that only he dealt with. In effect, he told his own National Resistance Movement (NRM) members of Parliament in early 2010 that he wouldn’t sign the bill because he needed donor money to fight the 2011 election and they retreated into their shells because they knew how important he was to their own political survival in a country where for the president to endorse you usually means you are a shoo-in for election or re-election and his displeasure with you is a sure kiss of death. Museveni collected the money he needed from the donors, $3bn according to some unofficial estimates, paid off the electorate and got re-elected in 2011.

John Baird's Quebec outburst revived the Bill and helped get it signed into law

John Baird’s Quebec outburst changed the political landscape in Uganda and helped get the bill signed

Come October 2012, the Canadian foreign minister revived the comatose bill when he publicly lambasted Rebecca Kadaga in Quebec about it. Sensing an opening for her 2016 presidential ambitions, Kadaga gleefully turned to the phalanx of cameras and gave as good as she got. The bill would be decided by Uganda which was not a colony or protectorate of Canada. She returned to Uganda to a rapturous welcome from the anti-gay lobby which had all but given up on finding their way past Museveni’s intransigence that the bill must not be even debated.

John Baird’s interference had, unwittingly, changed the political tone of Uganda’s politics and now the anti-gay side had a seemingly viable champion who could challenge Museveni in 2016. Rebecca Kadaga promised to deliver the bill for Christmas 2012 and set about campaigning for the presidency even as she also openly feuded with Amama Mbabazi, another contender for the 2016 presidency. Museveni managed to stall the passing of the bill that Christmas but he was hanging on by his political fingernails.

In 2013, the internecine political wranglings in the top echelons of the NRM escalated. Kadaga’s international stature grew with all the awards and posts she was racking up, and  she spent more time in Uganda’s regions and on the world stage than in Parliament – literally campaigning for the presidency even though she thinly disguised it as doing her job as Speaker of the House. We now know that Museveni’s Prime Minister was, with the help of his wife, also actively making his own presidential campaign preparations, albeit more surreptitiously than the Speaker of the House.

Slowly being humiliated by Museveni: Prime Minister Mbabazi

Slowly being humiliated by Museveni: Prime Minister Mbabazi

With the same secrecy that Mbabazi was using to set up his campaign stall, Parliament plotted to bring the anti-gay bill to the floor and Kadaga, all along conniving with a number of Parliamentarians on tactics, let them pass it shortly before Christmas 2013. Museveni and Mbabazi were both caught off guard, and Mbabazi could barely hide his chagrin at what he must have seen as his ambitions being pulled from under him by his political enemy, Rebecca Kadaga. He complained feebly in Parliament that the bill was being passed without the necessary votes needed but was totally ignored.

Usually composed and self-assured, the vote for the bill threw Museveni for a loop, forcing him to write an angry, personal attack against Rebecca Kadaga in which he inferred that she, too, was as “abnormal” as the homosexuals since she was childless and unmarried. He wouldn’t sign the bill.

But it was clear the ground was slipping from under His Excellency when the whispering became a cascade that if he didn’t sign the bill he would be abandoned by his party.

There was nothing for it but for Museveni to swing into action. He would now seek scientists’ views about homosexuality and make his mind up thereafter. In the meantime, he let it be known to his close supporters that he knew of his Prime Minister’s plotting and he allowed them to collect signatures at the ruling National Resistance Movement’s annual retreat in Kyankwanzi -all pledging allegiance to another 28 years of Museveni. That partly took care of Rebecca Kadaga who wasn’t even at the meeting to try to mount a rearguard action.

But what price had the NRM acolytes who signed allegiance to Museveni extracted? All was revealed when the scientists’ report was presented and Museveni claimed that it told him that being gay was a choice. Of course it told him no such thing but he was already prepared to spin it his way to keep his presidential hopes with his own party alive. He would now sign the bill.

By the time Barack Obama intervened publicly (I agree totally that he should have been more aware of the political dynamics on the ground and saved his breath), the die was cast. Museveni had, like Macbeth, waded in too deep, “stepped in so far that should [he] wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er.”

Likely after some frantic phone calls from Washington, Museveni made a last gasp nod to Obama that he would ask for a second opinion from international scientists. But all that was just confused, desperate, flim-flam as he looked for a way to appease Washington while also keeping his political base in line. There was none and Museveni signed the bill February 24th without waiting for the extra scientists’ report he had announced only days before.

The gloves were off once the bill became about Yoweri Museveni's political survival

The West became irrelevant once the bill was about Yoweri Museveni’s political survival

Signing the bill finally erased the only electoral advantage Kadaga had mastered within the NRM and Museveni could now go after his other adversary, Amama Mbabazi. Thanks to a phone tapping bill that Prime Minister Mbabazi had supported in Parliament, Museveni had voice transcripts of conversations that confirmed that his own Prime Minister was secretly plotting to be president.Within days, he made public the recorded conversations in which Mbabazi’s people were heard to be canvassing for support, confirming pay-offs and denigrating Museveni as old, tired and out of touch.

As yours truly writes this, Mbabazi is in retreat, denying this and refusing to comment on that. He is best advised to come out boldly so that if he fails in his presidential bid, he at least goes out with honor. But that’s not how Uganda’s politics works so poor Mbabazi is going to keep on denying, even as he is openly stripped of power and influence, to be replaced by the very people he was using to plan his own presidential bid.

See why both Palchik and Featherstone are right?

Once it was apparent to Museveni, in 2012, that his office was under serious threat from within his own party, what the West did or didn’t do wasn’t going to work. The anti-gay bill happened to be the vehicle Rebecca Kadaga (who is personally not anti-gay at all) was riding so Museveni had to derail her by agreeing to sign it.

The bill became tangential, thanks to John Baird, in October 2012, because Baird helped change the discourse from being about homosexuality to one of Museveni’s political survival. In that sense you can argue that Baird’s intervention was counterproductive since it gave Rebecca Kadaga the opening she was looking for to look and sound presidential on an issue that she knew the entire country could rally behind – Uganda’s national pride. Even yours truly supported her response to Baird.

Last month, Obama should have known the futility of opening his mouth against the bill, and should have kept his powder dry as Britain’s Cameron did. Palchik is right on this. But, the subtle approach Featherstone is now frowning upon shouldn’t have been bothered with either once it became clear that the anti-gay bill was no longer about the gays in Uganda but about Museveni’s political survival.

The West should have shut up shop and gone home in November 2012 when Kadaga showed she was intent on using the bill as her Trojan Horse to the presidency and it was clear she had the political traction if Museveni remained obdurate about not passing it.

Their interjections, whether loud or subtle, were never going to make any difference as Museveni was going to do whatever it took to stay in power till he died – yes, up to and including signing a bill he didn’t like, had admitted was foolish and unworkable, and on which he had incontrovertible evidence from his own scientists telling him that homosexuality was NOT different to heterosexuality.

It is to give the West too much credit to argue that, after October 2012, there was anything they could have done to stave off the signing of this Nazi bill.

The shrill gay battle is over; time now for a quieter fight. 12

It is true that, as Museveni stated before he signed the bill February 24, gay activism in Uganda has lost a ferocious battle.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The war is not over yet even if it is time to move on from the hysteria surrounding the anti-gay bill, now a law.

Before we move on, it is important to give all due respect and gratitude for the motley crew of men and women who have nearly brought Uganda to its knees on account of their gay rights advocacy. They likely don’t know it yet but Uganda’s gay activists, fronted by Jacqueline Kasha Nabagesera and Frank Mugisha, have conducted probably the most successful campaign for minority rights recognition Uganda has ever seen and is likely to see for a long time.

The tactics seemed simple enough – yell when you can, run when you can, knock on influential doors when you can, and hide when you can. It worked because that is what the fight needed at that time; for Uganda to wake up and realize that gay men and women existed and weren’t going anywhere.

Yours truly rates the height of Kasha’s and Mugisha’s success at what some might see as a frivolous event; a gay dance party, one evening, in Kampala last year that must have had at least 400 gay men and women there. Despite thinking I knew what was going on in the gay community, I couldn’t name more than 15 people in the crowd. All were young men and women I had never seen in my life and all were having the time of their lives … and deservedly so.

That was the cap, for me, of the success Mugisha and Nabagesera had achieved; getting so many young men and women to accept who they were and come out to celebrate it. For that every gay man and woman in Uganda must forever show these two people respect. The gay genie in Uganda is well and truly out of the bottle and no signature on a page will ever change that. Ever. In that respect, ignorance about homosexuals and homosexuality in Uganda has been soundly defeated. Even government ministers now quibble, after the bill became law, that as long as gays don’t flaunt it, they can do as they please.

With that pen Museveni put an end to the megaphone fight.

With that pen Museveni put an end to the megaphone diplomacy

Now that the bill has been signed, it is time for some introspection about the tactics and direction of the “struggle.”

First of all, the megaphone advocacy of ‘they are going to kill us,’ ‘stop the hate’ etc. needs to be put on ice if not shelved completely. It was tried and ultimately didn’t stop the bill, even though it might have impressed a handful of donors.

It is also time to accept that, with the bill signed, going on radio to engage Martin Ssempa or running around to talk to CNN and Reuters about how dangerous Uganda is, must be a waste of time. Museveni sealed Uganda’s reputation as not that different from Idi Amin’s time when he signed that bill and there is nothing more one can say to change the worldwide perception that Uganda is now as bad Hitler’s Germany.

What Museveni did with the stroke of that pen was to put a close, too, to the ignorant, uneducated, ill-bred street chatter, to the loud-mouth and empty mind Facebook vituperative, and to the asinine rhetoric from Parliament. All those empty tin Ugandans, and goodness does this country have its share of them, have had their day in the sun.

The next chapter will be a legal one; the bill must be challenged in Constitutional Court of course.

But that is a rather different environment where the power of your reasoning counts for far more than how freely you froth at the mouth.

A legal eagle friend told me this morning not to put too much stock in the constitutional challenge and I had to disagree for two reasons.

The first one is that precedent is on the side of the courts throwing this bill out. There have been three legal challenges brought by the pro-gay lobby in Uganda that I know of. The courts have sided with gay rights on all of them, and so trenchantly on all three occasions that the losers were left wincing in embarrassment. In fact, I am not aware of a single case where the pro-gay side has lost in Uganda’s courts of law in the last five years.

The second reason one must count on the courts is simple: there is simply nowhere else left to go. Barack Obama has crowed against the bill but he will turn back on the taps of aid, which will mostly end up in the pockets of ministers, in three or four weeks. That’s how things work. Britain’s Cameron has this time not even bothered to utter a word. He no longer sees the point. A number of Scandinavian countries have pulled the aid plug and the World Bank this morning made some noises about $90m to be suspended. They need to read Elizabeth Anne Palchik’s excellent analysis on why they are whistling in the dark, and then they should keep the aid coming in. Best to do that and not add even more ill-will towards homosexuals who will be made scapegoats when even more mothers die in childbirth and HIV/Aids medications run out. Uganda is a basket case that will go even deeper into the toilet if the aid is stopped – but the Ugandan homosexuals will go down with it.

The internecine trench warfare is over, and the gay community has lost. With the loss, many of the activists whose livelihood was derived solely from campaigning against the bill need to turn off the lights, go home and find something else to do. The gay rights advocacy now needs to focus on health and wellness programs – on ensuring that gay men and women have condoms, lubricant, access to medical information to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and on self-empowerment projects that will help all these young gay bums who, like preying mantises, make a living off stealing from their sexual partners or selling pictures and information to The Red Pepper. Gay advocacy should now shift to teaching these emerging homosexuals how to avoid catching expensive STDs, the value of getting tested regularly, and how to humble themselves, work hard and earn their own money.

The next national battle will be in the courts and it requires a different type of advocacy. It is for lawyers, and other legal minds and it should not be anywhere near the decibel levels we’ve seen over the past four years because it is more about high level critical thinking than being emotional.

Thank you activists all over the world for your shrill, hysterical contribution. As Palchik put it, a lot of it turned out to be counter-productive but, yours truly will admit that some of it was what was needed at the time to give publicity to the issues. There is thus no dishonor in the fact that it didn’t stop the bill from becoming law.

It’s time for pro-gay donors to accept that the battle to stave off the bill has been lost, and to channel their funding to the legal campaign which must follow as surely as day follows night. The legal fight must not be starved of cash even if much of it will end up in the lawyers’ wallets – that’s the way of the world.

And finally …

Dear foreign well-wishers … Unless the Ugandan lawyers specifically ask for your intellectual contribution, don’t give it.


A tale of three presidents 16

Once upon a time, in a far off land where a lot of people of different ethnic origins, dispositions and mannerisms lived, there was a man who took it upon himself to find out why all these differences existed, and how to eliminate them.

So, he had his scientists conduct experiments to prove that a perfect human race could be achieved, with the guinea pigs totally unwilling participants. Some of the experiments were so successful that, for instance,  contemporary knowledge concerning the manner in which the human body reacts to freezing is based almost exclusively on some of those experiments.

Adolf Hitler Saluting, 1934That man was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s determination to rid the world of all the races he couldn’t understand was so successful that, almost 70 years after his demise, his doctrine of achieving racial purity still has committed followers all over the world.

In another land, in another generation, there was a man who had a dream. In his dream he saw a perfect country with black natives owning property, land and untold riches. In the same dream he saw how the Utopia of black abundance and success could be achieved at a stroke. So he issued a decree.

Within 72 days all people of Asian extraction had to vacate his country.

Idi AminThat man was General Idi Amin Dada.

Idi Amin’s clarion call to rid his country of all ‘coolies’ was so successful that more than 90% of his people sang his praises for years. In fact they sang so well, and for so long, that many of them were still singing when their relatives and friends started disappearing, never to be seen again.

In yet another generation, there lived a man who took it upon himself to determine whether or not it was possible for anyone to be born gay. He commissioned his country’s scientists to advise him on how he could rid his country of homosexuals, and they duly told him that, just like heterosexuality, being gay was involuntary and couldn’t be eradicated from any part of the world.

The venerable gentleman, however, decided to interpret his scientists’ report in a way that assured him that being gay was a choice. So, he picked up a pen, in a blaze of fanfare, and signed a law making all gay men and women in his country criminals.

mu77426554ff096That man was Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Museveni was cheered to the rafters by a frothing, ecstatic public, in scenes  reminiscent of the Shakespearean plebeians at Julius Caesar’s eulogization, who praised him for restoring their cultural and religious pride.

In 1938, Adolf Hitler asked himself how to make a perfect race. He answered it – to ringing sounds of “Heil Hitler” and “Sieg Heil” from his people.In 1972 Idi Amin asked himself the question about what to do with the Indians in Uganda who had known no other way of life. He answered it – to giddy chants of “Idi Amin Oyee!” from his people.In 2014  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni asked himself what to do with the gay community in his country. He answered it – to ululations from his people guaranteeing him the presidency in 2016.

Which is what it was what it was all about for all these three men: staying in office till they died, by whatever means possible, regardless of which one of their citizens they trampled underfoot along their way.

Yoweri Museveni stakes his legacy on defying his own scientists 13

Never in my [ahem] 39 years of existence have I ever seen a scientific report turned on its head, deliberately misinterpreted and used for political gain in the way it is about to happen in Uganda.


I have read about it in dreadful stories about how Adolf Hitler commissioned scientific reports to tell him that Jews, blacks and homosexuals were vermin. But to think I would live to witness it?


Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni commissioned scientists to tell him whether gays were normal or not. Then he would decide whether or not to sign the anti-gay bill his Parliament had passed like thieves in the dead of night.

Well, the scientists from Museveni’s own Ministry of Health came back and told him that homosexuality was genetic, was NOT abnormal and has always been around in Africa and elsewhere since time immemorial. They also told him that homosexuals were tolerated in Africa until the white colonialists arrived with their Bible morality.

The scientists told Museveni all the things he knew already and has repeatedly spoken about publicly.

You have to thus wonder how he came to the conclusion that because gay men and women in Uganda are normal, their homosexuality genetic and/or a product of their environment, they should be imprisoned.

Yours truly thinks that Museveni didn’t read this report; that he relied on the interpretations of his [mostly obtuse] assistants. Why so? The report is telling him to do exactly the opposite of what he has told the world he is going to do!!

There is absolutely no way, no way, anyone who can read the English language can interpret the report Uganda’s scientists produced as an endorsement of the anti-gay bill.


But this is Uganda where students routinely graduate from high school barely able to read or write. And it is such people who, having failed at everything else, end up as presidential advisers and state house administrators, usually because they have learned to sing sycophantic political stichomythia or they are from the right tribe.

Museveni can go ahead and sign the bill.  In fact he will probably sign it because he has waded in too deep to turn around.

But the science around homosexuality has been established once and for all in Uganda, by Ugandan scientists:

a) There is no definitive gene responsible for homosexuality

b) Homosexuality is not a disease

c) Homosexuality is not an abnormality

d) In every society, there is a small number of people with homosexual tendencies

e) Homosexuality can be influenced by environmental factors (e.g culture, religion, information, peer pressure)

Museveni will forever be seen as the intellectually confused president who went against exactly what the very scientists whose opinions he sought told him not to do. History will judge him as that dithering president who changed his mind like a wind vane and couldn’t take the trouble to read or decipher for himself what a simple scientific document from his own country was telling him about protecting a section of his own people, namely that homosexuality needs to be treated exactly the same as heterosexuality.

And rightly so.

The last chapter to Uganda’s anti-gay bill is yet to be written … and all because so many Ugandans can’t or won’t read!

Ugandan Scientists: “Homosexuality is not an abnormality” 4

“Sexuality is determined by biology (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry) and how one relates to others which is a function of psychology …Ultimately these functions are determined by genes and their interaction with the environment. What, therefore, constitutes normal sexual behavior in any given society (learned sexual practices) is a function of one’s biology, psychology and culture, the last three being dynamic and often changing. … Homosexual behavior has existed throughout human history including in Africa …Many Western-based evangelistic missionaries and Arabs penetrated Africa and influenced her people with their views on homosexuality. This continues today … Indeed there are undeclared homosexuals in Africa who many not even know it because their cultures never give room for the expression of such behavior. …”

The above are excerpts from the scientists’ report that the Ugandan press, National Resistance Movement politicians and their president are claiming lends support to the anti-gay bill.

It does absolutely no such thing!!!

In fact, it is 12 pages of completely supportive scientific finding to the homosexuality cause!

Someone, anyone, needs to read it and tell the world where His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni and his followers got it from this report that gays are “abnormal” and deserve to be jailed for life for being so, thus the Anti-Gay Bill must be signed.

Yours truly has failed to find it.

I know we live in an age of lazy or non-readers but please take time to read these 12 pages. It debunks the myths Ugandans have been fed for years about the issue of homosexuality.

Now, find here, the government-owned New Vision’s [deliberate?] misrepresentation of what the scientists said.

What on earth is going on in this country?

Museveni delivers Kadaga a 6-0 anti-gay whitewash 8

The list endorsing President Yoweri Museveni for a 5th term in office is long, but it has been worth poring over it.

In brief, 208 out of a possible 216 or so (96.3%) members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) endorsed Yoweri Museveni as their candidate for president in the 2016 elections, still two years away.

Museveni brought NRM anti-gay to their knees - literally

Museveni brought NRM’s anti-gay MPs to their knees – literally

The leadership issue hadn’t even been on the agenda! Instead, it had been put about that the NRM members of Parliament (MPs) who had gone to their annual retreat in Kyankwanzi were going to haul their leader over the coals for rejecting the anti-homosexuality bill. Anti-gay bill tops NRM agenda, the headlines screamed. In another hysterical one, a minister threatened to resign if the bill wasn’t endorsed by his president.

So, we all sat back and waited for President Museveni to be upbraided by his party over his dismissive rejection of the bill they had passed barely two months earlier, and humiliation of Rebecca Kadaga who Museveni called a thoughtless, foolish woman in need of counseling due to her “abnormality.”

David Bahti rolled meekly rolled over and endorsed pro-gay Yoweri Museveni for president

David Bahti rolled meekly rolled over and endorsed pro-gay Yoweri Museveni for president

And we waited. And waited.

Instead what came out of the meeting were poodles meekly following Yoweri Museveni all the way to an election that is still two years hence!

Notable among the people who didn’t endorse the president were the Right Honorable Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the 9th Parliament – who has been openly campaigning for the presidential office herself. Also missing on the list of those who lay supine while Museveni walked all over them is the Honorable Chris. Baryomunsi, MP for Kinkizi West. Kadaga might hold out for a while longer but Baryomunsi will apologize and fall into line as surely as day follows night, of that you can be sure.

Simon Lokodo took time off his Nazi anti-gay witch hunts to endorse pro-gay Museveni

Simon Lokodo took time off his Nazi anti-gay witch hunts to endorse pro-gay Museveni

Buried deep in there at number 166 is the name and signature of none other than … Honorable David Bahati, Member of Parliament for Ndorwa West, the key promoter of the anti-gay bill his colleagues had gone to Kyankwanzi to stuff into Museveni’s backside.

Finally, finally … signatory number 24 to endorse the man standing between him and the enactment of the anti-gay bill …

Drum roll …..

The Honorable Simon Lokodo, MP for Dodoth County and Minister of Ethics and Integrity!!!!!

Haaa, Haaa, Haaa!

But back to the politics of it all:

Kampala [ex?]Mayor Elias Lukwago (likely pro-gay) laments Uganda's bewilderingly contradictory politics

Kampala [ex?]Mayor Elias Lukwago (likely pro-gay) laments Uganda’s bewilderingly contradictory politics

In the third set that was played out between Yoweri Museveni and Rebecca Kadaga at Kyankwanzi (the first two sets were both won handily by Museveni), Miss Kadaga received such  a drubbing that she must be reeling in shock. 96% of her colleagues roared her opponent on while he whitewashed her?!

“Poor dear.  She revealed her ambitions and tactics far too early. She cannot really ever be president while Museveni is still alive. Where does she go from here?” the political pundits must be wondering.

And rightly so given the 6-0 demolition she received from Kyankwanzi.

And what of the anti-gay bill Kadaga was hoping to propel her to the presidency?

Huh? What anti-gay bill?

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Have you had sex in the last seven days? Want to know whether you caught HIV in that encounter?

Look no further. Uganda has the testing kit and expertise to tell you whether that sex romp you had seven days ago gave you HIV or not!

Also, catch up on the case of the alleged attempt to incinerate Rebecca Kadaga with a letter bomb. The story received hardly any publicity at first but it has now grown and taken on a life of its own, finally making it to the front pages of the Government-owned New Vision one week after the “terrorist attack” aimed at the Speaker of the House nearly claimed one of her aides.

The claim, finally confirmed by Speaker Kadaga herself, is that a letter bomb intended for her was opened by her assistant who was badly injured, needing hospitalization. Why would the New Vision be so late to print such a sensational story? They, too, like everyone else were caught flat-footed by the story and for almost a week didn’t know what to do with it.

Now, who might want to extinguish Uganda’s first female Speaker of House, yours truly wondered. A Member of Parliament from the ruling National Resistance Movement, James Kakooza, quickly put the question to rest:

“I think these are the advocates of homosexuality”

If you are not aware of it, read up on the case of Stephen Dhont and his Kenyan friend who were arrested by Uganda’s police for ‘watching porn,’ paraded in front of the media in their underclothes and then forced to undergo anal homo-sodomy tests, all without any legal warrant. Usually thoughtful and circumspect, NTV Uganda allowed their reporter to indulge in the most reckless, childish, silly, irresponsible reporting you can imagine when he went on air to claim that the two men were caught in flagrante delicto, having gay sex. NTV Uganda added to the sensationalism by showing the men in their underclothes, which only served to accentuate their reporters’ spurious claims.

It was all a pile of garbage which earned NTV Uganda the Rottie Award for poorest reporting in January from yours truly.

A couple of days later, the Daily Monitor waded in with their own ‘scoop’ showing that Uganda now has the technology to prove that the sex you had seven days ago gave you HIV.

What’s the specific window period for different types of HIV tests?

Antibody tests (“Rapid” tests) — give a positive result based on antibodies to HIV, not the virus itself.

  • 2-8 weeks (up to 2 months) after infection, most people will have enough antibodies to test positive

  • 12 weeks (3 months) after infection, about 97% of people will have enough antibodies to test positive[San Francisco Aids Association]

In the Monitor’s report, four children tested HIV positive seven days after they were sodomized. The report, conveniently perhaps, fails to mention the gender of the children. Might they have been girls who were sodomized by men, you find yourself wondering. It, however, makes the point about why the anti-gay bill awaiting the president’s signature is unnecessary:

… under Section 129 in the Penal Code (Amendment) Act of 2007 which states: “Any person who performs a sexual act with another person who is below the age of eighteen years in any of the circumstances specified in subsection (4) commits a felony called aggravated defilement and is, on conviction by the High Court, liable to suffer death.”

There is already a law on Uganda’s statutes against child defilement, be it perpetrated by heterosexuals or homosexuals!

Really?! Why the hysteria then?

The side trying to push Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, to sign the anti-gay bill has swung into action. Call it the “Sign the Bill Campaign,” to borrow from a friend on another forum.

The Sign the Bill  campaigners are thus trying to smear the pro-gay lobby by claiming homosexual activists tried to assassinate Rebecca Kadaga. The NTV Uganda reporter (though not necessarily NTV itself, which was likely guilty only of unacceptably poor editorial supervision) lined himself behind the same campaign when he told outright lies about Stephen Dhont, his Kenyan friend and the circumstances in which they were arrested.

And now we are seeing  the Monitor’s Andrew Bagala (again not necessarily the Monitor newspaper which is likely guilty only of lazy editing) jump on the bandwagon with patently incorrect scientific reporting at best and, at worst, a carefully calculated incendiary meant to get the entire country to rise in insurrection against the gays.

While the waters are still too murky to determine whether all this amounts to a carefully orchestrated campaign, the tactics we have seen in the past two weeks are base, crass, vile, but very effective in a country like Uganda where more than 70% of the population struggle to think for themselves … even if they had the educated sophistication to do so, which they don’t.